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Massimo should not have used his influence to blackmail his son into doing his bidding. What a crappy thing to do to Jackie -- hasn't she paid enough for her indiscretions with Deacon? As much as I took great delight in watching daytime's new most reviled character lying on the floor in pain, I know that Brad won't allow him to exit just yet. After all, wouldn't we all miss the crazy hand expressions and the gravel-voiced delivery of ' know we are meant to be together'? Wouldn't we miss his constant waffling back and forth, and miss his spirited discussions with Mommie Dearest? I suppose there are some who would be saddened at his parting but I am on record...I would be giddy. I would be doing my happy dance down the street. Alas, he will be saved miraculously by Dr. Dimples and will probably have Brooke at his bedside pledging her love (yawn) in an attempt to bring him back from the clutches of death. I say let death have him.

You may wonder just where the source of my animosity towards Ridge comes from? I suppose it has much to do with how his character has morphed these last few years. I think it has been since the Venice debacle that my opinion started sliding downhill rapidly. I couldn't believe he could do that to his own brother. Then again, as Stephanie so deftly pointed out last week, he has a pattern of screwing poor Thorne over by sleeping with Caroline. And kissing on Bridget was just plain gross though always conveniently glossed over by his staunch supporters. He 'manhandles' women better than anyone on this show and has treated his entire family (except Stephanie) like crap. He needs a large enough vehicle so his ego can ride shotgun and this latest foray into sexual assault was just too much to watch. Honestly, I have never figured out what is it that is supposedly holding such an attraction between his character and Brooke's. All this 'connection' crap is just that! Connection at the genitals is all I have ever seen between these two. She could have any man she wants and to keep coming back to the Incredible Mr. Ego is beyond me. His love scenes are terrible and he is a poor excuse for a father. Having said all of that, there was nothing that made my week more than watching Brooke and Nick smiling and laughing together on the Moron Jet about to fly off to parts unknown. In love and ready to take on the world! Could it be that we may see Brooke in a truly healthy relationship where she is an equal partner in every way and not just objectified into a Ridge-bot? One can only hope.

I personally felt it was high time for Brooke to blow out of that cesspool of dead fashion Forrester Creations. I have said for years that she probably has enough cash to start her own fashion house and could really take the business by storm. Who really thinks she can't hack it without the exalted King Dressmaker? Not me. I have trumpeted her talents before and I believe she could show Ridge and all the Forrester's that she doesn't need them. She could even be the exclusive supplier to Jackie M! She wouldn't be crying in every scene and you may actually see her at home with Nick and the kids enjoying a wonderful life together. No more bickering with her mother-in-law, no need to catfight with Taylor over a man that simply is not worth it. She can be happy and her kids can have a stable home with a man that really loves them and ALWAYS has. And they look absolutely fabulous together, don't they? Hmmm...even her father is on board with all that Nick brings to her life. And as for the wet blankets that see Nick as 'controlling', all I have to say is look at half a lifetime of real control and mind games that Ridge played on Brooke. Nick is being a strong force in her life and has the realistic vision that having her in the same environment with Ridge and his mother can be nothing but poison. He feels she has taken enough grief and can you blame him?

Now I know there is rampant speculation that Stephanie hands over the company to Brooke but I'm sorry...I'll believe that when I see it. I still wish Brooke would strike out and do her own thing but when have Brad and his Merry Band of Amateurs ever done anything original lately? I can already see we will have to suffer through another bedside miracle and manipulation of Brooke by Ridge. And not to mention that dreaded Who's The Daddy story that everyone should smell from a mile away. I personally can hear the Xerox machine working overtime! Come all have to know it's coming! Brooke was raped by Ridge and the next night she slept with Nick and I'm quite sure NO ONE used any protection. After all, Brooke is an endless baby factory when we need a good ratings spike for May sweeps, right? Then it will be this big deal and will tear her up as she waits for yet another paternity test. She should have a frequent paternity tester discount card like they give you at the grocery store! She could keep it on her key-ring!

This is the part of the column where I will actually say something nice about Ridge. Ready? Sitting down? Ok...I thought it was about damn time that he unload all over his mother. I have to give credit where credit is due. She had it coming and she really has had an unhealthy fixation on her son for way too long. I'm just surprised that all this wasn't said much earlier. She needed this wake-up call. However, I will say that while it is a positive thing that he came to this realization now, it doesn't excuse all his awful behavior right from the beginning. He went right along with all her manipulations and could have stopped it at any time. So for all those who want to blame Stephanie for Ridge's mistakes, it takes two.

Speaking of crazy, manipulative about that Mojo, huh? I believe he got exactly what he deserved. He should not have used his influence to blackmail his son into doing his bidding and besides, what a crappy thing to do to Jackie. Hasn't she paid enough for her indiscretions with Deacon? The old blowhard needed to be escorted down to street level for a healthy dose of humble pie. Nick isn't playing around and I, for one, liked seeing a real man in action. Kicking butt and taking names! But I do have one question...was that the quickest board meeting you have ever seen in a soap?? How do you 'vote someone out' in like, 3 minutes? And there were only a couple of people sitting there with fancy accents and expensive clothing. Would the board of a mega-millions dollar company have more people calling the shots than that? Weird. I just thought it would be a long and protracted boardroom battle that would lead to Mojo getting boosted. Instead, he left with a whimper. I'm surprised that Massimo didn't whip out the red Mojo-phone and call Scotty to beam up all the board members and have them destroyed!

I have another question...who exactly owns the house Dante and Bridget are living in? Wasn't that Deacon's love-shack with Macy? Anyway, it would seem that our pretty little artist is smarter than I give him credit for. He had the ring ready and waiting for just the right hot and sweaty time to hit Bridget over the head with a proposal. I don't blame her for holding off...she hasn't exactly had the best luck being a bride, you know? Dante would marry a bag lady if he thought he would not get boosted by the INS. I wonder if he will put the moves on Felicia next? He may have to battle Dr. Dimples for that task to be successful as it's obvious that he has a thing for his only patient. Here's my solution...Dante gets his citizenship the old fashioned way and earn it through proper channels, Bridget get some psychological help for this substitute baby syndrome she is dealing with and have Felicia spend some zesty recuperative time with her new cute doctor. But I have one request, Brad. You have to do something about that awful nickname that baby has been given. Every time I hear the name 'Dino', I'm looking for a purple dinosaur to come busting into the room with a Brontosaurus Burger in his mouth! Terrible name, just terrible.

Since this last situation between Ridge and Brooke has caused such amazing controversy all across the land, I have picked out an email that I believe serves as my 'counterpoint' rather well. This reader feels that Nick's foundry shenanigans were just as bad if not worse than what Ridge did to Brooke. What I liked was that a reader could articulate an opposing point of view and not get nasty in the process. I have great readers and every now and again things get ugly but I liked this email enough to share it with all of you...

I'm not meaning to be negative cause you do have a well written column, but i would like to point out something. You did see the Puerto Vista sl didn't you? Well, if you did, you would clearly see Brooke was suicidal. She herself said "i could not breathe. I felt like i was dying" to Ridge the day he turned up alive. Brooke was not in her right mind. Maybe she went along with the sex, but she did tell Ridge she didn't want it to happen. It was all so hazy to her. Nick should have brought her back to the room and not take an obviously heartbroken, suicidal, devastated woman and sleep with her. So as you can see, Nick took advantage too. I believe what happened between Brooke and Ridge was dead wrong. But, Ridge had no idea she took pills and why would he think that? Brooke never did any substance abuse before. It was an honest mistake. Brooke could have said "Ridge no" in the bed but she didn't. Brooke lied to Nick. She said she passed out and didn't know what happened till the morning when she found him in her bed. But Brooke knew he was in her bed. She asked, "What are you doing" and she said his name. She knew he was with her and she was not out cold at that point. As for Ridge's comments to Nick in the cabin, he was trying to make Nick jumpy. Once again, the email was for feedback correct? I am just putting in my honest opinion. Thank you for your time! Hailee

Well said. It has become obvious to me that those scenes were meant to do little else than stir the pot as Brad is known to do frequently. It's almost like he lurks around on the boards long enough to figure out that everyone is happy and peaceful with whatever is going on and decides to turn the tables on everyone. Black is white and white is black. Everything is crazy and everyone is fighting like never before. One thing is for sure...the feud between "Brickies" and "Bridgies" will be as certain as death and taxes. It will never go away. It gets uglier and uglier every week. Congratulations, got your wish.

What am I? I think we all know the answer to that but how about answering this week's deep, meaningful question: Should Brooke stay at Forrester or would you like to see her leave? No right or wrong let me have it!

I will be posting on Saturday next week as Sunday is, of course, Mother's Day and I will be spending to day with the kiddies doing something wild and crazy. To all the Mom's out there, enjoy your day!

Have a great week!

Kristine Cain
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