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Seemingly overnight, Stephanie has decided to truly put her animosity for Brooke away and welcome her into the family. WHAT? Has she lost her mind?

Something occurred to me while watching a week's worth of 'psychic connections' between Ridge and Brooke. No matter how many fans complain that this sad and tired pairing of those two is causing them to change the channel, Brad and his writers continue to shove it all down our collective throats. I was never a big fan of the couple right from the start but after 17+ years and not one solid period of time together that ever amounted to anything worthwhile, I can't understand why we keep revisiting it. It's become laughable at best. Brooke is in Cabo and magically has a 'feeling' that something is wrong which, as luck would have it, coincides with Ridge's calls for her from his comatose body. Yuck. I think I saw something like this on the Disney channel one night while watching TV with my kids. Come on...if we are to assume that the viewers of this show are intelligent people than why not WRITE intelligently for them? I wish I had a dollar for every email I have received in the last two weeks swearing that if they put Ridge and Brooke together AGAIN, I'd be in Cabo myself!. Enough is enough.

It takes more than some cheesy scenes like those to make the vast majority of viewers think Brooke and Ridge are still 'destined' to be together. If that were the case, they would have been together long before now without any interruption and only the occasional drama here and there. There are plenty of couples like that all over daytime. Brooke will go back to LA but more out of obligation as he is the daddy to one of her kids. I have a hard time believing that, with the way she and Nick were going at it all week, Brooke would just fall into Ridge's arms just because he got sick. Maybe the writers will deliver the ultimate shocker and actually have Brooke make a healthy and honest decision to finally walk away from all the hurt and disappointment that man has brought into her life. I believe Nick is the man for her...the strong and loyal man she has always needed. He is not under his Mommy's thumb and solely focused on Brooke without dividing his attentions with any other woman. Ridge has made a career out of that.

Speaking of Mommy, Stephanie sure has done an 'about face', huh? I can't believe that seemingly over night she has decided to truly put her animosity for Brooke away and welcome her into the family. WHAT? Has she lost her mind? She's done all this before, as Brooke pointed out, but now it DIFFERENT. Baby Boy has got a boo-boo that only Brooke's love can cure. Pardon me while I reach for the trash can. So nothing really has changed, has it? Stephanie is still manipulating Ridge's life by bringing Brooke back kicking and screaming if necessary. And what will she do if Brooke tells her and Ridge that she is still committed to Nick? What then? Is Stephanie going to blackmail her or tie her up? The ideal thing here would be for Brooke to come back, Ridge to recover and finally see and hear the TRUTH. It's over and while she may always care for him due to their 'history' (as perverse as it is), she is in love with Nick and wants more for herself and her kids than Ridge could ever provide. That's it. Ridge realizes that it's over and he goes to the International office to cool off. He meets someone and moves on with his life. Now why is that so difficult for the writers to craft? Viewers would be happy to see some new and fresh romance and I would not have to take my blood pressure medication anymore!

Poor Nick. I really want him and Brooke to be together and I loved watching them all week. They were laughing and having so much fun. I think they have amazing chemistry. They are hot and their banter back and forth is such a breath of fresh air compared to the months and months of crying and tension that continually surrounds any exchange between Ridge and Brooke. I personally loved the zesty airplane bathroom romp! Because there is no baggage from the past weighing down their relationship, I think that may be why their scenes together are so enjoyable to watch. It has been the first time in a long while that I have not gotten up until the commercial came on.

I can't speak for anyone else but I think there could be some seriously steamy romance brewing between Stephen and Jackie. I love it. Bring it on!! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Anyway, I think that would be a nice way to keep him around and together they could be quite a formidable match for Stephanie and all of her shenanigans. Not to mention they look pretty good together. Jackie should probably stick to guys her own age anyway. Her dalliance with Deacon did not prove to be all that.

Dante has his hands full these days. He can't get anyone to marry him so he can stay in the country and what I think he will do next is make a move on Felicia. That would be pretty low in my opinion. I know rumors are that he and Felicia get 'closer' but I just have a hard time believing he could bounce from one to the next and no one get suspicious as to WHY he is doing it. HELLO!!! He doesn't want to get deported, pure and simple. I may have not give Bridget much credit in the brains department but come on!! And with the pretty doctor digging Felicia so much and in such an obvious way, why would she give Dante the time of day? No, something doesn't add up here. This should be an interesting few weeks for all of them. Hopefully that poor baby will not be referred to as 'Dino' much longer.

Isn't it such a miracle that Hector is the ONLY EMT in LA when there is some calamity? What an amazing coincidence! And what an interesting scene that was between Taylor and Hector. She seemed surprised that he helped Ridge. Why? That's his job, right? Speaking of Taylor, she did not seem too happy when she heard Ridge had been calling for Brooke all week. Again, why is she surprised? For an intelligent woman, you would think she would have more on the ball than that. Taylor, just screw Hector and move on.

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I would give a little keen analysis of Mom's of B&B:

Felicia Forrester: A loving mother who made the ultimate sacrifice for her son and even came back from the clutches of death to be with him.

Stephanie Forrester: Manipulative, nosey, and overbearing to the last but I believe at least has the good 'intentions'...well, some of the time.

Brooke Logan: Questionable maternal track record in the past but I believe she is trying to do the right thing by the little ones she has now.

Jackie Marone: Meddles but not recently and besides using the ever-annoying "Nickeeeeee", is a good Mom to her only son. She can be a strong foil to Stephanie and watching those two with their claws out is always entertaining.

Bridget Forrester: Well, I suppose I should include her since she was almost a Mom. I glad she isn't. She's too immature to handle that after the stuff she has pulled.

Darla Forrester: Great mom...just wish she wasn't such a phantom.

Sally Spectra: Another good mom we don't see enough of. She was great with Macy and CJ but especially with Darla who, though not her flesh and blood, was always treated like a Spectra.

Well, there was no shortage of emails dripping with venom over this Ridge heart attack thing. An interesting theory emerged, however, having to do with speculation that Ridge may be faking all of this. I don't believe he faked the actual collapse since we know it was proven that he had a tangible problem with his heart. But I have to wonder, too, if he may be at least faking the RECOVERY part of this drama. Maybe he has been awake for days but acting like he's still out of it. He calls out for Brooke a few times hoping Stephanie will step and fetch to bring her to his bedside and then he's magically open his eyes. It would be like an episode of 'Punk'd'! Hey, it worked for his mother, right? Wouldn't this be the ultimate form of payback for what she pulled? It would be just another in a litany of reason why I can't stand Ridge. Funny, though...the list gets a little longer each day.

The overwhelming majority (all but one reader) answered last week's question by responding that Brooke SHOULD leave Forrester behind and strike out on her own. All that emailed back said she is smart enough to be successful in her own right and that the Forrester's don't deserve her talents anymore. I'll second that!

Have a great week and a Happy Mother's Day!

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