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Last week, Taylor said the words that every rational viewer has been silently muttering to themselves for years -- Stephanie has an unhealthy, highly unnatural obsession with Ridge.

Our much-maligned shrink said the words that all rational viewers of this show had to have been saying silently to themselves for years...Stephanie has an unhealthy and highly unnatural obsession with her Golden Son Ridge. I have to say I was shocked that Taylor let the Forrester Queen of Dysfunction have it right between the eyes. No matter what side of the 'Taylor' fence you may fall on, she really hit it out of the park with that speech. Of course, it ended rather badly, but we'll get into that in a second...

I have always said something just wasn't quite right with her brand of motherly love. I hadn't quite looked that far into the sexual aspect of it but I suppose it does make sense. Her obsession with him and her obsession with hating Brooke were just too over-the-top that it makes sense on every level. It gives the Oedipus complex a whole new spin, huh? I will say this, though, Ridge is just as much at fault as his Mother. He allowed this behavior to continue and in many ways helped perpetuate it. He's self-centered, self-absorbed, and overall just a pig. He can't treat women with any respect and seemed to see them more as objects than equals. Women in his world and in his heart serve to please his genitals and little else. Honestly, I am getting to the point that I can barely stand to watch his character anymore. I take my bathroom break during those scenes now.

Stephanie needs to take stock of herself as well. That slap she gave Taylor was not too cool, either. Guess the truth hurts, huh? This should be a wake-up call for her but I doubt it. She is still controlling her son through all these crazy efforts to bring Brooke back into the Forrester fold. Just leave well enough alone, lady!! Shouldn't she be designing some mu-mu's or something? How about give some hot lovin' to that jellyfish of a husband? Hey...I have an idea! Why not give some attention to YOUR OTHER CHILDREN??? You have a son and a couple of daughters! A few grandchildren could stand a visit from their crazy grandma, too!! What will it take? Does Thorne have to get in an accident or Kristen have some tragedy befall her before you pay attention, Stephanie??? Now, don't get me wrong...I have tried my best to champion her cause in the past but she, like a few other characters, has gone totally around the bend. C-R-A-Z-Y!!! So, is this what Brad meant when he was quoted in a magazine article as shaking the foundation of the show to it's core? This is not the way to do it.

I am all for change. It's necessary and especially so when you are producing a soap that has been on the sir for so many years. Where I have the problem is when change comes at the expense of the core characters in a way that they become barely recognizable seemingly overnight. There has been nothing very gradual about Ridge's transformation and that is evidenced by Ronn Moss' own thoughts in a recent interview. When the actors speak out against the direction their character is taking, you know you have a problem. Brooke has not become stronger these last few weeks but weaker and more unsure of herself. Making her a pill-popper is not helping either. Then, to add insult to injury, she has been made into an enabler who excused Ridge's sexual assault and actually blamed herself for it (in not so many words). What kind of nonsense is that? Taylor, in my opinion, has been the most de-constructed. Again, love her or hate her, why in the world should she come back from the dead AGAIN only to be little more than a bitter drunk with little control over her life or behavior?

As if the core characters weren't enough to skewer, we now have a completely new wrinkle in the writer's ineptness...the new and slutty Felicia. Wow, did she change, huh? Cancer free and ready to jump her sister's boyfriend! How about that 'week-long' recovery? If only everyone battling that disease could be 'cured' so quickly (yeah right!). So now she is throwing herself at Dante? Ok, this is all just a little sudden, don't you think? I think I liked her better when she was just the wise-cracking and slightly humbled little sister. I like her character, though, and am just hoping that the writers don't do a number on her to the point where she, too, is unbearable to watch. I am hoping she hooks up with her Doc...they seem to be a better fit than her and Dante. I'd rather watch paint dry than to see them together. No spark at all for me.

Those scenes between Nick and Bridget were slightly uncomfortable to watch. I think he still cares about her and she obviously still loves him but that ship has sailed (forgive the pun). I agree with Bridget that he should not be coming to her for advice about Brooke. It's so inappropriate and probably the only thing that Bridget has communicated to anyone that I agree with. Nick is a big boy and needs to figure this whole mess out on his own. If he loves Brooke and she loves him, having Forrester won't mess up their relationship. I am actually hopeful that they will finally be married (and not just because the rumor mill says so). When Turncoat Taylor hands over the 1% to Brooke, all bets are off and Brooke will finally be in control of that company on her terms. But the real fireworks will happen when the rest of the family realizes they will be shut out completely as well. There better be a truckload of Chap Stick on hand for all the butt-kissing that will be goin' on!

Do I agree with her impending decision? Well, not really but only because I think Brooke could go and do her own thing and be just as successful. But we have to keep the feud going at any cost, even if it means lost viewers. I have had many readers email saying they are done with the show for good now that they see Brooke's character being further manipulated by the Forrester's. I'll still be watching but I will admit that it will be harder if the writers have her fall back into Ridge's clutches. What disturbs me a little these last few episodes is Stephen's motives. I know he is saying that he wants the Forrester's to pay and have Brooke get her just desserts but I really hope this doesn't end up being more about him and not his daughter. He's almost crazed to make his little plan work and I half expect to see him in a darkened room somewhere in a lab coat, looking evil and wringing his hands like Dr. Frankenstein. Even more over the top is his impending hook-up with Taylor....ewww! No way...can't stomach that one. Why do we have to go there? Why can't she shack up with Hector and have a normal Brooke-free relationship? See? This is what I mean? Nothing about this storytelling makes any sense. I thought Stephen was due to sleep with Jackie but maybe he is going to sow his wild oats during the little time he has left as a contract player. Leaving soon? Hey, why not wreck his character, too? Maybe Katherine will be a gun-toting murderess in next week's episodes? Nothing is out of the realm of possibility around here...that much is obvious.

Oh, here I go again being so negative. Ok, I am trying hard to see the bright side around here. I loved the acting between Susan Flannery and Hunter Tylo. Great scene, hands down. These tow have been so syrupy-sweet with each other over the years that it was great to see the gloves come off. I thought the family-screwover session was interesting and especially how Thorne reacted. I think he should have told Mommy to get lost but I suppose he is too humbled by his past blunder with Sally to see things differently and fight for what is his.

Not many emails on the question of the week. Those that did answer seemed to be in favor of Nick and Brooke's impending nuptials and that they may actually happen this time. I'm not sure if the detractors were just avoiding the question or felt that my unapologetic stance on their relationship would have their emails fall on deaf ears. Not true! I know there are many fans out there not in support of this union in most part due to this 'he was married to her daughter' thing. Ok, let me address that. For those who see this as exactly the same as what happened with Deacon, I offer this counterpoint. It is not the same thing. Bridget and Deacon were together and married before Brooke found her illicit interest in him. Brooke and Nick, on the other hand, were involved before Bridget fell for him. They had an established connection and Bridget knew that well ahead of time and set her sights on him anyway. He fell for her after realizing there was no future for him and Brooke and the rest we already know. So if we are comparing apple to apples here, I can't see how the two situations are so alike. Is it abnormal and whacked? Yes. But it's a soap, what do you expect?? In my opinion, they should have been together from the start and Bridget should take her fair share of responsibility for actively pursuing a man that loved her mother. After all, can't we lob the same insults at Bridget for the same reasons we lob them at Nick? Bridget seems to be establishing her own pattern of chasing Brooke's men...can anyone say 'Ridge'? Nuff said.

This week's question is a little lighter...what was your favorite romantic couple over the years and why? I don't believe I have ever asked this one and would love to know what you think. Ok, I'll favorite was the romance between Brooke and Thorne. Hey, I happen to think they have had some pretty hot scenes together and he was so good to her.

Oh, and speaking of readers emailing in...I had a rather stinging counterpoint from a reader who felt her email would not be printed in the column this week. Well I respect everyone's opinion as I would want mine respected as well. So here goes Sydney..."why do you not like Bridget but sing Brooke's praises...Brooke is a low life disgusting tramp...who cares who she loves/sleeps with this week? Let's beg B&B to show Brooke as a decent mother instead of a vile, low life sell-out of a mother who not only doesn't give a damn about Bridget but must actively hate her daughter to do what Brooke has done...I bet this doesn't get printed!' Thanks for your email, Sydney.

As we celebrate Memorial Day tomorrow, I would like to send a special 'Hello' to all of the service men and women serving all over the world. Some that are stationed in the Middle East have emailed over the last few years when they have had some down time and for that I am honored they touch base to see what's going on with B&B. Stay safe and know I and countless others appreciate your commitment and dedication.

Kristine Cain
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