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Hopefully, Donna will set her sights on Ridge and keep him so busy that he can't continue his manipulation of Brooke. She's just too snooty to like at this point, but one thing is certain...she will shake things up!

First let me say this...for the few but particularly nasty emails about my take on Darla's demise, I think people have misunderstood what I was trying to say. I liked Darla's character but it seems that in the soap world, even the 'good guys' can become expendable for the sake of ratings and 'moving another character forward'. I think Darla became the sacrificial lamb, so to speak, to spice things up for others. Is it right? Do we like it? No. I wish Schae Harrison well in her future roles and it's been a pleasure to watch her these many years.

Now...on to more pressing matters. I had not idea that Donna would come back to LA like THIS. First, she never even knew Darla (to my knowledge) and since when has anyone with the last name 'Logan' (besides Brooke) ever given a hoot about a Forrester? Am I on a different planet or what? Then we get treated to nothing but pure venom coming out of that woman's mouth about her sister's choice in men. Wait...I'm not done!!! To add insult to injury, Brooke just stands there and lets her get away with her insulting comments and verbal barbs at Nick. WHAT? Speak up for your new husband Lady!!! Where is your voice? Does anyone see how nasty this will become REAL QUICK if Brooke doesn't tell her to back off? It's not that I don't think Nick can handle himself but he doesn't deserve to be attacked like that by a woman who doesn't even know him. He has a right to feel the way he does about Brooke being essentially nude in the world fashion press. Ok, so he's old fashioned. Oh no! Call the cops! A man that doesn't objectify his wife? YIKES! We can't have that, huh? Ridge is the poster child for pigs everywhere that look at woman as nothing more than boobs and sex to serve their own desires. He has all but come out an admitted as such yet Donna comes in firing both barrels at Nick? Get a grip, Donna! If Ridge is all that, why don't you hurry up and hook up with him?

I am glad there is another Logan on the block though I wasn't anticipating the freight train that showed up. I almost choked with laughter when Nick asked how long she would be staying! But we all know she will be around for a little while (nothing long term though as 'fresh faces' on this show only have a shelf life of about 3 months). Hopefully she will set her sights on the ultimate Momma's boy and keep him so busy that he can't continue his manipulation of Brooke. She is just too snooty to like at this point but I will keep an open mind. One thing is for sure...she will shake things up!

You know something else that has been bugging me this week? This intense Taylor-hating that seems to be rampant throughout the B&B fan base. If I make any pro-Taylor comment, I am barbequed and fed to the wolves. Why? I happen to be of the opinion that Taylor did not have to be reduced to a crazy out of control drunk driver to become an 'interesting' character. This crazy notion that she has somehow kept Brooke 'down' all these years is old and tired. It just doesn't hold water anymore. Ok, she drove when she knew she wasn't supposed to and it resulted in a terrible accident but if any of the Taylor-haters out there actually watched the episode showing the exact circumstances surrounding the accident, it is plain to see that she did not lose control of the car as a result of drinking. The fog and Darla FALLING INTO THE ROADWAY had a little something to do with it. And as a mother, I would not let anything stop me from going to help my child if I thought they were in danger, nothing. So should she be punished? Yes, for driving while on a suspended license but not for vehicular manslaughter (or whatever charge they would come up with). She should be punished for covering it up with the formerly moral Hector. All that I can get behind, hands down. If everyone wants me to go easy on Brooke for a variety of transgressions over the years, then shouldn't Taylor get the same consideration now? Both women have shown really bad judgment over the years in my opinion and I suppose the best thing that could happen to them now would be a healthy progression to their characters instead of them continuing to be dragged through the woman-hating mud that Brad Bell oozes.

Ok, I'm off that soapbox. And how about Hector? What the Hell is he thinking? He will go straight to jail with Taylor if he's caught. What happened to his saintly and his over the top virtue? Now he is calling in favors from body shops to cover up the accident, lying to the cops, and brainwashing Taylor into thinking this is all for the best? WHAT????? Another 360 degree turn in the writing I just don't understand. Ok, so he was a little dull. Maybe he needed a pick-up in the story to keep him around. But this?? What's next, he and Taylor hit the road like Bonnie and Clyde running from the law? I was just looking for a little hot stuff between them but no this.

Stephanie just won't learn, will she? I don't blame Brooke at all for telling her 'no way' to relinquishing the CEO position to her. I knew that the ugly truth would come out and hopefully this will only make Brooke stronger when Rigid tries again to bring her back to the Dark Side. She is hearing his mother admit that she was only nice to help her son get back with her...Brooke, WAKE UP!! Ridge doesn't love you and neither does anyone in this screwed up family. It's ALL 'forgettable' to me and this is just the icing on the cake in my devout crusade against Brooke and Ridge ever being together as an onscreen couple. They are not the great enduring soap couple of all time as some people try to tell themselves. You want to see a truly 'epic' romance in the soap world? A couple that keeps finding their way back to each other and ooze romance and love despite everything that has happened to them? Just tune into Y&R and watch Victor and Nikki. Now keep in mind that I do not watch any other network so I cannot speak to them but this couple really seals the deal for me personally and I am hoping that Nick and Brooke do the same in the years to come. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

How about the acting from Winsor Harmon? Kudos to an actor we never see enough of. Gosh I hope we get to see him more, though under very sad circumstances. I loved his romance with Brooke back in the day and really got used to the easy chemistry between him and Harrison. He is a great 'counter' to his abusive brother and much easier to stomach onscreen. I'm knocking on wood that we may see him more.

Has anyone else noticed that, aside from Thorne and Taylor, no one seems too broken up about Darla? Each scene people mention it but then move on. Hmmm...

Well, it didn't seem like many people had too much to say about poor Thorne and what should happen with him now that Darla is gone. A few people responded that they wanted to see Thorne and Taylor get together which surprised me since there is a groundswell of venom directed towards her. But I said it before and I'll say it again...I think they would be a great couple and just the idea of Thorne getting busy with Taylor would drive his psycho older brother crazy. That's good enough for me!

Is anyone else getting a little sick of Phoebe's constant crying and hysterics about Taylor coming clean with the cops about the accident? Good Lord, girl, get a hold of yourself! Sometimes you HAVE to tell the truth no matter what and that should have been a lesson that was thrown around her house while she was growing up. She should know better and so should her mother. Just tell the truth and set the right example for your kids no matter what the consequence. She can't keep beating Taylor over the head with the 'you will be gone like you were before' crap. After all, this is B&B and I'm sure that Prince Omar would have her sprung from the joint before her wine got stale.

Question of the week: Do you like the new Donna? Weigh in with your thoughts...

Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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