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If you prefer to give your kids nature-themed names, such as Brooke, Thorne, Ridge, or Storm, then you're definitely addicted to The Bold and the Beautiful.

10- When you watch the news and see world nations having diplomatic trouble, you wonder why they just don't have a 'fashion challenge' and be done with it?

9- When helping your child with his first toy sailboat, you suggest he name it 'The Shady Marlin'.

8- The thought of getting a terminal illness doesn't scare you in the least...after all, don't ALL doctors have the all-purpose overnight cure for everything like Dr. Dimples Ramirez at University Hospital?

7- You can't be around your significant other without telling them that either 'We are each other's destiny' or 'We need to reconnect' at least a few times a day.

6- You think it's perfectly normal to have a 'frequent tester' card at the Paternity Testing Center...after all, you never know!

5- When naming your child, you are partial to 'nature related' names like Brooke, Thorne, Ridge, or what if the other kids yell ' Hey...Discovery Channel' at your kid!

4- As a homeowner you don't believe in locks on the front door...after all, no one in B&B has one.

3- You make sure that your last will and testament has a 'Return from the Dead' clause good for at least two returns. Good enough for Taylor, good enough for you.

2- Since you feel sure that no first wedding attempt is ever successful, you book the church for at least two different dates (just in case).

1- You don't think twice as the owner of an office supply store to do a semi-nude advertisement on top of a copier to help sales. It's cool and everyone's doing it, right?

Sorry, I couldn't resist having a little fun with the rabid fanaticism that dots the B&B fan landscape. In the 3+ years I have been writing about the show, it never ceases to amaze me how devoted the viewers are. It's no wonder it's the most watched soap world-wide.

And now for a little interaction. On our message boards, we've created a special thread where you and other B&B fans can offer up your own Top Ten ways you know you're a B&B-aholic. Click here to check it out!

Last week's question asked if we like or dislike the 'new' Taylor. I was not surprised at the responses, though, as it was nearly a perfect 50/50 split among readers. Those that liked the change came from the viewpoint of thinking it was positive to have Taylor flawed and dealing with life's messy little situations...I guess it makes her more 'real'. Others that did not like it cited the transformation as harsh and despicable to do this to such a 'good' character. One thing is for sure, no matter what I weigh in with, I'll be tarred and here goes: I am all for Taylor having a juicy story now that she is back (again) but I do not like the overnight descent into reckless behavior and 'instant' addiction to booze. Brad hates women and this is another character assassination that proves it. The men on this show have never had HALF the textbook pathos that the women have had over the years. Think I'm nuts for saying that? Just look at the last 4 years or so and all the messes that the ladies have either been victim to or directly caused through their own ridiculous behavior. All the guys seem to get a pass in the end while Brooke, Stephanie, Bridget, Felicia, Taylor, etc. are all either nuts or falling apart from insecurities, infidelity, addiction, or codependence.

Ok, this week's question is a doozy...whom do you think is the real 'anchor' of this show (pardon the seafaring pun)? Brooke? Ridge? Stephanie? I'll let you know what I think next week as I have been thinking a lot about whose exit could cripple the show.

Have a great week!

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