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Donna is working hard to land Ridge, but it seems clear that Ridge wants to exploit the attention to bring Brooke back to him instead.

Hector's obsession turns deadly, Taylor held captive and a tenacious detective already has all the answers. Sounds like a night of programming on the worst cable station you could imagine. But what makes me the most disgusted is what is liable to come out of all this nonsense. I gotta sit down for this one...

With Taylor on the verge of FINALLY doing the right thing and admitting to Thorne what happened that fateful foggy night on PCH, she is kidnapped by the once-saintly fireman who has a fetish for tying women up to staircases. Exactly how dumb does Brad take us all for? How could he have crafted such a insane 360 degree turn-around in a character's personality? While he was spiraling into obsession (never mind that Taylor really never gave him the time of day as a romantic prospect), Taylor and Phoebe were spiraling down into their own personal Hell riddled with mountains of guilt. I have to go on record as saying that the dialogue delivered by Hunter Tylo and Lorenzo Lamas was great during the abduction. Very believable and well done! Back to Phoebe though...the delusional freak out she had while babysitting Alexandria was a little corny for my taste. Maybe it's just me but she just isn't 'selling' delirium for me, you know? I suppose may feel that way due to the fact that in EVERY scene this new actress portraying Phoebe has been in she has looked psychotic.

To add insult to injury, however, is to add Stephanie into the mix as 'deal with the Devil' character who actually waits to help Taylor until she hears the confession about Darla. Oh my God! Is the world spinning backward on its axis or something? If this is the best we can come up with some people need to go back to writing school. Now Stephanie will blackmail Taylor into doing her bidding (all in the name of protecting her) which anyone with a pulse that has watched this show for a couple of years can already see what will happen next. Let's see...she'll force Taylor into saying she signed the stock over when she was bombed thereby nullifying the sale of the 2%. Oh, but then there is the latest rumor that she may force, yes I said FORCE, Taylor to hook up with Thorne so that her #2 son won't spend the rest of his life alone. Someone just shoot me now before I have to suffer through that awful and sad excuse for climatic storytelling. I have said from the beginning of all this car accident stuff that I thought it may be a nice byproduct of it if Taylor and Thorne could hook up but not like this. Then we will have to witness a relationship that will go own for weeks or months with lots of far away looks from the guilty Taylor and just as many head-cocked looks of confusion by Thorne wondering why she is acting so weird every time Darla's name is mentioned. Boring, boring, boring. If they were to become a couple, would it be so bad for them to have a romance bloom the right way? With Brad at the helm, there is no such thing as real romance anymore without a trap door built right underneath it.

Speaking of trap doors, we certainly are gearing up fast for more well-placed speed-bumps for Brooke and Nick, huh? Donna is working hard to land Ridge but it seems clear that Ridge wants all this attention to bring Brooke to him instead. Another rumor is circulating that Brooke and Ridge may share a kiss witnessed by someone who tells Nick and we all know the rest of this story, right? With Bridget still sitting around playing Brooke Jr. waiting to step in to 'steal' Nick back. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I am just so DONE with the incessant triangles and rectangles between Ridge, Brooke, Nick, and Bridget that it almost pains me to type their names anymore in the same sentence! I am hoping for some peaceful days ahead for my favorite couple but it seems that forces are working against them, so what the Hell.

If there is any crime on my street, I'm hoping that Lt. Baker is the one on the case! He certainly does know everything, huh? How is it that he knows so much with nothing to go on? I have hard time believing he just magically came up with his theory (which is of course true). Even with all of his threatening comments and sarcastic quips to everyone, he can't get anyone to crack. Guess he's not that good after all. It takes a fire and Stephanie Forrester to extract the truth out of even the most insane situations.

Well, the masses have spoken and you readers have said that after a healthy dose of my astute and warped views on the weeks goings-on, everyone would like to have the Soapbox come back to entertain you. I have had some emails that have nearly made me wet myself from laughing so hard. So what I will do now is pose a truly thought-provoking question and invite you to email me with your thoughts. I will feature the voices of my readers in next week's column. We are a truly twisted lot, so get ready!!

What's wrong with this show and how should it be fixed? Be specific and let it all hang out! I know I have the most dedicated audience out there and your voices should be heard! Maybe I will forward the column of your responses to Brad and see how quickly he gets me a plane ticket to come and help him out! Hehehe...

Have a great week!

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