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Bridget is whiny, conniving, and just plain manipulative. She is becoming the man-stealer of the show.

What a fabulous week in LA! Of course I say that with a grain of salt, you know. I found myself watching in utter disbelief and actually thought I has seen everything this writing corps could torture us with. There was two things I actually did enjoy watching this week and think I should probably start with that, huh?

I know it's SO dysfunctional the circumstance under which they are together, but I do love seeing Thorne so happy hangin' with Taylor. She still looks like she'll hurl at any moment from buckets of guilt she is dealing with but I think they do have a good chemistry. I miss Thorne and his romantic side...light years ahead of that bohemian older brother of his. Thorne just has a more natural way with the ladies (even if they all end up meeting an untimely end) and I thought his romance/marriage to Brooke was by far the best. He's sweet and he's humble and that's a breath of fresh air around the stale stable of men we have now. I would love for Taylor to tell him the truth and let the chips fall where they may. He'll be hurt but in Brad's bizzarro universe, he may end up forgiving her in the end.

I also liked the banter between Phoebe and Harry. I think they are trying to replicate the 'early' Brooke and Nick exchanges from the beginning. Harry seems to be fairly well grounded as a contrast to Phoebe's silver-spoon-in-mouth poor little rich girl thing. I would like to see this new character stick around but it's seems that every time I like someone, they disappear within 3 months or so, so I won't curse the poor boy by giving him my rubber stamp. But I think it was a nice scene between them and a good break from the bathroom visit-inducing scenes between Nick, Bridget and Brooke. Ok, wait...I have to pop an aspirin before I deal with this...

So much for the positive about last week, huh? Most of the week was dominated, as usual, by the ever-nauseating All in the Family Triangle from Hell. Ok, let's see if I have this straight...Bridget has drunken relations with ex-husband Nick, Nick feels so guilty he wants to tell the truth, Bridget says 'no way' and Brooke needs to have her head examined for not seeing all this as plain as the nose on her face. Does she need a billboard to show her what happened. At one point I thought she did know but Bridget scooted right by all that and dodged the bullet yet again. But that's not even what annoyed me the most.

One minute it looks like she may tell Brooke the truth then she takes the cowards way out when Nick shows up. Why not tell Mommie the truth? What is she worried about anyway? You would think this would be the perfect time to drop the 'Getting even for Deacon' card but no...she wimps out and claims her relationship with her mother will be forever ruined. No! You think so?????????? Maybe she should not have SLEPT WITH HER MOTHER'S HUSBAND!! HELLO!!! Someone should knock her upside the head with that peroxide bottle she's been using. And what's up with Nick? I want to tell her the truth, no matter what!!! Isn't that what we heard? Now he does the same thing as Bridget as soon as he's in the room faced with both of them. Where is your spine, man??? There is virtually no chance for any of this to end up good, we all know that. And who has money on Bridget getting pregnant and it being Nick's? Just one problem with that....

She JUST slept with Nick and it seems by checking the spoilers sites that she may end of pregnant. She can't be pregnant that soon! And does anyone in the soap world believe in birth control? Obviously not as Bridget never asks anyone to 'use' anything, ever! It's bad enough her mother has never used any protection but now that apple is not falling far from the tree out at the Malibu Beach House. If we have ANOTHER 'WTD' story, I think that just may make me pack it in. I can't stomach another several months of 'Is it Nick's or is it Dante's?' Dante could be the daddy, you know. It would make more sense than if it was Nick's. Either way, someone is getting their eyes scratched out!

Do I feel sorry for Brooke? Well, sort of. Wait, wait...I know what you are thinking. 'She hates Brooke! How can she say she feels bad for her?' Well, I feel bad in that she stood there with two people she loves and cares about and no one had the common decency to tell her the truth. She did not sleep with Ridge (to her credit) and she came back full of apologies for Nick in an attempt to rededicate herself to their marriage. And bottom line, how much longer should she have to watch over her shoulder at her daughter making moves on her husband? The Deacon mess is long gone and baby Bridget has had her revenge here and there between Nick Part 1. and even when she was sucking face with Ridge and Brooke cancelled her wedding because of it. Bridget is fast becoming my least favorite character on this show...she's whiny, conniving, and just plain manipulative. She is becoming the 'man-stealer' of the show in the same vein has her mother (from the old days). Nothing would make me happier than seeing her character go to Europe and never come back. Hey...maybe her AND Ridge can disappear together!! Could we BE that lucky?

Now for my epiphany of the was nice to see Clark and Sally dusted off for Darla's birthday but not quite understanding the ugly tie-dye shirt, though. I think I understand the idea behind it but UGH! You bring him back for that? Why can't anyone find a story for Clark? He is pretty popular among viewers and I think he has aged gracefully enough to hold his own with the ladies. Hey...I have an idea (I know Brad doesn't like those but what the Hell?)! Allow Jackie to have a little romance with Clark! They are similar in age (I think) and it gives them both some time on the canvas. It has been surprising that Jackie hasn't been around and is yet another example of the 'focus to a fault' on characters that are just getting TOO much face time.

And what is all this nonsense with Shane the psycho convict gardener planning on his extortion of Taylor? Desperate much?? So we have 'another' person that knows the truth...big deal. Something will happen to won't be that easy for him to come into the story, threaten a little, and grab a cool million. What is the point, then? We bring in some random character out of nowhere instead of spicing up the cast that we have and spreading the wealth. Can't wait for this guy to go crawling back into the woodwork.


Texas writes: 'I am sick of the seesaw stuff myself...Brooke & Ridge, Brooke & Nick, Bridget & Nick, Bridget & Dante...if I wanted to watch reruns I would watch something funnier than this sick stuff.'

Robin says: Why do I continue to watch B&B? I have absolutely NO clue. I swore I wouldnt' watch after the first time they brought Taylor back from the dead. Then I ABSOLUTELY swore that I wouldn't the second time. But alas I started watching again a few months later when Ridge and Taylor got back together. I felt he should stay with Brooke (since she was the only one he remembered when he had amnesia in Paris(?) when Morgan held him prisoner. Please no more bringing dead people back to life (unless its Darla or Macy) or USE THE TALENT YOU HAVE!!!! Clarke, Sally, Jackie. I'm tired of the Bridge show....and the Nicket show and the Bricket show, and the get the picture

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