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Every time that Nick and Brooke have a fight, Nick gets drunk and pouts on the Marlin. Now he has gone and done the worst thing that he could possibly do.

Our favorites blonde bombshells were at it again this week only this time each gave us the two best phrases I have heard in a long time. Phrases so amazing to my ears that I could hardly believe I heard them at all.

Early in the week, Nick and Brooke are talking about Bridget and her sadness, etc. when Brooke says that she feels responsible in a way for her hurt and that Brooke 'benefited from Nicole's death by ending up with Nick.' Wow. I never thought I would have seen the writers give Brooke something to say that was so truthful, so candid, and so realistic. She's a way she did benefit. I hesitate a little knowing that the death of a child should never be used as a plot device to put two people together in soaps but it's done anyway. Now I believe that Brooke truly is beginning to grasp what has happened and though she won't be so liberal in her thinking when the bomb is dropped on her about Bridget's baby, I see this week's dialogue as further evidence that Brooke is maturing. I like the honest talks she has had with Nick and her facing (finally!) her obsession with Ridge for exactly obsession. She is putting all her 'trust' eggs in one basket, though. Nick is not perfect and her momentary dalliance with Ridge, however it was intended, will now cloud her marriage through Nick's infidelity. All bets are off but at least Brooke may come out of this stronger and more aware (I hope).

Bridget had the next zinger of the week during her conversation with Felicia fresh from hearing she has another bun in the oven. She said after all the mistakes she watched her mother make and all the promises she made to herself about not being anything like her, she is. HALLELUAH!!!! Give that girl a prize!! The fog has lifted and we have 100 mile visibility for miles around!! She finally said it. She has turned into her mother in nearly every sense of the word. It took a while but it has happened. Now of course she did the moral 'about face' and declared her moral mission to tell the truth to her mother about WHO knocked her up and how it happened. Ok, good luck with that.

So does this effort to come clean really make her the 'anti-Brooke'? Her willingness to tell the truth when her mother did not (until much later in the game with Deacon) make her a better person? Not sure. Yes, she would be laying her cards on the table sooner but it doesn't make the 'deed' with her mother husband any less hypocritical or any less rotten. It's EXACTLY because Brooke did the same to her that she never should have gone there. Have some self control woman! I called out Brooke last week for having little self-control (or self-respect) when it came to Ridge and now I will call out Bridget for the same thing. GET YOU HEAD OUT OF YOUR REAR END!! Find another man! Nick is in love (provided he is not confused which is a real possibility) with Brooke and Bridget needs to move on. This is taking on shades of another Brooke-Ridge thing here, don't you all think? She keeps hanging on and on and on no matter who he is married to. Bridget keeps cultivating this notion that he is her one and only true love and they are destined to be together. Blah blah blah!!! Enough...I'm not sure how much more of these tired triangles can we take.

As viewers we are all supposed to believe that Nick is happy to just bury his head in the sand and try to forget what his role in all this nonsense with Bridget was. You know what I think? I think Brooke is in real trouble if every time they have a big fight or misunderstanding Nick gets drunk and pouts on the Marlin. He puts himself in a bad situation every time and now he has gone and done the worst thing he could do. He slept with a woman that is still obsessed with him AND it's his wife's daughter. Could it be any worse? And how convenient that now that a baby could be involved, Bridget has a sudden attack of truth. Last week she was threatening Nick within an inch of his life if he told Brooke the truth but now it's ok. Now it's ok to rub it in Brooke's face that she is carrying Nick's child (we think). Oh, I see...the truth is something you put into play when it makes you feel superior? Hmmm... well we'll see if Budge's plan of 'honesty is the best policy' works well when she looks like a slut to the whole family. Careful there, Doc, your halo looks a little dim.

But hey, what the REAL story here? NO ONE USES ANY BIRTH CONTROL! I think it must be in Soap Writing 101 somewhere...'Rule #4: No female uses any protection on the off chance that an unwanted or ill-timed baby can shake things up for the core characters.' It's laughable really how many female characters I have seen over the years do nothing to keep from getting pregnant. The sad thing here is that for years soaps have tried to be on the leading edge of social awareness with issues ranging from disabilities to rape to AIDS. Even Y&R is now developing a story involving epilepsy which has never been tackled before. Yet here we are in 2006 with a soap that probably has set a record for the most unwanted babies born in the history of soaps. Honestly, when was the last time two consenting adults sat down at the kitchen table and said "Honey, let's try to have a baby." It's the result of drunkenness, or just plain irresponsible lust I most cases. I guess a guy whipping out a condom isn't as sexy as just having sloppy tequila-laden sex on a boat because we are pouting. Why do that? That's not good TV, I suppose. And Brooke? She'll be pregnant, too. Come on people...we all know that's the next shoe to drop. Brooke will be pregnant at the same time as Bridget. Can't you just feel it in the air? It'll be a race to see who can deliver first and win Nick's heart! I can see Brooke and Bridget both elbowing each other on gurneys all the way down the hall in the hospital! 'He's mine!' 'No, he's mine!!!'

Now, do I have this on any specific knowledge? No. Just a hunch. But with little babies being used this way, could they really take this story in any other direction?

As for the happenings over at Taylor's place, this whole scheming gardener thing is a little far-fetched. Hector, while newly blind, now has people running background checks on Shane? How did he dial the fax machine? And if Phoebe is that na´ve that she doesn't see how this guy is playing up the 'poor baby' thing to the hilt, she's dumber than I thought. I'll bet that once that Harry dude spends a minute or two around him, he'll have his number right away. Phoebe is just too ditsy to be believed. Must get it from her father.

Speaking of Harry and Shane, I noticed they both made the opening credits this week. Hmmm...better not unpack the gel in your dressing rooms yet, characters have a very short shelf life around these parts! I hope they develop Harry, though, as his acting is pretty good and his character has seemingly more potential.

Nice to see Dr. Dimples again, though it was a little strange to see him with his clothes on! As an avid 'Nip/Tuck' viewer (my other guilty pleasure in TV Land), I was shocked to see nearly ALL of Mario Lopez in a recent episode hanging out (Ahem!) in the shower with Dr. Troy. Nice butt! I have said it before and I'll say it again...should have kept him around. I'd rather look at him with no shirt on than Dante.

Ok, so the question of the week is simple: Should Nick leave Brooke for Bridget once the truth is revealed? After all, this is what Bridget is hoping for and all of her hypocritical actions have led her to this predicament. I say 'No'. But he should reevaluate how committed he is to Brooke to have done something like this in the first place. If he is, deal with the consequences...Brooke did when she had little Hopeless. He'll be called every name in the book (as Brooke was) and will draw the ire of Brooke and everyone in the family (as Brooke did). I just don't see him getting over Brooke enough to be happy with Bridget. But he should not, above all things in life, pull the disappearing act in that child's life like Deacon did with his child.


Buildergal writes: 'What troubles me the most about this latest development with Brooke, Bridget and Nick is Brads continuous rewriting of history to the point where I now feel insulted. Wasn't it just 2 or 3 short months ago that we all watched Brooke and Bridget in Brooke's bedroom right after her aborted wedding to Ridge, where Bridget bascially Begged her mother to not marry Ridge and take Nick for herself? Didn't Bridget tell her mother over and over that she was ending her marriage because she realized Nick loved her mother and vice versa and that she understood how Nick WAS the love of her mother's life? Now we are supposed to buy the newly rewritten history that Bridget ONLY sent Nick to her mother because Bridget knew that it was only a matter of time before Brooke kicked him to the curb and he would come back to Bridget?? I watched in stunned silence while hearing Bridget spew this latest history rewrite and my stunned silence quickly turned into anger with the writers for treating the viewers like a bunch of idiots. It is getting harder and harder to invest in any storyline or character anymore when one day what you know to be true turns out to be completely false in a matter of months. Enough already!'

Deb writes-'You asked what would finally make a longtime fan stop watching B&B forever? The spoiler sites have Bridget pregnant with Nick's baby. Like you said, I don't see how it could possibly be Nick's since she JUST slept with him and she apparently finds out she's pregnant in about a week. Nonetheless, that's the apparent direction and I am finally done with this show on that ridiculous note. I could never stand to go through another minute of Bridget pregnant - especially with Nick as the father. I'm completely tuned out...

Houston says: 'I apologize up front but does anyone remember anything that Brooke has done in the past? This woman (writers fault) has slept with every man on the show, including her daughter's hubby, which by the way was named Bridgett after Brooke and Ridge, when actually Eric's her daddy. The writers, IMO, have not given Brooke very many, if any, redeeming qualities. I have to give a hand to KKL though she plays the part the best she can no matter what "crap" they throw at her. Although, this is still only a "soap" can't it be a little entertaining? I remember some other soaps doing quiet well without having to dive into the "incest" pool as Bell has. A unique concept but he should try it. Why repulse the viewers, intrigue them instead. Just my opinion though. I had to ask the question, does everyone have short memories? Brooke by no means is totally innocent in any situation even borders on totally gullible. She is guilty of a heart in more ways than one. I do thank God for one thing, no more destiny speaches about her and Ridge. For that, we probably all agree - Thank you Bell! How about trying some new fresh ideas, I'm sure there are plenty of people that would jump at the opportunity to give you a piece of their mind. Thank you for allowing me to at least write this & hopefully I won't be squelched like I was on another site. And best of luck to us all that watch this crap that they keep sholving in our mouth.'

As a final note this week I would like to encourage viewers to tune in for at least a few minutes to the opening moments of the Monday Night Football match-up between the Saints and the Falcons. Maybe you may not be a fan of football but I think watching something fun and hopeful come back to the city of New Orleans a year after Hurricane Katrina ruined the Superdome will be something special to watch. I know there are thousands of homes that have yet to be rebuilt and countless lives lost but it's little things like this that I hope show everyone, especially those living and rebuilding in New Orleans, that anything is possible if you believe.

Have a great week everyone!

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