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Donna is rapidly becoming the cheesy streetwalking imitation of Brooke in her younger days.

I am donning my black funeral shroud as I write this column today for we all know that the clear favorite couple on B&B has likely suffered an irreparable fate. I have been hanging on too long to the notion that Brad and Co. would do the right thing by this show and have these two triumph over all obstacles. Instead, they have nailed the coffin shut as I don't see Brooke forgiving Nick for sleeping with Stalker Barbie.

Ah, the super-couple that 'could have been'. Is there nothing for a poor columnist to believe in anymore? What's the world coming to? I swear I don't know why there are ANY weddings on this show! No one stays together no matter how popular the couple may be with the fans. And to add insult to injury, Brooke runs back to that slug/rapist/idiot Ridge before Nick is even dried out from his swim in the bay. Gee, nothing like having a mourning period, huh? Any excuse to run back to the one man that has sapped you of all your self-respect and class. The man that has consistently picked other women over you...the man that has also had lewd feelings for your daughter...the man who was just 5 minutes ago sucking face with your sister. Ridge Forrester...what a pile of excrement.

Ok, so Bridget (much to my surprise) actually did not wait and told Nick the truth right away. Sorry Barbie, no gold stars for you. You SHOULD have nailed down (forgive the pun) the ETA of the bun before telling anyone about it. It doesn't redeem her in my eyes and it would serve her right if Dante blows his stack at her for waiting to tell him. There's no way she'll rush right over to him and Felicia and bear all. If she thought she would have a tough time getting Brooke onboard about her baby, wait til she tells Felicia. As cocky as she has been lately about life with her man Dante, I somehow think that cozy bond of sisterly love will pushed to the brink. CATFIGHT!

How about that Donna, huh? Making out with the man of her dreams one minute, and watching Big Sis steal him back the next. Ouch! She was coming onto him like a Mack truck...just plain disgusting. Do the writers still look at Ridge as though he is some major soap sex symbol? Doesn't anyone out there agree with me that his time has passed for all that? And Donna is rapidly becoming the cheesy streetwalking imitation of Brooke in her younger days anyway. The actress is really overplaying her and maybe it's just me but I still can't look at her without seeing that witch Grace Turner from Y&R. I think that when you have a past character overshadow the current incarnation the actor has taken on, it shows that they are not doing enough to distinguish themselves and make the new character truly theirs. And by the way, the peek-a-boo tops are getting a little annoying. Cover those things up, will 'ya?

As one couple is being torn apart for absolutely no apparent reason, another couple won't even get a chance to get up off the ground. Taylor and Thorne are due to head to Big Bear, the Forrester Cabin of Bad Mojo and we all know what is due to happen up there (it seems that nothing good ever happens here!). Taylor's guilt will get the better of her (and it should) and Thorne will bounce her butt right out of the family in one swift kick. While I am happy that she will do the right thing and tell the truth, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed that we may never see if they could have a viable romance. With so much covering up done by so many. This may push Thorne to start hitting the bottle again. Think about it...Taylor, Phoebe, Hector, Stephanie, psycho ex-con gardener Shane all knew about it. How does he ever look at anyone of them again? Especially his mother...ooh, that won't be pretty. Stephanie will lose Number #2 Son in a hurry if she doesn't come up with some convenient spin on what happened on her role in it.

Speaking of Shane, now that the truth will come out, what happens to his character? The whole purpose in him being on the show at all was to blackmail Taylor but without that I'm sure he will swiftly become another casting casualty. I don't see the 'Two hunks fighting over Phoebe' thing keeping any of us glued to our TV's in the upcoming weeks and Harry is proving to be a better male addition anyway. Just more potential there.

Back to the demise of Brooke and Nick...I am a little confused at Brooke's reaction in a way. Ok, was wrong for Nick to sleep with Barbie. No argument there. However, I seem to remember many times where Nick could have packed it in due to Brooke's repeated allowances for Ridge and his lips, etc. The runway kiss, the kiss in the office recently, and the sexual assault (albeit not under her control) where he had never been banned from the house and was able to get to her once again. That alone should have made Nick say "You know, I can't keep turning a blind eye to him and his sexual obsession with you." But he hung in there through all of Brooke's pleas for forgiveness. She kept saying Ridge wouldn't be a problem but he was constantly. In the back of a man's mind you can almost see a little of what Nick must have been feeling when he found out they were kissing YET AGAIN. So, having said all that, I wish that once Brooke knows that the baby is not Nick's that she take some time to really think about the 'Why' when it comes to Nick and Bridget's huge lapse in judgment. Not that the aforementioned is necessarily an excuse but it seems that it certainly did not help the situation. Ask yourselves this question...had it been Brooke who slept with Ridge instead, would Brooke expect Nick to forgive her? Would it have been any worse than Nick and Bridget?

Ok, question of the week: Is Brooke being a hypocrite about this whole situation with Nick and Bridget? Should she forgive him once she knows about the paternity? After all, after the Deacon situation from years past, I remember Brooke looking for Bridget's and Ridge's this any different? Reality check, Brooke.


Liz from MI. says: 'Hi, all I have to say is "WHEN DID BROOKE LEARN TO STEER A BOAT LIKE THAT???" And she was fully dressed.. no teddy or garters!! WOW!! What comes around, goes around! This is payback for Deacon sweetheart. Good for Nick to mention that wasn't it! Now she knows how Bridget felt! Keep up the great writing:)'

Bev writes: 'I don't watch B&B anymore and haven't for a couple of months now. However, I read your column every week as I get seeing what's happening in L.A. I read a spoiler this morning that Brooke runs into Ridges arms because Bridget is (actually not) pregnant with Nick's baby. I find the writing on this absolutely absurd. First, Nick walked out on Brooke because of her dealing (Not) with Ridge's advances. Brooke, the next day (after he slept with Bridget) begged him (Nick) to take her back and put his wedding ring back on. Now she cannot forgive him for his actions, when she did exactly the same thing with Deacon, not to forget she forgave Ridge for RAPING her! These writers have no brains. Just my opinion.'

Julie says: 'Kristine, I think Felicia has the best lines...and she delivers them to perfection. JUST love her character !! Nick too...but they are turning him into something we don't recognize anymore. Looks like Brooke will get a taste of her own medicine. Gee, Brooke, remember Deacon? AND.. YES !! Bring back Deacon.'

Elaine tells me: 'Dear Kristine I have watched this show for close to 20 years and I still want the bridge couple back and leave them together and let them be happy. I agree no more babies on this show for Brooke at all and let Brooke remain in a stable marriage with ridge and let Forrester be supportive of this couple. They ruined the Bricky couple with the Nicket boinks. that can't be taken back at all. And the Bricky trust has been broken and ruined. A lot of Bricky fans are upset that bb went this far with Nick and Bridget. So yes put Brooke and ridge back together and let them stay together and be happy. Let nick move on to a new woman maybe Donna for Nick or Taylor for Nick. But somebody not connected to Brooke at all.'

Kristine Cain
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