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Part two of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Los Angeles. This week, our columnist discusses the best that The Bold and the Beautiful had to offer in 2006.

As I look back fondly on he year that was 2006, I find myself having to look hard, and I mean REAL hard, for stories that captured our attention and made the show a 'must see' everyday. As I have been unjustly accused of being too negative (nah!), I thought I would close this year as a ray of literary sunshine and highlight the good things about B&B this past year. Can't you just feel the warmth?

Good Thing: Stephanie coming to terms with her childhood issues. I thought the scenes were steller between all 3 actresses and though it, at times, came off a little too 'over the top', it was a good social issue to bring to the forefront that also helped explain why Stephanie is such a crazy Mom. Can't we keep Ann around for a little while longer? She looks like she could shake things up just as much as her daughter can. Maybe she can sleep with Eric and finally be able to really empathize with Bridget.

Good Thing: Thorne being back on the front-burner. Ok, so I don't see a lot of chemistry between him and Taylor. Come on...we all know that she is acting more out of guilt and obligation than anything else. I don't see her as evil for that, just misguided. But Thorne is a great character and has so much potential as a foil for all of Ridge's awful behavior. I hope there is a lot in store for him this year.

Good Thing: Nixing any romance between Taylor and Hector. Those two had NO sizzle and the crazy 'I'm gonna kidnap you and make you love me' nonsense before the house burned down proved my point. Poor Taylor shouldn't keep bouncing around like this...she may be starting to look like Brooke in the not so distant future.

Good Thing: Taylor being front burner, too. I liked the therapy sessions with Nick and can see from 10 miles away how they are setting this up between them. The kiss on Friday was hotter than anything she has shot with Thorne and boy would that throw the family into an uproar! Ridge won't be able to control himself seeing his ex with Evil Popeye! That may be enough to do 'Venice Round 2' only with Taylor in Brooke's place. The whole family will hate Taylor for dissing Thorne but I am suspecting there could be some lusty scenes between our favorite sailor and his shrink. I look forward to it. After all, Brooke has broken that man's heart too many times for him to be sitting around with no one. Taylor is also a better choice than that sniveling, whining, and self-absorbed woman-child Bridget.

Good Thing: No Bridget for most of December. Starts my year off right.

Good Thing: The return of the Logans. Well, I guess it's ok that Donna came back, though I am hoping she has more clothes on this year and corrals the 'twins' a bit so we can take her character seriously. Storm is a cutie and with early word that he may have a romance with Felicia, I hope we see more of him. Now all we need is a visit from Beth and the year would be starting quite well. If Stephanie thought she had problems with Jackie and Eric's attraction, imagine what would happen if Beth resurfaced?

Good Thing: No Brooke pregnancies this year. I mean, honestly! With the teasing dialogue that occurred when she shacked back up with the Wooden One, I was worried we would have yet another Brooke baby. She HAS to be out of the baby making arena for good and I can't take another Who's the Daddy story either.

Good Thing: Stephanie finally suffering consequences for her actions. I know she may not have MEANT to throw Jackie off the balcony but nevertheless she needed to be taken to task for her anger problems (no matter what their genesis happens to be). I think losing the company for her family was too harsh, though...she should have simply relinquished the company back to Eric or made some huge financial settlement instead. Nick too things too far in my opinion but Stephanie was knocked down a peg and it ultimately helped her reconcile things from her past she had never dealt with. It's the 'something good' that comes out of something so bad.

Good Thing: All sex scenes between Ridge and Brooke seem to have enough foreshadowing that we know when it's safe for a bathroom break.

Good Thing: The writers are showing just how bad they really are with the 'Jackie was a hooker' story. Such an unnecessary storyline and so demeaning in a way. What is with Brad that he has all the women in the cast have these awful personality flaws that came from crappy childhoods? Brooke was abandoned by her father, therefore she can not have a normal marriage if her life depended on it. Stephanie has been a hateful and meddling psycho due to ignored abuse by her father. Now Jackie, though for absolutely NO relevant reason within the storyline, will be vilified as a woman who took money for sex to help support her and her child. Oh yeah, she's a terrible person! If any of the women I have known throughout the course of my life were faced with the same dire financial circumstances with a child to raise and no help, I thinking some amongst them may make the same tragic choice if survival was in question. Why drag her through the mud? What's the P-O-I-N-T? I don't get it. When was the last time a man in this show had the same kind of hatchet-job done on them? It sure is tough to be a woman in a Brad Bell show.

Well, I guess that is about it. So what did we learn about 2006? Brooke and Ridge deserve it each other (and I don't mean in a good way), Stephanie won't learn her lesson as she goes after Jackie some more, the scenes with Thorne, Taylor, Brooke and Ridge are just too weird to watch (they have all been with each other...does anyone else find those scenes a little creepy?), and still, no new character is safe from the dreaded Revolving Door. I hope the new Rick 'American Idol' Forrester doesn't make himself too comfy in his new dressing room!

I want to wish everyone who 'tunes in' every week throughout the year a Happy and Safe New Year! I personally had a great 2006 with my move to NC, my new house, and the love of my family keeping me sane through all of it. My little girl-dog Maggie is still with me and will be lying at my feet with her New Years Milk Bone. And so all is right in my world...I hope it will be in yours, too.

Kristine Cain
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