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Jackie made a mistake a thousand years ago that should have been between her and her son. For Stephanie to exploit that in such a public venue was disgusting.

I guess all the reconciliation with Momma Douglas and the journey of self-discovery wasn't enough to help make Stephanie any nicer. I was shocked that she would stoop to the level she did. I sat there in front of the TV, mouth agape, amazed that she could be so cruel. I know we have seen her do some really mean things in the past but this just seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back. Good God woman, learn when enough is enough!

I made a point last week to highlight her confrontation with her mother as a good thing for her and that I felt the story was a nice window into how she became the way she did. Little did I know that her newfound epiphany would last for all of 8 minutes before she would help to engineer something so sick. Jackie may be a flawed female character (as all Brad's women are) and yes, I think there could have been any number of ways to exact her revenge on Stephanie for the fall but she did not deserve this. No way, no how. I don't care what anyone says...she made a mistake a thousand years ago that should have been between her and her son, no one else. For Stephanie to exploit that and bring that slime Captain Kramer back in such a public venue was disgusting. THEN to take the microphone and start spewing her venom for the whole world to hear was BEYOND disgusting. Even though it's only a soap, I truly felt bad for her. No one has ever publicly humiliated Stephanie like this for all the rotten things she has done in the past.

Ok, so you lost the company, so what? Start a new one and make it better than the first! Show all the dressmakers in the world that you can be successful no matter what. But to drag someone through the mud like this shows the true colors in that woman and they are blood red! I know all this will backfire, though, as Eric seemed to be of the belief that if he ever got the company back, it would be by more legitimate means. This will make him blow his stack in a thousand different ways and I, for one, hope this is the end of that marriage. Come much more can this man take? I know I have taken great delight in pointing out his jellyfish tendencies with the women in his life but every person has a breaking point. This makes the Forrester's look worse and moreover, desperate. I hope Eric goes to Jackie and makes it clear he had nothing to do with it. She will believe him and maybe, just maybe, they might get a chance to have something for change.

Ok, so I have barbequed Stephanie for her role in this farce but what about everyone else? Ridge...well, that doesn't surprise me since he has not had an original thought outside the womb EVER. Whatever Mommy does, so does he. And those backstage hourly wage turncoats???? FIRE THEM!!! No one who takes over a company needs traitors in their ranks. Make them walk the plank with no pay! But ultimately the real disappointment here was Thorne.

WHY WHY WHY???? Here is a Forrester male I can support and he goes and makes a bonehead move like this! Taylor should be furious with him, too! This could jeopardize her career and her ability to 'shrink' the rich and famous and yet he does it anyway. Some love he has for her, huh? Very sad. I would have thought he would have some conscience in him but I guess when you hang around Queen Cobra and her Snakeboy, you are bound to pick up some bad behavior.

It was nice to see Nick finally get down from his high horse long enough to forgive his mother for doing what she felt she had to do to put food on the table for him. HELLO? I gave him more credit than that but Taylor gave the same speech I would have given if it were me standing in front of him. No one sets out in life to be a prostitute but when faced with real issues of survival and more importantly the survival of your child, real mothers will go to almost any length. He is too judgmental these days for my tastes. I guess getting burned one too many times by Brooke will do that to a person, huh? And he showed he has a mean streak like his old man, too. None of the above are qualities I like in him and I hope 2007 holds better days for him (and some much needed happiness).

Ok, now what's up with the Barbie boat fashions? Those outfits in the beginning of the showing looked like little more than pasties and a thong! Maybe Paris Hilton could pull that look off but whom does Clark think will buy that? And I think I already saw that 'showstopper' on the rack at Macy's! BOO! Marone Creations will have to do better than that if they want to compete with the new Forrester Originals.

Love the hot smooch to start the week....I know there are non-believers out there but I see something between Nick and Taylor and it's not the latest techniques in therapy! Watch for these two to surprise everyone. After all, if Brooke won't come to her senses about what a great husband she had in Nick, why should he sit around alone? And there are not many options for our new fashion king (ha!) besides Bridget and I'd rather go through an IRS audit than watch that train wreck unfold again.

Seeing as we had a New Years pre-emption, the week was a little short. So I will get right to my 'head-scratchers of the week'................

Doesn't anyone in LA have doors that lock? Thorne is another one that just walks right into the house! And is this Kramer guy that gullible that he never asked to speak to Jackie before showing up? And how did Thorne and Stephanie walk around ALL that time backstage with NO ONE seeing them? I hope Nick is offering good vision benefits because Donna and Clark need glasses quick! Did Stephanie really say Jackie had 'the clap' last week? Shouldn't Taylor make sure the door is locked before starting her session notes?

Ok, I know with the special holiday columns I have done, everyone must miss the ever-fabulous Question of Week, right? So here goes...Am I the only one that thinks Taylor and Nick could make a decent couple?

I hope everyone had a great New Years weekend and I am looking forward to another great year of trying to tick off Brad Bell enough to fly me out there to show him how to fire up the ratings and get us all setting our TiVO's again!

Kristine Cain
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