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It seems obvious that Nick is starting to develop feelings for Taylor...or is he? Could this be another way to stick it to the Forresters, or is it genuine?

Ok, I have to lead in with this right off the bat...does anyone else think that little girl playing Alexandria looks like she could be Damian's twin sister in 'The Omen'? Or maybe a younger version of the possessed Carol Ann from 'Poltergeist'? I got a chill, let me tell you. If I were Taylor, I would be looking over my shoulder until this whole Thorne wedding thing fizzles out. Don't stand near any handrails upstairs!!!!

And can someone tell me how that kid knew where to go to ghoul around where her mother was killed? Did she ever see the crime scene? No...but yet she is floating around Pacific Coast Highway for no reason. I don't remember if the spoilers ever mentioned what happens or if Taylor has to go through Round #2 of supercharged guilt or not but once again we have her being put through the ringer. Can't this woman catch a break because since she came back to life AGAIN it's been the pits for her.

Speaking of the pits, I LOVED LOVED LOVED seeing the Forresters have to moonwalk their way out of the mess Steph and the Boys created! The press turned on them and made them out to look more mercenary than they already were. I'm sorry but there was no reason to do something so sleazy in the first place. If it was meant to be for them to get that company back, it would have happened by more ethical means but NOOOOO! Ridge and Thorne looked like idiots standing there in the foyer of the mansion trying to harpoon anyone they could rather than admit their plan was unsuccessful. And by the way, wasn't the Stepford Wife played beautifully by one Brooke Logan? Mindless, brainless arm candy for Ridge...just like she has always wanted to be.

So Nick liquidates everything he has to keep Forrester for himself, huh? I'd love to say that I think he will be successful but I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around him being the 'head dressmaker in charge' when it was a position he despised so much when Ridge was there. His disdain for fashion can't just magically disappear overnight, can it? I suppose revenge makes the mind do crazy things. Crazy would be selling those rags he had in the runway before the hammer came down but by the looks of the press, somebody thought they were good. Can't wait to see what Widgey-Poo and his Dad put together. And let me say this...I did like Eric's trip to Jackie and the apology he offered. I truly believe he has a good, thought sometimes too good, heart and I am encouraged a little that he is seeing Stephanie for what she is...a mean spirited piranha with the heart of a stone. Unless 'ol Pammy has some sleaze in her I don't see Eric staying away from Jackie too long. Knitting and sewing buttons for this man won't keep his libido in check for too long.

As for Nick, well it seems obvious that he is starting to develop feelings for our good doctor...or is he? Could this be another way to 'stick it' to the Forresters or is it genuine? I know they shared a steamy encounter on the Sweaty Marlin but who knows? Maybe Brad is trying to throw us a curveball here making us THINK he likes her but all the while just trying to make Brooke jealous. Come on everyone...show of hands for all of us who KNOW Brooke will go off the deep end if Taylor becomes his First Mate! Ridge will lose his mind but Brooke will be worse I think as she secretly knows that Taylor is her equal in many ways. She has more influence everywhere but the bedroom (where Brooke reigns supreme) and is generally thought of better than Brooke by everyone. Sure, she has made plenty of mistakes but I think when you look back there is a reason Taylor not only keeps coming back but has never really been excommunicated from the Forrester sphere of influence.

I personally would like to see Nick have a legitimate shot with Taylor and here's why...Brooke had more than her fair share of chances to make a life with the one man that would not have treated her like a whore. Taylor doesn't strike me as the type to let someone keep sleazing around like Brooke let Ridge do to her. Taylor seemed more than ready to boost the Forresters if it were not for the guilt and obligation she feels about Darla's death. I think Nick and Taylor BOTH need to have a relationship OUTSIDE the Forrester gene pool. Nick has hooked up with Brooke, Bridget, and Felicia...enough is enough! And Taylor has now had both brothers (too much like Brooke for my taste!). So maybe these two Forrester relationship casualties could find some happiness together! I think so and according to the responses I received when I posed that question to the Scoops masses, nearly everyone responding agreed as well.

And let me just say this while I am on my soapbox...Thorne better get some therapy himself as it is becoming clear that he is incapable of any original thoughts outside of his Mommy and his sleazoid half-brother. Get out from behind Mommy's pantsuit and grow a set!!! Taylor should have you sleeping on the beach for that one!

Ok, for this week's question I will ask you to ponder this: Is Rick the right character to be bringing back and what do you think of his return? Will it help the sagging ratings? After all, there are so many characters out there in exile that it makes you wonder...


April says: I love Taylor & Nick together. They both deserve a truly committed relationship between 2 people who know how to love. That's hard for me to say, because I have always loved Thorne.'

Bev writes :'I would love to see Taylor And Nick together. Would also like to see Brooke with a backbone and not acting like some starry eyed school girl when Ridge is near.'

Ruby D. says: 'Happy New Year.. I am totally for Nick and Taylor. Now we know why Nick was not for Brooke parading around half naked for the world to see, due to supressed childhood memories. I really hope these two get together and Eric really, really sees Stephanie for who she truly is...a mean, vindictive, controlling, classless, sexless witch. I hope he leaves her for Jackie.'

Lisa C. emails: 'I for one still DVR only to fast forward Brooke and Ridge scenes. God when will Bell learn!!! But I think that Nick and Taylor would make a great couple. I think they have great chemistry but the best part would be when Brooke realizes what a big screw up she really is for letting Nick get away.'

For those that have been so kind to keep my little four-legged writing partner in your thoughts these last few months, I must say that Maggie is losing her battle with lymphoma. She has taken a turn for the worse and I feel that my very difficult decision will be coming this week. She has been hanging on for so long and it was truly a blessing to have her here this Christmas with all of us. We love her so much and don't want her to suffer. A very kind reader, Alysia, who happens to be a vet, told me that I would know the right time 'in my gut' and she was right. Thank you all for your supportive emails, thoughts, and prayers over the last few months. It's a wonderful thing to hear from so many animal lovers out there! You are the best!

Have a great week everyone and if you have a pet, be sure to give them a kiss from me and Maggie.

Kristine Cain
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