The Forrester vs. Marone stitch-offs
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Why should Taylor care about the Forresters? They all sit in judgment like she's a war criminal every time Nick's name comes up.

I know I should be thankful that we are finally getting back around to what this show was patterned after, fashion. However, I would never have seen this coming when my favorite salty yet simmering hot sea captain would be ripping up a runway against his slimy half-brother. Nick knows nothing about this industry and even though the critics liked the first round of Clark's rags, how can they really compete, huh? Nick looks like a fish out of water. But there is so much to cover this week so let's get right to it....

How could I effectively start any bash session without addressing the sanctimonious and unbelievably RUDE Bridget Forrester and her atrocious tirade at Taylor's? Where does this woman get off preaching to Taylor and Nick about the virtues of trust and family when there was nothing going on between them in the first place??? If my memory serves, they were just hugging for Heaven's sake! Is she that obsessed with Nick? She's gone around the bend! Someone get the net!!! It really bordered on hysterical and I just couldn't help but laugh and think about her having no trouble AT ALL sleeping with Nick when he was still with her mother but oh well, the moral compass in the Forrester family is so flexible it may as well not even exist. I have to believe her character has some fans out there somewhere and that they must be so disappointed that she is being written as a carbon copy of her mother. Maybe a better story is waiting down the road for her but until then, the channeling of "Fatal Attraction' has to end. It's embarrassing.

While we are talking about Nick and Taylor, what a shame it will be if they don't hook up. I don't like all this 'we need to wait and think about everyone's else's happiness first' stuff. I say dump Thorne (a truly unhealthy relationship in it's current state) and just tell Ridge, Brooke and anyone else with Forrester DNA to kiss your butt as you sail off into the sunset with Nick. Yeah, that's sounds great! Why should Taylor care so much about the Forrester's anyway? All of them sit in judgment like she's a war criminal every time Nick's name comes up. A bunch of hypocrites, all of them. She admitted she was attracted to him, we all know he feels the same way and they are consenting what's the problem?

So Nick is now the LA's fashion scene's answer to Donald Trump, huh? Buying distributors out, jetting them up and down the coast, and generally being a pain in the rear end to the Forrester's. kind of man! My question, though, is exactly how much Monopoly money does he have to be throwing around to buy these companies in the first place? I smell disaster right around the corner. He may win the battle but the war could bankrupt him. Poor Jackie won't have to worry about headaches after the HEART ATTACK she'll have watching Nickeeee go broke and take her with him. He's leveraging everything to make this work but I don't see how it can realistically (I's a soap and there is no realism...but still!). I don't know...I'd still rather see him hanging out a Chuck's with his beard and pea coat on looking a little more relaxed than he is now. And one more thing...if the rumors are true and he is doing all this in hopes of getting Ridge's Fem-Bot Brooke back, he can forget it! He should never look back on her or her fickle ways. Besides...Ridge probably has her drinking the Kool-Aid to make sure she never strays again.

How about that sad Stepford speech she gave the Nu-Rick (who I like but I'll get to that in minute)? She KNOWS this time will be different and she KNOWS the Forrester's accept her now and she KNOWS Ridge is her destiny. Blah blah blah. We have heard all this before but never with quite the same robotic and glass-eyed verve that she said it last week. And to have to sit through ANOTHER office sex-fest? Ugh....please make it stop! I would rather watch paint dry than see those two roll around the office floor anymore. I was hoping for some Taylor-Nick action as that is a couple that could be steaming up the screen, let me tell you! New couples...that's what we need around here! Heat, sizzle, sparks...something! The Wooden and the 'Bot just don't do it for me at all.

Welcome home, Rick! Ok, digging the new 'tude but the hair? Not so much. But I love his swagger (overused sports term but seemed appropriate here) and the "why the Hell are you with Ridge' speech he gave Mommy. WOO-HOO!!!! Wow...he said all the things we all feel, didn't he? And I must say, a fine actor and breath of fresh air from the previous actor. He was too baby-faced to pull off Brooke's son. This guy shouldn't look like he just came back from Prom...rather he should look rugged in an international kind of way. This kind fits the bill nicely and I'm glad to say I was proven wrong when I speculated that his character wouldn't make much of an impact. From the looks of things he'll be impacting Ridge right in the ego!

Now having said all that, I am still a little confused about this budding attraction between him and Phoebe. Maybe I'm just confused but isn't that a little too close for comfort?? Ok, so Eric is his father and Ridge is not related because of Stephanie's hook-up with Massimo. Then Phoebe used to be his niece? And now he's not...ok...a little creepy. I just can't shake the feeling that not only will Ridge lose his mind but that it won't sit too well with viewers either. Why can't they either introduce a new female character for him or bring back/recast Kimberly? She could come back more 'experienced' and ready to drive him crazy. I think it works better. Maybe the DNA doesn't match but it's just plain disturbing. Eww, eww, and double eww. But I the spirit of openness and positivism, I will reserve all judgment until I see how all this shakes out.

June Cleaver Douglas sure had those claws out and sharpened last week as Jackie was trying to use her feminine wiles to get busy with Eric. Can you say "Pit Bull"? Gotta love her spunk, though and even though she may not have a shot with Eric when the Queen returns home from her jaunt with her Mother, it has been nice to see a woman paying so much attention to Eric. I have always thought Stephanie never really wanted to act like a wife, more like a business partner with Eric. It always seemed rather cold actually. I felt a little bad that Pam had to have Eric remind her of her spinster existence like that. Ouch!

Last week's question asked you to tell me what Sally moment you remember the most and it was nearly an avalanche of the same two scenes....her Mustang Sally seduction dance for Mojo and the drunk hair cutting scene with Stephanie to help her be wigless. I have to say they are my favorites as well and showed just how truly talented she was. With such a screen presence it's no wonder all the actors that played opposite her seemed to step it up a notch when working with her. I loved the message delivered by John McCook at the end of Friday's show and felt they did a great job of honoring her with the clips they showed. I don't compliment you much, Brad, but bravo! Darlene Conley deserved that tribute and she will be missed.

This week's question seems fitting considering I already weighed in with my thoughts you like the New Rick Forrester? Judging by the Wooden One spying angrily from the shadows, we can count Ridge for a 'No'. But tell me what you think, as this could be one of the more important recasts in the show's history.


ML says: 'I always enjoyed when Sally was in any scene, but I think my favorite was the time she and Stephanie got drunk and Sally cut Stephanie's hair. That was fabulous. May she rest in peace.'

Jo from the Netherlands writes: 'Now for my favourite Sally moment was. I found the most hilarious one, when she was cutting Stephanie's hair and the most touching scenes were when she had to deal with the losses of Macy and Darla. Darlene will be missed. B&B won't be the same without her.

Dee says: 'I am saddened by the passing of our "Sally". There were so many great moments with her but one of my favorite shows was when her and Stephanie got drunk and Sally cut Stephanie's hair off (this is when Stephanie finally stopped wearing a wig). It was so funny. One of the other episodes was recently when Darla passed away, Sally by her bed side she asked her won't you smile for me honey, and they played that song smile though your heart is breaking, it was so moving. We will miss her antics.'

Robyn writes in: 'Yee-ha! Giddy up nick! I can't wait till nick tramples the Forrester's and hopefully it will work. I am sick of Queenie getting away with everything she does. Nick will also get the girl and Jackie can get the boy and focus away from that incestuous family which makes my skin crawl every time I see them.'

Alysia says:' Do you think they gave her a lobotomy??? As a loyal Brookie all these years, I have to say that I have wanted to puke at every scene she's been in this last week or so!'

Thank you all for your heartfelt thoughts and prayers for Maggie and me. You all will never know just how much it has meant to me. You're the best!

Have a great week!

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