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Why is Ashley really in Los Angeles? Does she just want to jump back in the sack with Rick, or could she be there for far more sinister reasons?

As one of my favorite drinking holidays draws closer and my thoughts turn to shamrocks and leprechauns, I started to ask myself what things I would want to find at the end of my rainbow this week. So what do I hope the luck of the Irish brings me?

I want to know when Ridge suddenly became this super-connected Ward Cleaver dad all of the sudden? But I can't recall Ward nearly beating the crap out of anyone so maybe that's a stretch, huh?

I want an explanation of who told Phoebe that band/duct tape looking thing actually looked good on her head? If you have that much hair to 'restrain', maybe it's time for a haircut!

I want to know why Ashley is REALLY in LA? Does she want to jump back in the sack with Rick or could she be there for far more sinister reasons? Nothing about Ashley is sinister, of course, but it could be if her presence puts a crimp in the Ridge-Brooke nuptials.

I want to know when and if Rick will get a haircut. Looks ok on a 19 year old Abercrombie catalog model but not so much on daytime.

I hope to find out what bubble Eric has been living in that he doesn't know what's going on with his son and his former granddaughter. If I want to be completely isolated from all reality on this planet then I want one, too.

I also want a count of how many times Jackie and Stephanie are going to scheme to put Nick and Brooke back together again. Humpty Dumpty never had so much action in generations of storytelling.

I want to know why the Lonesome Logans (Storm and Donna) are languishing in Nick's office with no chance of parole. They don't interact with anyone else and we rarely see them unless they are reading some industry gossip rag and delivering bad news.

I'd also like to find a razor so I can Express Mail it to the hairdresser at B&B. The homeless goatee look has been out since grunge occupied the Billboard charts. Ridge...shave or I'm sending you a flannel shirt and a copy of Pearl Jam's 'Ten'.

I would hope to see some other characters come off the milk cartons and back on to the show. With all the staring at Little Hopeless' pictures the last week, I hope the first of those MIA characters to return would be Deacon. This show could use a heavy dose of Johnny Cash clothing and an attitude to match.

Maybe there will be another opportunity for Taylor to remind Brooke that she made her bed and now she has to lie in it (and with Ridge...ew). Cats like being teased with a stick and some string but most guys don't like it so much. Leave Nick alone.

My last and final wish would be for someone to tell us is Pam is, how should I say...'chaste' or not. She keeps talking about how her entire life has been spent taking care of her mother but she never mentions a man or any dating at all. That's the picture that's being painted for us, right? Don't get me wrong...I like her character a lot but I have to think she is looking for Eric to give her some 'Wonder' during these next few years! Go on girl! It's never too late and Eric is still looking mighty fine!

Now as for the replies to last week's question, I decided to list below some of the readers favourite moments on the Marlin (may she rest in peace). I liked the scene when Brooke finally came to her senses and told Nick she loved him after he was told Bridget aborted their baby. Fantastic scene!

The Soap Box

J Kelly: My favorite moment on the Shady Marlin was when Nick took Brooke and the kids to the island. Those couple of episodes were really fun, and it was nice to see some comedy on the show instead of it being all drama. Brooke's Pirate Booty shirt was the best. :)

Anastasia: 'My favorite moments on the Shady Marlin have been the time that Nick has spent with Taylor.'

Cindy: '...the best moment on the Marlin was Nick, Brookester and the kids. When they went to their island on a treasure hunt. That was just a wonderful scene and it was great interaction between the adult actors and kids, they really gave a believeable scene. That was my most favorite moment!'

Rebecca: 'My favourite memories of the Marlin were the light and clarity moment, when Brooke and Nick expressed their love for each other. I also loved it when Nick took Brooke out on the boat and wanted to make love to her. She locked herself in the toilet and was going to stay there until he returned her home, but he told her he'd flood the toilet and out she came. But tempted as she was, she wasn't going to do it because of Bridget.'

Ok...this week's question: What would make you stop watching B&B? I know why many of you keep watching but I wonder how bad things would have to get. Many have written that if Nick keeps running back to Brooke they will bail on the show and I totally understand. Let me know....

Sorry for the late posting...true story...I finally got a new computer and in the course of trying out the new version of Word 2007 I wrote the whole column Sunday night and when I went to attach it and send, it was gone. I think I need to work with this a little more, huh? But better late than never! Have a fun and safe St. Patrick's day.

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