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It seems like there might be trouble in paradise soon for Brooke and Ridge, due to the messy little relationship between Rick and Phoebe.

The rumor mill is abuzz, there are whispers in corners, and the message boards are surging with the speculation that the least anticipated wedding of the year might not happen after all. Have I died and gone to Heaven? Or is this yet another of Brad's foul tricks to make me think there is a God? Then again, I have been fooled we all have.

Ok, so there will be trouble in paradise soon for Brooke and Ridge due to this messy little relationship between Rick and Phoebe. We all know Ridge can't control himself but my question is this going to be TOO easy for Brooke to break things off this time? I would have thought that she would be in so deep with this fool that nothing short of blowing up LA with The Bomb would cause her to end things. Now she seems to be travelling awfully light emotionally if she will end things that quick and try to find Nick for some forgiveness booty. How much more of this back and forth are the fans of EITHER couple supposed to take? I loved Brooke and Nick for a LONG time but after this last squandering of a normal life by Brooke, I said I was done. Nick and Taylor seemed a lot better suited for each other as I honestly do not see Ridge being able to sexually assault, stalk, and manipulate her like Brooke allowed for months. Taylor seems too self-confident for that at this stage of the game and you would think for the countless times Brooke has been through it, that she would be, too. Nope. A weak as they come. So why would any self-respecting 'Bricky' fan want them back together for it to end up the same all over again? Count me out.

Brad and the Amateur Hour at B&B seem to think we all have scorching cases of short-term memory loss. Never mind the times BEFORE Nick that Brooke and Ridge broke up but just try to count those since he arrived on the scene! It boggles the mind. In an era of shows flirting with cancellations and diminished ratings and ad revenue, one would hope that the brain-trust at B&B would come up with something new instead of more of the same. I think people are truly just sick and tired of Brooke and Ridge, period. The actors are, for Pete's sake! Now those of us who like Nick's character are going to feel the same way. Is it me or is this show really starting to show its age?

After watching the CBS show since I was 9 or so, I feel I can say this with some authority...this show just feels 'old'. Few if any new characters and a single-minded obsessive focus on Brooke could be the ruin of this show. I read a post somewhere that the ratings spiked during a week that was heavy on Nick and Taylor rather than Brooke and Ridge. Doesn't that say something? I believe it says I may be on to something here. Nick and Taylor are fresh and full of interesting and new dialogue. All soaps have to branch out a little, even if they are hour shows. It is possible. There are characters just sitting on the sidelines of this show doing little else than filling spots in dialogue when Brooke and Ridge are NOT talking. Please show us all a little mercy, Brad, and either keep them together or break them up for good without ruining others on the show.

Ok, enough of my incessant petitioning for Brooke and Ridge's demise. It was nice to see 'Boobs and Hair' Donna get some action last week. Of course it was only to be a meddling tramp and help to orchestrate the Ridge-Rick blow-up that will cause discord throughout the land. Since the fashion press barbequed her I suppose this is the best job for her right now. Poor dumb Phoebe must not have too big of a B.S detector not to see what Donna was doing. And she and Jackie really need to get a life, I swear. Scheming at the coffee house and spying on clandestine lovers...geez! I generally like Jackie's character but lately this maternal scheming stuff is getting a bit tedious. She should be fighting to win Eric's affections, not worrying about what her son is doing. Honestly I think her desire to be up in her son's business borders on the creepy. Freud would have a field day with this mother-son relationship!

Ashley and Rick certainly were doing 'the dance', huh? Very hot...too bad Brad has another 'off' couple to focus on instead of a good thing right in front of his face. Mrs. Robinson, I presume??? Heehee!! She is much older than him but you could tell it must not have mattered with the dialogue they went on with. Of course I was tired of hearing Paris this and Paris that over and over but hopefully that is about over. Makes you wonder why they left if it was so unforgettable! They seem to be trying awfully hard NOT to sleep together, don't you think? But they said that chapter is over and no going back. Sure. But I want to see Ashley take on Ridge...that would be a very interesting pairing! And I'll venture a guess that Ronn Moss would welcome the break from the train wreck that comes along with Brooke onscreen.

Did anyone think it was a bit weird when Ashley asked Donna is she had ever been to Genoa City? Yeah...she the sleazy town tramp Grace Turner! I wonder if Brad threw that in there to amuse those of us who watch both shows.

It's so wrong for Jackie to be parading that little girl around Nick like she did Wednesday. Here Nick is getting busy with Taylor and enjoying some Brooke-less harmony and in come little Hopeless looking all cute for Daddy Nick. Cheap, just plain cheap.

Well, ultimately I hope Nick is strong enough to tell Brooke 'Nothin' doin!'. She can't keep all the guys she has ever slept with on a string forever. Someone has to be strong enough to tell her enough is enough. That's why I keep hoping Deacon comes back...he would be the one man that I think could truly straighten her out. There was no way you could call him wishy-washy. Besides...having him come back now would be an interesting wrinkle with Hope, too!

Alas, it was a short week so there is not much else to rip apart! Haha! I asked of all you readers what would make you stop watching the show and the results were a little surprising. About 10 people said they have already stopped watching and just read spoilers and my column to keep current on the events at Dysfunction Junction. 8 people emailed and said they will bail if Nick and Brooke get back together in large part due to the fact that it makes Nick look like a glutton for punishment. Five readers said they will stop watching is Taylor takes Ridge back and another 4 said Brooke and Ridge being together and married will do it for them. One person was so disgusted with Rick and Phoebe that it will be her last straw. Wow. Pretty telling, huh? I wonder if Brad ever reads my column? Maybe he should.

The Soap Box

Gail says: 'Taylor and Nick are the most level-headed, honest, above-board actors on this show. I sincerely hope they stay together. I am glad to see Brooke finally having some backbone to stand up to both Ridge and Stephanie, which I hope continues, so she can stop the ridiculous wedding plans. How tacky!!!'

Alysia writes: 'I don't think I would stop watching no matter how bad it gets. It's sort of like the scene of a really bad traffic accident--horrifying, but you can't look away......'

Wendy says: 'Hi, your column is the best, i enjoy it every time I read it... Thanks for all the smiles, laughter and downright truthfulness..' Aww..thank you!!

Linda says: What would make me stop watching the show this time? I am sorry I don't care for Nick and Brooks relationship! So if the staff decides to put Nick and Brook together again. I will again stop watching B&B. I don't care for Nick! He is slime. Sorry to all the Nick fans but he makes me sick. My God can't Nick find someone other then his half-brother leftovers?' Yikes...

Question of the week: If Brooke breaks up with Ridge, as rumoured, and Nick has the smarts to tell her 'No way', then who would you like to see Brooke hook up with?

Have a great week!!!

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