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So all Ridge had to do was punch Brooke's son for her to finally realize what a pig he has been all these years?

So I go on vacation for a week and the world goes a little crazy, huh? So Brooke is officially and completely done with Ridge (again)? She snapped at the vision of her son's blood on her hands and magically saw Ridge in a different and more sinister light. But wait! There's more!! Now Brooke expects Nick to drop Taylor and run away with her...of course, now that she has come to her senses. Uh-huh. And let's see...she is willing to do anything and only half cares if Taylor is already pregnant with Nick's baby. Ok. Taylor is worried (and should be) that Brooke will ruin yet another one of her relationships and all the while Nick stands there with this 'deer in the headlights' look on his face. He has said no to Brooke over and over and made it clear he has heard all this rhetoric before. Now let me make sure I have all this right...Brooke dumps Nick for Ridge, Ridge gets mad and Brooke dumps him, Taylor and Nick fall in love, and Brooke can't stand it. Brooke tries to break up Taylor and Nick. All this is enough to drive me to drink! I just have a few questions that have popped into my pea brain that I thought I would share with all of you as I suspect many of you have the same...

So all Ridge had to do was punch Brooke's son for her to 'see the light' about what a pig he has been all these years? That's it? Geez...I guess that was the easy part given that Rick and Phoebe weren't even nude yet (haha). All the years of being second best to Caroline and Taylor weren't enough? Stealing Belief wasn't enough? Sabotaging her and Thorne with the Venice ruse wasn't enough? Voting her out as CEO of Forrester Creations wasn't enough? Dumping her this last time after having a baby together for a newly resurrected Taylor wasn't enough? Hmmm. A punch in the mouth and THEN the light bulb goes off. Yeah, right. My theory...she was looking for a way out because her safety net was engaged to someone else and that someone was Taylor. 'Nuff said.

My next Taylor going to use a potential baby to hang on to Nick? If that happens, what a shame to drag her character down like that. We have seen this all before...after all, Nick was hoping that the chance of RJ being DJ would keep Brooke with him the first time around. Then Ridge used RJ's paternity to wrench her away from Nick and marry her again. Bridget was hoping little Nicole would keep her marriage together, too. Babies are nothing but tools to see how we can stir the pot and shake up different couples and unfortunately, I think it will happen again. Taylor will resort to anything to not lose another man to Brooke. Don't get me wrong...I love a good cat-fight as much as the next person but it's getting SO boring to see the same old tired retreaded plots over and over.

Riddle me this...will Brooke back off if Taylor is pregnant? What trick will she try then? How far will she go? Maybe an 'accidental' push down the stairs at Marone Mansion? Something more sinister? Or will she be allowed to finally take some time to be alone and focus on her small children and her career? Nope...not happening. Have some class and know when to back off, will 'ya? She has been acting so desperate the last week that it's almost embarrassing as a female viewer to watch it. Nick has told her 'No' enough times that she should have the hint by now. A sledgehammer might be appropriate! Yikes!

And how long will it take for sad and lonely Bridget to throw her hat into the ring? She may be talking a good ballgame about Nick and Brooke being meant for each other but we all know she is the poster child for Nick Marone Obsession Disease. And while I am on my soapbox about Bridget, how is it that she has so much time to be sniffing perfume samples when she is not a full-fledged doctor? To get paid a doctor's salary and never have to be in the hospital? Sign me up for that!!

Ah, so many questions and so few answers. Well, it's actually quite obvious where all this Nick/Brooke/Taylor stuff is headed. Taylor will resort to lying about being pregnant or something to try to call Brooke off long enough to actually GET pregnant and Brooke will end up seducing Nick somehow and get caught by Taylor. The only way to spice this story up (if we have to endure it) would be to have one of them do something so incredibly out of character that it shocks everyone. Murder, perhaps? I know...these are 3 key players. You're right but something has to give. People are tired of seeing the same old sick love triangles involving the same people. I know I am sick of it. I was enjoying the Taylor/Nick romance and still see them as a viable couple that can be devoid of all things Forrester (Taylor's dig about that last week was great!!!). I did support and enjoy Nick and Brooke before she waffled again and left with the Cry Baby. I suppose I would feel better about them getting a second chance at love if she weren't so wishy-washy when it comes to Ridge. That's about as honest appraisal as I can give. Nick was right when he said that Ridge would always be in the background of any relationship they tried to have. Like a bad rash, he just keeps coming back to irritate you.

I hear that Ridge and Ashley will share a kiss very soon. Interesting, considering she is obviously still pining away for Rick. I don't know, maybe they would be a good couple but I don't think any woman will make Ridge palatable at all. His character needs to go. This show needs Brooke (yes, I said it), Stephanie and Eric. Ridge has outlived his usefulness and on-screen appeal.

Since I did not check in last week, I have to say the Rick-Phoebe marathon through Sidney was one of the funniest bits of TV I have ever watched!! How do you run full speed city streets barefoot and half naked for MILES and never break a sweat or run out of breath?? You've got to be kidding me? And Rick took that long to catch up to her? Lightweight! And what was with the 'Crocodile Dundee' music playing in the background? HAHAHAHAHA! Let's break out all the Australian clichés, huh? My readers in that beautiful country should be appalled!! I am glad they went there for these scenes, though. I have never been myself but hope someday to get the chance. And I have a huge a devoted following in Australia, too! Fantastic folks!

Ok, so now that Stephanie got her wish, what's next? Without that drama, what is there for the world class meddler to do? She will have to make sure Donna isn't the next Logan to sink her hooks into Number One Son. But my guess is that Ashley will be the one she wants for Ridge (even though anyone with a brain would stay away from him). I like Ashley here at B&B. She is an accomplished daytime actress and brings a maturity that is lacking around LA as of late. I still have a hard time seeing her in scenes with Rick...she's too old for him or he's too young. Either way, it makes no sense except to make Phoebe squirm. I say bring Shane back and let her hook up with him. Maybe he's not so bad after all. A little rough around the edges but until Deacon returns (hey, a girl can dream, right?), he's the closest thing we have to a 'livin' on the fringe' kind of male character.

What will I be looking forward to this week (besides popping some aspirin to clear the love triangle headache I'll have)???? How low Brooke will go to seduce Nick? When will everybody tell Bridget to mind her own business? When will someone tell Phoebe how awful her hair looks? Will Taylor keep the dispensing 'on the fly' diagnoses like she did with Brooke? Will Nick cave and admit an baby with Taylor will be nothing more than 'Brooke repellent'? Ugh...not again. Maybe I don't want the answer to that last one!

Thanks for your patience with my week off. My family and I went to Orlando and enjoyed time with Spiderman and SpongeBob at Universal Studios. My little boy hasn't stopped talking about it since and it was a fantastic week.

Question of the Week: Should Nick take Brooke back? Plain and simple. Let me have it everyone....

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Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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