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Ashley and the specimen, part two?
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How gross and exceedingly uncomfortable was it to have Bridget standing there last week, handing a sperm cup to Nick so that he could produce swimmers for a child with Taylor?

Several years ago when I was watching Y&R more regularly, I had the biggest laugh at what I thought was one of the most unrealistic, over the top (even for the soaps) stories I had ever seen. Ashley Abbott, forever obsessing with Victor Newman, stole some of his sperm and made baby Abby. Crazy, insane, and just plain NUTS. Now I am starting to see the ominous warning of the same with Brooke donating (either willingly or not) the eggs Taylor needs to give Nick the baby she so DESPERATELY wants to give him. Can anyone else see the same? The timing is perfect and the turkey baster is ready....we're about to go way over the top folks.

First, Brooke finds out her eggs are still ripe, then there is all this talk about Taylor and Nick picking the 'perfect donor'. Brooke is still obsessed with getting Nick back and add that to this psychotic, mad rush to get 'injected', and you have the makings of some wacky TV show subplot. But oh, the questions will abound....maybe Bridget injected HER eggs to have some piece of Nick that she can no longer legitimately have? Are they really Brooke's eggs and were she and Bridget in cahoots together to make Taylor believe they were someone else's? Did Brooke engage in some kind of shady and underhanded chicanery at the hospital lab that helped complete the mix-up? Could she be THAT sick and demented as to think Nick or Taylor would be ok with this? But the biggest and most meaningful question is....what will Taylor do?

She really would have two options. One, she could say no way and terminate the pregnancy. Soaps traditionally seem to stay away from the subject directly and rarely use the word 'abortion'. Would Taylor's character really do that, though? I don't think so. Yeah she will go crazy knowing Brooke's DNA is growing inside her and the kid will pop out looking like a perfect little blonde combination of the two but I can't see her doing something so drastic. Second, and more likely, she could carry the child to term and give it to Brooke and Nick to raise and gracefully bow out of the marriage. By that time the damage will be done to their own romance and there would be just no turning back. Looking at that child everyday would be a constant reminder to Taylor of how much Brooke loves Nick and potentially, vice versa.

Either way, it's 'can't win' time for poor Taylor. What would I like to see happen? I'd rather her conveniently fall down the steps or something and not have to have the baby 'naturally'. Then there is an excuse to try again when you KNOW the baby is someone else's. In soap world, this is the only realistic option for a writer to sell it to fans. I'd like Nick and Taylor to stay together but not with the cloud of Brooke's DNA staring them right in the face everyday.

Brooke could have avoided all of this a long time ago by agreeing to have a baby with Nick while they were together. Had they focused on that, Brooke MAY have been strong enough to tell Ridge to stop throwing himself all over her, and then the fateful night on the Marlin with Malibu Whiner would never had happened. But that's in the past now and the writers are in quite a pickle now. Brooke even admitted as much a few times this week which I have to say I was glad to hear. At least her dialogue is more grounded than normal. I appreciate her newfound need to be honest with Nick and herself but doesn't she see it's too little too late? Even Nick admitted they both had a hand in their marriage falling apart and he wants her to move on. He is really trying to stick to his guns and do the right thing but I have to wonder a little if he may be rushing this marriage and jaunt into fatherhood for more than just the love of Taylor.

I have referenced this before that all this mad rush to get pregnant may have more to do with staving off Brooke than to really cement his life with Taylor. I believe he loves Taylor a lot but he almost looks scared in every scene with Brooke now. He didn't look that way around Bridget (that's a whole other story which I'll get into in a minute). What scares him? Does he still love Brooke THAT much? Or does he not love Taylor enough? I don't know. It's very confusing now and it all makes my brain hurt.

What was up with that wedding? How weird to have Donna and Storm there? Would Brooke be a little mad about that? Oh yeah, that's right...she has no contact with them! And the service, for as small as it was, was so boring and drawn out. I kept screaming at the TV "Hurry up!! The cops are coming'!! thinking that Lt Baker would show up in time to either object to their marriage or catch the bouquet. But he waited and they finally got married...in time to scream to everyone they were headed to the hospital to fill up a specimen cup! EWWWWWWW!!! TMI people! One more note about the ceremony...no more singing for Phoebe. It made my dog hide his head under his bed.

How gross and exceedingly uncomfortable was it to have Bridget standing there handing a sperm cup to Nick to produce swimmers for a child with Taylor? Could this have BEEN any weirder? 'Here are the nudies mags for some help'. GROSS!!! MAKE IT STOP! Why does Bridget have to have anything to do with this whole process anyway? She must change her medical specialty every week depending on what a character needs to have done, huh? One week we are in the ER, this next week we are helping mix up the baby gravy for Taylor and Nick. That ALONE should be enough for her to recuse herself from the process...she's too close to him, period. And hey, while I love the romance and humor in Taylor and Nick's relationship, I could have done without the scene where she comes in a 'helps' him. Geez....not necessary.

Hey...let's change the subject and talk about what a sick and miserable Momma's boy Ridge is, shall we? I cannot believe the writers are going to have him willingly go along with allowing Nick to take the rap for what Ridge did to Shane. The sad thing is that in real life, given Shane's history, Ridge likely would not have had anything happen to him if he had called the cops right away after the gun went off. He could have pleaded self-defense and that would be that. But NOOOOOO...he has to dump the body in the bay off NICK'S BOAT (what was he thinking) and now everything has spun so far out of control that he has lost any 'cajones' to do anything about it. I know...he tried but look what is happening now! I'm sure he won't tell Lt. Baker to stop accusing Nick, will he? That confirms what a pig he really is. His character stinks and this proves it. Nick would not do this. Nick may have done a lot of stupid or impetuous things since showing up on the scene but lying hasn't been one of them. Ridge is deceitful and spineless. His mother is pulling the strings again and he is just going with the flow. I hope Nick exposes him sooner than later...

Rumor has it that Brooke has something to do with that...but what? Could she give him an alibi? Will she overhear Ridge talking about what he did to Mommy or Ashley? I think she could redeem herself in the eyes of more than a few viewers if she did the right thing for a change and this could be a start. As for Ashley, I say RUN AWAY, FAR AWAY from Ridge and his nutty family!! And unless she wants to have Stephanie in bed with her and Ridge, Ashley better turn her attentions somewhere else. Even her and Rick would be easier to stomach than her and Petting Jazz Hands. Nice to see that Brooke is not the only woman stroked like a poodle...Ashley is getting her share now too! Yuck!!

How about Rick, huh? The color GREEN looks wonderful on him! HAHAHA~! That alone could be the end of Ridge and Ashley and it wouldn't be a minute too soon. After all, Rick's noble intentions of a few weeks ago not to push Phoebe into sex have gone out the window and he is on the prowl! He shouldn't be messing around with a baby like Phoebe anyway. She is not mature enough for him and he gives new meaning to the term 'around the block'.

So, this week's question is this: Who should Ashley couple up with? Ridge and Rick aren't to your liking? Someone else in mind? Do share.....

I will be writing the column on Saturday next week as Sunday is Mothers Day and I am going to be busy being adored by my family (hahahaha)! Stay tuned for my special Mother's Day B&B tribute...

The Soap Box

Louanne says: Now for the question of the week. I think the Forresters are still needed for the show. The show was based on the fashion industry and it needs the designing family but it does not need Brooke. But I think other than for fashion purposes the original cast should be sidelined and some fresh faces are needed to spice up the show. No more Brooke and Ridge and Taylor and their their love triangles. Enough is enough.

RubyD writes: 'Brooke did not leave Nick because he slept with Bridget. That was the result of her actions during her marriage to Nick and it gave her the excuse she needed to exit and run over to Ridge. Remember she was cheating on Nick emotionally, and physically(all that kissing, hugging, touching with Ridge)and was driving Nick crazy rushing off to police Ridge. She wanted a reason to bolt and she got it. What viewers see to forget that her daughter who is a vulture as she is was circling waiting for the right moment to swoop in on Nick and when it presented itself, let's remember Bridget was the one that forced the issue with Nick(not excusing him, but he made use of familiar territory that was offered to him).'

Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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