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Every soap needs someone like Brooke. Her rap sheet is longer than a football field, and it's filled with nearly unthinkable deeds, but last week, she did something that was completely unexpected.

Sorry for the hiatus everyone...the week before last I did not get a chance to watch any shows (business trip) and I felt that I couldn't be my true and twisted self without actually watching everything firsthand. But I have to say I watched a great week of shows to catch up last week and boy, so I have a LOT to say. Some of it may surprise you...

I have been calling Brooke every name in the book for so long that I am not sure how to stop. Tramp, sleaze, slut, mattress-back, Forrester family pass-around, etc. You think it, I've probably said it. I have enjoyed watching her over the years, though, as every soap needs someone like Brooke. Her rap sheet is longer than a football field filled with nearly unthinkable deeds that I won't rehash here but you all know what they are. So, given all that, I am shocked at the turn of events this last week. Is it an entirely new Brooke or a cheap and short-lived imposter?

Brooke caught Stephanie red-handed when she made her call to the murderer hiding in Paris and made her confess. I loved all those scenes last week but that one especially. There was nowhere to run and no more excuses to make for Ridge. I actually was glad to see that Brooke had the chance to finally to the right thing and for no other reason than to so what was right. She didn't care about Shane, she knows she has lost Nick to Taylor, so her only motive was to make sure a man wasn't going to pay for something that he didn't do. Wow. And for those doubters out there that think this effort was purely for Nick, think again. That argument would hold water if Nick hadn't married Taylor already. But she did the right thing and I, for one, will give her all the credit for it.

But why did she allow Stephanie to stall her until after the verdict came in? That's just cruel to do to Nick! Hmmm...let's see how bad it will get before we stop it? Whatever. I was glad Ridge finally stopped breast feeding Mommy and decided to be a grown up. No, I know he did not mean to kill Shane but the whole 'dumping his body in the bay' thing was just plain stupid. Now he will look even worse (boo hoo) and if the writers have him spend NO time on jail, that will be the biggest insult to ever viewer's intelligence. He should get extra time for not coming forward! And Christine Blair defending him? What is the show becoming, Young and the Restless Lite? Is Drucilla going to show up with amnesia and be a model for Forrester? Will John Abbott be appearing to Ashley as a ghost like he does with Jack? I digress....

Ok, so is Brooke really that bad? Can she be redeemed? She will have helped Nick escape jail and that would have to help her case just a little. Her real test, though, is coming soon to a TV screen near you. We all know it's her DNA that has created a baby within Taylor, so how does she react to that? Does she go 'old school Brooke' and use it to keep Nick or does she sit back and wait to see how Taylor feels about it first before doing something impetuous? My guess is that Taylor will have a hard time thinking this whole thing wasn't planned between Bridget and Brooke. I really don't think this baby will 'take'. I hate to be so negative but how would the writers go forward with Taylor raising a baby that is made up of Brooke and Nick's DNA? It can't happen. I'm seeing a nasty fall in my crystal ball...anyone else see it?

Here's the X factor...what does Nick do when he finds out? Will he be a pig and dump Taylor, take the baby after it's born and raise it with Brooke? Or does he just sit there with that weird 'Oh crap...what do I do now?' face and do nothing? He is truly in a no-win situation for sure. I've seen rumors that he will go back to Brooke or some such nonsense...how could he at this point? He still swears to everyone that he loves Taylor and seems like he's busting at the seams that they are having a kid. What can he REALLY do now anyway? Thank Brooke and call it a day, I guess. But if Taylor loses the baby, all bets are off.

Well, Stephanie's orange jail jumper is on the way!! I am hoping that the DA throws the book at her too for obstruction of justice. She can't get away with her part in all this!! She's crazy! She's certifiable!!! AHHHH!! GET THE NET!! Does she really believe all that talk about how Ridge shouldn't have to pay since Shane had no one who would miss him and that Nick deserved to sit in jail for all the terrible things he has done to her family? Yeah right. I have to say, though, that her dialogue was written and delivered beautifully all week. Susan Flannery is a rare gem.

Everything that drive me to drink this week: Ok, show of hands...who hated seeing Brooke and Stephanie hanging out in the cabin in their pj's? ME!! Was there no better way to frame those scenes? It was too comical for what the situation really was all about. I wanted to see cat fighting, wilds fits of violence and menace not this super unbelievable scenario of a much older woman keeping a younger woman hostage. Brooke could have taken her out in one well placed shot to the kisser and she would have been down the road.

And what's up with the quickie trial and verdict? Whatever happened to 'reasonable doubt'? Storm sucks as a trial lawyer. And why did Jackie have to testify as a witness for the state? I don't think parents are forced to testify against kids.

And while I am ranting...who thinks Phoebe is a little snit? OMG!!! Her tantrums about how everybody sees the obvious and they are evil for it were getting so old. Princess Whines-A lot needs to take a pill and realize Daddy is human and makes BIG mistakes. Maybe her curls are choking off oxygen to her brain or something but I am sick of her already and the summer hasn't even officially started yet. Constantine? Don't even pay attention to that cast-off. Just another reality show has been trying to make their 15 minutes of fame into 17 minutes.

Boy, I really like having Ashley on the show. I can't put my finger on it but she's classy and her acting is fantastic. Y&R was silly to let her go but their loss is our gain, right?

Ok, since the Inbox has been a little light in recent weeks, here's a question for everyone to 'chew on': Can Brooke be reformed into an upstanding member of society or is she doomed to be the Tramp of the Valley forever? Would you even want to see her reformed? Let me know....

A quick note...my stepson is leaving for Marine boot-camp tomorrow and I would like to wish him and all new recruits the best as it takes a lot of courage to make this commitment to our armed forces. Good luck and we'll be there with bells on for graduation in August!

Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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