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Taylor married Ridge ages ago, then she spent years looking over her shoulder, waiting for Brooke to pounce. Now Taylor has married Nick, and she will be looking over her shoulder again.

I can't believe I made it through the week...with my eyes open! Oh my goodness!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! At least the week before there was courtroom drama and the confrontation of Nick and Ridge. Stephanie was doing her thing and Brooke was acting selflessly for a change. This week? Ugh...nothing. The argument could be made that the 'Who's the Mommy' situation has taken shape but everyone already knew this was coming weeks ago. So what? Maybe all the writers were on vacation when these scenes had to be filmed. There is only a few things I can actually rag on, so here goes...

Ok, show of hands...who laughed at Bridget's exquisitely over-dramatized hysterical lab scenes? I could have laughed for hours watching her come unglued at those two poor slobs in the lab. I'm surprised the guy didn't give her the finger and tell her where to shove her accusations! What a witch!! If Bridget wasn't so busy being 'Dr. Everything To All People', this would never have a happened. And the hysterics at the Malibu Beach House? HAHAHAHAHA! Flashbacks, the sounds of your echoing conscience...etc. Whatever. You messed up, now live with it. I do think she should tell Brooke and Taylor right away if for no other reason than to watch the mushroom cloud explode! She acts like it's the end of the world as we know it. It's not...just Taylor's. And once again, she will lose in the end as she usually does when it comes to Brooke.

I've never been one for keeping score between these two women but why does it always seem like Taylor gets the short end of the stick? I know...all the Taylor hating has already started...I can hear the keystrokes now. But really...why can't Brad leave her alone to have a happy marriage with Nick? Taylor marries Ridge a thousand years ago and spends all those years looking over her shoulder waiting for Brooke to pounce. Now Taylor marries Nick and once again will be looking over her shoulder only this time her baby's 'maternity' will tied to Brooke. How disgusting. But we all know deep down that it will be a fact that is hard to ignore when the truth comes out. Nick and Brooke will feel bound to care for this child and Taylor won't be able to conceive of such a thing. She'll probably hit the bottle again and dragged through the mud some more by Brad and his Merry Band of Amateurs.

I still can't even believe this is the big plot twist we have to suffer through this summer. WHO'S THE MOMMY? I see the word in front of me on the screen and I cannot believe I am typing them. Just when you thought a soap couldn't get anymore twisted...it has. And now all this stuff about another shocking revelation that Malibu Doctor will hear...what now?? Let me guess....Brooke intentionally had her eggs implanted into Taylor, right? NO NO NO....MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!

How about we turn up the 'Tension for Taylor' meter a little and have Brooke work at Forrester on the Loose and Easy Line? Sure, why not? That won't last long once Taylor finds out the truth. I personally don't know how she will be able to carry that baby knowing it's Brooke's but that's for another paragraph. Working together? Laughable. Taylor will end of even more of a self-conscious mess than she already is. SHE will need therapy once all this nonsense plays itself out!

The rest of the week? Constantine and Phoebe singing...yuck. Rick going for take out...he better enjoy the mundane things in life before he finds out he shot Grant. Brooke being nice to Ridge...what else is new? Taylor agreeing to scramble Rick's repressed memories to help the ex-hubby get off light? Gee, that's professional. See? Just not much going on this week. Let's hope for better things this week....

Many people have written me saying they will quit watching if Nick leaves Taylor because of the baby being Brooke's. I swear I have no idea where Brad is taking this one. Maybe he is making it all up as he goes along...who knows? I do know that the outcome of this insane story will likely make or break many B&B faithful. Will I stop watching? No, why would I do that when I have been in it for 20 years? Why stop the madness now? Why spend my lunch break doing something constructive? How lame would that be? What in the world would I have to complain about? Global warming? The state of our world? HA! No, I'm stuck like many of you waiting for my daily dose of Brad's bizarre daytime un-reality.

This week's question...why did you start watching B&B in the first place? What sucked you in?

The Soap Box

Lois writes: 'Friday's show of B&B was so bo------ring as was all the episodes this week, same old same old. I agree we need to see new blood, new characters, new storylines. Thank god it's not on for an hour, 1/2 hour is even too much. WE NEED NEW WRITERS.' Amen sister!

Kristy says: 'I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks is sick the way Rick and Constantine are trying to "woo" Phoebe. Not only is she too young she isn't even mature for an 18 year old. She's whiny and just as you said a while back she's got those crazy eyes that roll around in her head instead of just looking at who she's talking to. Does that not get hugely annoying!? I also agree that we need new faces. It's kind of sad that the writers had to change Ridge's paternity just so Brooke could have someone connected to the family.

Have a great week!!!

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