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Eric still needs a little backbone, but he is generally a good dad. Thorne is a good dad, though we never get to see him. Ridge is awful, and should never been allowed to procreate.

When given a host of fabulous things to do on a hot Friday night in NC, I chose to watch the Daytime Emmys to view in all it's pageantry and audacious splendour. The red carpet, the cool and not-so-cool gowns, the beautiful people. Ah what a night! As I watched and tried catching a glimpse of some of my B&B faves, I noticed something rather interesting...almost every Emmy was won by a CBS soap or CBS soap actor. Why did the other shows even bother to show up? Even on the Best Soap Category there was a TIE of all things...BOTH CBS shows!! OMG!! Well, the good folks at Proctor & Gamble and CBS corporate were happy to hear there names mentioned more times in one night than Paris Hilton's during a daily newscast.

I was thinking of sending a crate full of Puffs to Brad as I watched him sitting there thinking that his writers or his show actually had a chance against the heavyweights Guiding Light and Y&R. I wonder what he was thinking? He was sitting next to his sister and mom like the kid who always runs second to his sibling at the Science Fair or the kid who never quite makes it to the Prom when all his buddies get to go. Oh well...Brad I have told you what you need to do to fix this show but you never listen. Maybe you should take a hard look at the cast and writers at Y&R. They have a dynamic and powerhouse cast that doesn't seem to find itself for a loss of new talent. Their show makes people WANT to be a part of their cast whereas the primetime cast-offs B&B has hired eventually run screaming to other shows so they can get actual screen time practising their craft. Y&R's writers have injected hot romance, intrigue, and socially pertinent stories without being preachy. B&B could easily be all these things and the excuse some have given that it is hard to compete due to the ˝ hour format are selling us short as an audience. I still watch through all the nutty and insulting stories in the hope that better days are coming because there have been some fantastic characters and stories along the way. It just seems now, and the Academy confirmed it, it's too few and far between.

It was very cool to see Susan Flannery and Bette White together. They spoke in the past tense though about her stint on the show! I hope they will bring her back now and them...what a great acting duo they were! But as for the first presenters of the night? UGH UGH UGH!!!!! NO!! Not the weakest set of characters!!! Phoebe, Rick, and that buffoon Constantine. I can't believe I'm going to say this but I would have rather seen Brooke, Nick and Ridge than those three. But I will say Phoebe looked better with straight hair. She should stick with that look...makes her look more sophisticated. And someone please tell me what is UP with Constantine allows looking DOWN when he speaks? Does he think he channelling a vampire or something? Look at the camera, fool!

My feel-good Emmy of the night has to be Genie Francis. Now I have to clarify that when Luke and Laura were in their heyday I was a faithful Guiding Light watcher (anybody remember Roger and Holly in the jungle? And Justin and Jackie keeping Philip's paternity a secret?). All of my friends told me I was crazy for not watching GH but I was loyal and never turned my dial at 3pm. However, when I figured out that Genie had never won an Emmy, I can honestly say I was cheering for her. I think it's nice to see people get a chance to enjoy that moment after so many years of helping to play a pivotal role in making soaps so HUGE as she did. Congrats!!!!

One question...WHO dressed Tyra Banks? Hershey's Chocolate?

As for last week, I guess I am confused. So this weirdo lab nerd will have some 'info' for Bridget? Ok, well don't we already KNOW what that is? What's the point for dragging the story along with some geek day player weighing it down? Let's get on with it already!! And while I actually liked the scenes with Rick and Taylor/Brooke, that is almost wrapping up too neatly, don't you think? Now I hear he tells the court he shot Grant and that's all there is to this? WHAT? Ridge and his Mommy get off AGAIN!!! Unbelievable! He should get hard time for hiding the body, obstructing justice and being a giant weenie!! Stephanie is an accomplice and no one is even locking her up!! WHAT??? A travesty I say, just a travesty!

Happy Father's Day to the great B&B dads (and Dad's to be)!! Eric still needs a little backbone but he is a good Dad for the most part. Thorne is a good Dad though we never get to see him now. Ridge is AWFUL and should never been allowed to procreate. will be a great Dad and no matter Who the Mommy is, he's be a rock for that child because he/she will need it!!

When I asked last week what sucked you into watching and/or continuing to watch, I was genuinely surprised at the answers. It seems that many watched due to losing 'Capitol' back in '87 and still others said they liked the Y&R tie-in. Some actually didn't have a good reason and now rarely watch it because it's so far from what it was when it started. I guess I still watch because of the characters. The acting is amazing (with one 'wooden' exception) and writing this column each week forces me to watch it differently. I know I can be rough and plenty of people take me to task that I don't like THEIR favorites all the time but I will watch it until I cannot watch it anymore. Or until I am advised by the therapist to stop.

And a Happy Father's Day to all!! I am spending the day adoring my husband who, without all that he does everyday for all of us, we could not survive without. I love you Mike! Give the 'Dad' in your life a hug!!

The Soap Box

Cinnamon writes: 'I have watched B&B since the very first episode. I still remember the episode (Katie Logan's zit inspection in the mirror!)I started watching it because I knew that it was connected to the Young and the Restless and I watched that.'

Linda from NJ says: 'Hi there, well I watched it years ago because of Ridge and Brooke as you know. I must admit that I do not run home to watch after 20 years. Mr. Bell has taken away my favorite soap of all time. The egg switch it makes me sick. I know it is a soap but OMG can the well paid people over at CBS do anything better.'

CJhines writes: 'I started watching the Bold and the Beautiful when it premiered in 1987. At that time, the story plots were much better than the junk we B&B fans watch now. There was the storyline with Kristen, Clark and Sally. Clark strung the old lady and the young ingénue along. Ridge hoped between Caroline and Brooke. The story plots were much better and I looked forward to watching each episode. This was pre TIVO, so I would set my VCR to record the soap while I was at work, and I was never disappointed. Today, I barely watch the soap--I read your column and the scoop and spoilers to see what's going on.

Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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