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Is Ashley the best woman for Ridge?
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Could Nick have been more obvious about his true feelings for Brooke? He looked like someone had just kicked his dog when Brooke announced that she was going back to Forrester Originals last week.

I have been watching Ashley for a long time on Y&R (the other soap that I have watched since my tender years) and I have always liked her character. I like Eileen Davidson the most of the actresses who have played her and even though she was a little too 'Victor-obsessed' in Genoa City, I was anxious to see how she would fare in LA far away from the 'moustache'. Then something happened this week I wasn't expecting...her mere presence seems to have a nice effect on my least favourite character in daytime.

Just when I was convinced that the Wooden One was headed straight for Brooke's well-worn bed, the writers surprise me and have him hang with Ashley at the beach house (doesn't everyone have a beach house on this show?). He seems relaxed and was actually more engaging than I believe I have ever seen him. He smiled, he laughed, and I didn't see the praying jazz hands too much either. AMAZING! No petting Ashley like a Poodle and no goofy nicknames. Just two adults having a nice dinner and nobody crying (thank God!).

This begs the question...is it Ridge that makes us not like him or is it the company he keeps? I had no problem with him when he was with Taylor, though I thought they were never quite themselves since Brooke was always sniffing a couple of paces behind them. Taylor was this seemingly virtuous and smart psychologist and he seemed very comfortable and grounded with her. As far as how he was with Caroline, if I can remember back that far...he seems to be looking to her to help settle him down and perhaps more as a conquest for him in his early days. The many spousal deaths he has dealt with were pretty harsh and I believe he loved both women in his own way. But even still, he was still 'Ridge'.

Then there were the many dark chapters he spent with ol' Back and Forth Brooke. On again, off again. It's obvious that he was obsessed with her just as much as she was/is/always with him. He spent all that chasing her and manipulating her every time she tried to break away and she did the same right back. What a train wreck! I don't believe the writers have ever meant for them to enjoy lasting happiness ever and the last several years have been more about Ridge vs. Nick than Ridge & Brooke. Paternity questions have replaced true romance as the only thing these two have left to show the world. What's my point, you ask? Simple...

Is it possible that his obnoxious and self-absorbed persona could actually be augmented by the company he has kept over the years? Could a character like Ashley be the antidote for the Wooden One? His scene with her last week was great and for the first time in, oh I don't know...FOREVER, I didn't change the channel when he was onscreen. Ashley is a stronger female character than Brooke I believe and as such maybe just the variety alone makes these two palatable. She's very different than his other conquests and she has an air about her that she can live with or without a man...very refreshing for women on this show most of whom are written to be poster children for low self-esteem. This could be the breath of fresh air we have needed on this soap for years. The last time we had a new character spice things up was when Nick came onboard (sorry...couldn't resist the sea reference). Call me crazy but I kinda like what I see so far. Of course nothing is easy with Brooke around as evidenced by the 'oh come back to me again Ridge' kiss. This woman could not even spell 'self-respect'!

Right on cue Brooke's sexual pendulum is swinging back in Ridge's direction. At least until the Who's the Mommy nonsense is brought to light, this will be an interesting challenge for Ashley. She knows their history but knows that she needs a fresh start with any man not named Victor, so let the games begin!! It's evident by her scenes with Brooke that Ashley can stand toe-to-toe with her any day of the week. Ashley is not intimidated by her and I can't wait for the first real catfight to break out. Ashley is no shrinking violet like Caroline or Taylor was...this is going to be FUN!!!!

Speaking of the baby egg switcheroo, is anyone else getting sick of the nerdy custodian or what?? He knows, he doesn't know...he thinks he knows, he's not sure. WELL???WHAT IS IT???? Enough already! Bring this to a close of drop it...I haven't read one post anywhere or any emails to me personally that even hint that this story is working. It's insulting to long-time viewers and a real bore. I'd rather watch E's latest on Paris Hilton before I want to watch another second of this garbage.

Could Nick have been anymore obvious about his true feelings for Brooke? He looked like someone just kicked his dog when Brooke announced she was going back to Forrester Originals. Just put them back together already! Brad wants it or he would not have cooked up this 'who's in the soup?' nonsense to begin with. Let Nick and Brooke have each other, bring in a new hunky man for Taylor, and call it a day. And by the way, people will be jumping out of windows if they mess with RJ's paternity on the heels of this egg switching crap. That would be too much! But we all know that's what's coming...RJ will have something life-threatening happen to him and when his blood type doesn't match Ridge, all Hell will bust loose. Nick will be bonded to Brooke more than ever and the little Marone hatchling will seal the deal.

Phoebe...grow up and get a life sister! This back and forth between Constantly Grody and Rick is a snooze, too! Rick doesn't know what he wants and the other one just need to sleaze around some other 18 year old meat. His intentions couldn't be any more obvious...'I'm gonna make you a star!' Yuck. Been there, done that. That's what all Svengali's say right before they knock up the star and get them hooked on booze or steal their money.

And while I am begrudgingly on the subject of Constantine, your email responses were absolutely unanimous in your disdain for his character. No one likes the story; no one seems to like him or his singing that much to wish he would stay around for a while. The shameless video plugs, the sleazy look and the amateur night acting are just a plain waste of video...so says the B&B faithful. Amen!

This week's question...who is the stronger female character, Brooke or Ashley? Who would you bet on in a fight? No...just kidding. Weigh in with your thoughts...

Everyone have a safe and happy Fourth of July!! Light a sparkler for me!!!

The Soap Box

Alysia writes: 'Omigod, I hate Constantine! He's like Animal from the Muppets, except Animal was cute. Every time I see him I want to run for some soap, a scrub brush and some scissors! I wish he'd get the axe like all the other sideline players on this soap have gotten!!!'

Vettte says: 'Do I like Constantine? Well, I'd like him more if they cleaned his face up and paired him with Felicia. I don't like him with Phoebe. Face it, she has the mentality of a 12 year old and whole Phoebe, Rick, Constantine thing almost seems perverted. Plus between Phoebe and Constantine that's just too much damn hair on the screen. I feel like I'm looking at Simba and Scar from the Lion King!'

Sharon B. says: 'I really do NOT like Constantine. His music is okay, at least as good as Phoebe's and Rick's (or better), or any of the other multitude of singers on that show, but his appearance is dirty and unkempt, worse than Shane was even.'

Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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