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Is Rick thirteen years old? He is acting more immature every time that he is around Constantine. What's next? A fight after school in the playground?

This must be the result of some sinister plot...the Brooke Logan Forrester Forrester Marone we saw last week must be a clone or something! Does anyone remember 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'? An otherworldly being must be inhabiting her body because the words coming out of her mouth are most definitely not her own. Well, at least not the words we have come to expect from her. She spilled everything to Taylor (too bad that will backfire) and claimed to have had an epiphany about how her life has become a 'perfect storm' of serial monogamy and bad choices effecting her kids and her entire life. I was personally glad to see that the writers did not over-do the 'abandonment angle' too much with regards to her father. I know she has been out of control as of late but it was so nice to hear some intelligent and realistic dialogue out of character for a change. Maybe Brad started to read me and decided to act quickly or suffer my literary wrath!!! Heehee....

Wow...I actually got through an entire paragraph without skewering Brooke! Amazing. Wait...let me stop typing long enough to pat myself on the back...(pat pat). Having said all that, I have to believe that all this new honesty and introspection will not serve her well in family court, though and we all know that is where all this ugliness is headed. Many will see this turn of events as payback for years of ruining people's lives but that angle doesn't make me want to watch it any more. And I find it hard to believe in the real world that any DSS officer can so easily come into a home and demand the kids be placed somewhere else for the night after what was clearly was an accident. Little Hope even admitted Nick did not teach them to light the living room on fire. If all parents that had a kid do something like this were judged with the ridiculous rules we see in this show, there would be no kids living with their parents!

Everyone will be there on separate sides of the 'Should Brooke Have Her Kids?' debate in the LA kangaroo court and really the one that ultimately will lose more than anyone will be Taylor (we all know Brooke will get the kids back eventually). I have a feeling that this entire story has been crafted as a convenient plot device to get Nick and Brooke back together. Nick will be furious that Taylor testifies against Brooke (apparently against her will?) and will go running to her as sure as I sit here. You know, I loved those two together in the beginning but to have them do this kind of thing while Taylor is pregnant is just b-a-d. It makes them even more hated and (in my mind) waters down any reunion they could have had after this baby is revealed to be Brooke's. I suppose either way it's a total mess. Brooke-Nick fans will be ecstatic (and I wish I could be), Taylor-haters will be dancing in the streets, and the Boards will be buzzing with a venomous back-and-forth not seen since the dreaded 'Furnace Boink' between Nick and Brooke.

Here's a few phrases that I know I am getting tired of hearing: 'He's irresponsible'...'We share a child together'...'You're nothing but a tramp from the Valley'...'Stephanie, you leave Brooke alone!'...'I'm totally committed'. Just thought I'd share. I've been trying to write those down for a few weeks but I kept forgetting.

OK, so we see Thorne for the first time in a thousand years and he's crying over Darla and popping some non-descript pill? Oh no...not another addiction story! Why bring him back for some sad 'pulled out from behind the Xerox machine' scraps of writing? His character deserves better and we do too as long-time viewers. This guy can act and there are so many ways to use him to spice things up...geez, wouldn't want to do that, would we??

Rick and Phoebe are STILL not doing anything for me and I dread this duet thing coming up this week. Except for seeing CJ, I'll be fast-forwarding through it. And is Rick 13 years old or something? He is acting more immature everyday when he is around Constantine. What's next? A fight after school in the playground? Come on...grow a set, act your age, or everyone goes to detention!

I'm really enjoying Ridge and Ashley (I still wonder if I'm getting a little nutty for even writing that!). The steam room would not be my favourite place to get it on but they were hot, I have to admit. To me, at least, Ridge seems very different when he is with her and thank goodness!!! Of course he slips into big fat Mommy butt-kissing jerk when he shows up after the little pyros did a number on Brooke's place. He should have taken control of the situation but as usual his ego gets in the way and he focuses on Nick's lighter instead of making sure that witch from DSS understands that Brooke is not a bad mother for walking out of the room for a few minutes and coming back to find a small inferno. It could happen to anyone but NO...he just sits there while Stephanie paints the worst possible picture for everyone. He may be able to cut the tie with Brooke but the umbilical cord between him and Mommy must be made of Kevlar because no one can break that one!!

Does anyone think Hope should be much older than she is now? If your follow the rules of SORAS (soap opera rapid aging syndrome) wouldn't she be about 10 by now? Or with the way Brad does things, 20?

I was so happy to see so many emails from my beloved readers letting me know where they are in the world reading my warped column every week. Here's a sample of how far the Scoops reaches....

New Jersey (one of my counterpoints Linda), Queensland Australia, Andrews AFB in Maryland, Conyers Georgia, Shawnee OK., Houston Texas, Anaheim CA., western NC., Clovis CA., St. Louis MO., Dallas TX., Perth Australia, Mableton GA., Malaysia, Hong Kong, Honolulu HI., Seattle WA.

A reader emailed me saying they are getting tired of the show becoming the "Jack Wagner Show'. Do you feel the same way? Has B&B focused too much time on Nick's character? Write me....

No Soapbox this week since we did Role Call. It will be back next week with answer from this week's question...

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Have a great week!!!

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