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It was nice to see Ridge pluck his big head out of his rear long enough to make amends with Ashley last week. She's a great addition to the show, and a formidable adversary for Stephanie.

I swear I think Brad read my column last week and has decided to intentionally drive me CRAZY!!! AHHHH! I very specifically laid out my wishes and he has ignored them completely! Blasphemy!!! It's an outrage! Somebody call...SOMEONE!!! Brad, honey, you got it all wrong....

When I said I wanted to see more of the most underused characters, I didn't mean for Thorne to be the emotional dishrag for Donna 'All Boobs and No Brains' Logan. This story is just going from bad to REALLY insane bad in a hurry. They are in Vegas and she is actually thinking of marrying this guy that she has know less than 12 minutes just to get back at Stephanie? It's a wonder how this poor slob hasn't gone insane before now and mowed down the entire town with a machine gun. Let's see, let me list all the heartache this man has been through.....

Caroline dumps him for Ridge, Macy dumps him a few times and dies, Brooke dumps him for Ridge (seeing a pattern anyone?), Darla get's bumped off by Taylor...who dumps him and now Donna has her hooks in him for revenge and will eventually end up being dumped by her when all is resolved with Brooke's kids. Hmmm. Thrown in a couple of one-night stands, a short-lived attempt at designing, pills and booze...yep, he's a mess. How can anyone see this as a great use of a primary character? Thorne Forrester...resident punching bag.

And NO ONE listened to me when I proclaimed that this poor man's American Idol storyline has to end! I have had maybe one email saying that someone actually liked the fact that this show is focusing so much time on Constantine and Pheebs. Now others are coming from that show? Are you kidding me??? AHHHH! Brad, you really need to watch tape of the olds show when B&B used to be about fashion. Is it just me or the end of the show 'plugs' for Constantine and his 'record label' just making the show look cheap or what? I do not tune in for that...I want to see tacky dresses and Jarrod in the front row with his over-moussed hair making people nervous until he asks his next question. One of the best stories they had that followed the formula they started with was when Thorne and Ridge faced off with their designs. I know...I always make fun of the stitch-off's but you know what? That's what the show is built on, not a singing competition. If I want to watch American Idol, I'll watch American Idol.

Now I guess I have to say that here are something that happened last week that I was actually thrilled about! I may come as a shock to many of you. I'm sorry. But I am hap-hap-happy that Ridge plucked his big head out of his rear and made amends with Ash. She is a great addition to this show and a formidable adversary for Steph to be sure. I like him better with her and I like how she is not the shrinking violet Brooke is when she is caught doing something wrong. Ashley was prepared to take her medicine like an adult and did not resort to using her body to seek forgiveness...which by the way there really wasn't much to forgive. He said it today...Rick and Pheebs were broken up for the day and Ridge was not 'officially' seeing Ashley. Case closed. Ridge has done worse (can you say 'Morgan'?).

This will be a short one this week as I am already late posting. My job takes me out of town sometimes and I couldn't work on this until tonight. I'll be back in the saddle same Bat time, same Bat station (Sunday, that is)!

One more thing before I go..........does anyone think Brooke has changed since this recent custody 'thing' has started? Is there hope for her or more of the same once everything shakes out? Let me know.....

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Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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