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Last week, Stephanie's duplicity was revealed, but the storyline fell flat because she was nowhere to be found. Stephanie should have been there to take her lumps from everyone like an adult.

I read somewhere that Susan Flannery took some time off during the taping of this last week of scenes and I wondered how that would go over with so much going on with her character and the revelation that she 'helped' Andy gain access to Brooke. Two words for Brad....BIG MISTAKE.

Is it just me or did the big reveal about Stephanie's involvement just 'thud' like a wet towel on the floor? How can you have this amazing turn of events and the potential for a major league showdown with this character that has gotten away with SO much over the years and NOT have her there for it? Ok, I'm sure she needed time off and that's not really the issue...the scenes or the story should have been stalled long enough for her to return. Think about much of a dramatic impact, for a Friday show no less, was there with Brooke reading a letter of confession from Stephanie? WHAT? Are you kidding me? It was an example of all that's wrong with the writers on this show.

Stephanie should have been there to take it like an adult and take her lumps from everyone. A letter...hmmm. I have seen a lot of cliff-hanger shows on Fridays and a lot of big shocker-type stories find their conclusion but never have I seen them end like this. Voice mails were supposed to be what caused her to write the letter and get out of town. My 10th grader could have come up with a better way to deal with this than that. Stephanie should have been written to be out of town visiting relatives or something and not in touch with anyone. I don't know...anything but this dud of an ending.

Now I'm sure that after she comes back more fallout will hit her and rightfully so. Everyone in that family should treat her as persona-non-grata and turn their backs on her. It just seems unfair to make us wait for the big bang, you know? One thing I am looking forward to is the inevitable confrontation between Brooke and could be another Emmy reel for sure.

Speaking of Brooke, for all those that may remember seeing old reruns of Gone With The Wind on cable/TV, was she channelling Scarlet O'Hara or what? The 'I'll never be a victim again' and 'I'll be a better woman due to my rape' stuff was really hard to watch without snickering a little bit. Busting up the pictures and engaging in a little primal scream therapy was justifiable I suppose but again, it kind of lost its dramatic effect without the target of all that anger being there to endure it.

I hate watching Ridge being painted as such a hero, though. It bugs me. He sexually assaulted Brooke while she was in a drugged state and yet that is somehow so easily swept under the carpet as though it never happened. In the midst of all this positive messaging about how to survive such a brutal attack and how to handle the after effects, shouldn't there have been a similar focus on women who are sexually assaulted as Brooke was by Ridge? She was not in her right mind and by the reaction she gave the next day, there was no clear consent. Isn't that akin to date rape for many women? Get the girl all juiced on pills or booze and then have your way with happens to women all the time. I am not trying to beat a dead horse but with this last attack being handled one way and the other being forgotten, I feel the writers missed a great opportunity to highlight both types of violation women can suffer. Ok...I'm off my soapbox.

Funny that Ashley wasn't in any scenes with Ridge all week. I guess she doesn't need saving like Brooke. Maybe she could call Ridge about a hand nail or something and get his attention.

So what's up with Felicia being all over the place lately? Did someone listen to me AGAIN? I love her and think her character has an enormous amount of potential to be the pseudo-head of the Forrester family. I loved her scene with Katie as well! WOW! We could be seeing the future right before our eyes with those two. Both intelligent and not looking to repeat all the bad behaviour of their family members. I like it! Now, will the plan work and these two families get along? No, not likely. The whole concept for this show centers on these families hating each other so I am not holding my breath and frankly would not want to see any truce. I like the tension between them and have always been hoping that Brooke would not always be the one to lead the charge. Katie and Donna help a lot to make a stand (although Donna has a Hell of a way of being a part of all this...ol' Hair & Boobs just keeps stepping in big piles of doo-doo) but unfortunately it looks like they won't have big brother's help much. Storm appears less and less and once again shows a missed opportunity to have him mix it up with a Forrester female (***ahem*** Felicia??). Now all we need is either Beth or Stephen to come back and IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!

Not much more to comment on this week as, well, it was Detective Oak Tree doing his thing all week and not much else. I'm looking forward to seeing Nick's facial expression when he overhears Dr. Barbie admit there could be a problem with the eggs. Poor Nick better have enjoyed his time off camera because he is about to be hit by a Mack truck with this news.

The consensus opinion based on last week's truly deep and thoughtful question was that Stephanie is the one character this show can not live without. Yes, Brooke came in second by a slim margin which proves again why these two should have been locked in battle last week. But hey, I have to agree...the day that Susan Flannery packs it in will be a sad day indeed for this show. She is a wonderful actress and portrays Stephanie so well. And no one wears a lilac pantsuit better.

This week's question: Who is your favorite male character and why?

The Soap Box

Rory writes: 'The character this show cannot do without is definitely Brooke. She's the heroine around whom men, other women's jealousy and intrigue move. I think Brooke is a key character.'

Dre says: 'So Eric thinks that Ridge and Brooke really belong together. I believe in destiny and true love, but I think that if you can't get it right after 30 years and 7 children between you maybe it is meant to be.'

Julies weighs in: 'I don't think the show could do without Stephanie. Actually, Stephanie AND Brooke. The writers have her so evil though lately. She is a great actress and no matter how they cast her, she plays the role "honestly." She's a great talent. The best talent on the show besides those two: Felicia and Ashley.'

Have a great week!!!

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