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Ashley has made it clear that she is not some shrinking violet who will sit at home waiting for Brooke's next move like other women have.

In the many years I have watched this show, I have always wondered if Brooke would ever really have another woman around that can stand toe-to-toe with her when it comes to her beloved Widgie. I was always cheering for Taylor all those years that Brooke was sniffing around her marriage to the Wooden One and Caroline...well, she was nice enough but probably too nice in the end. I patiently waited...and waited....and waited some more. And it finally happened. Brad actually made a casting move that not only gave Brooke a run for her money but I truly believe has helped the show overall. Enter Ashley Abbott.

The sister of the notorious Jack Abbott and the mousy Tracy Abbott. She's had an all-encompassing obsession with Victor Newman for more years than I can count and even stole his sperm to make sure she could have some piece of him forever. Ok, well that was a little loopy if you ask me. BUT...she also survived cancer, aborted Victor's kid, married her former brother-in-law (Brad...eww), and tried her best to help save the family business from the harpy that married her father before he died. She is stronger now than she ever has been as a character and is proving to be one smart cookie. She doesn't take any crap now and is looking to make sure she does not repeat her mistakes of the past. Now really folks, can anyone say the same about Brooke?

If you truly compare apples to oranges, to me at least, there is little to compare. I think Brooke's rap sheet is longer and certainly crazier all the way around. So now Brooke has had yet ANOTHER epiphany about she wants to spend the rest of her life with...anyone asleep yet? Ok, just checking. We are all pulled along for the same tired old trip around the 'You are my destiny and we share a child together' merry-go-round as if her recent traumatic experiences have taught her absolutely nothing. She is no more independent of men than she was before. She is deliberately using her child to drive a wedge between Ridge and Ashley (and so darn shamelessly...there are not enough words to describe!). She is going to therapy but you kinda of get the sense that she would rather go with Ridge...you know, for the extra bit of sympathy she can milk as the victim. Too harsh? Well, all it takes is actually watching how all this is written to see it as plain as day. Wake up, people...it's the same 'ol Brooke.

I love that Ashley, after sensing that Brooke is making her move, has made it clear she is not some shrinking violet that will sit at home waiting for Brooke's next move like other women have. I never got the sense that Caroline or Taylor ever aggressively staked their claim the way Ashley did last week. Ashley is not manipulating anyone into marriage and she has the guts to tell both of them she is not wasting her time playing games. Good for her!!!! Ridge has been put on notice too and for good reason. He needs to stop running every time Brooke unleashes the left-eye tear or has a vision of Andy. Stand on your own two feet, girlfriend, or you'll never really recover from the rape.

Did anyone pick up on the look on Brooke's face after Ash called her? She looked shocked that she was talked to that way. See? I don't think she is used to this kind of female standing between her and her lapdog. I have said forever that Brooke either needed to be with Nick or someone new to the show altogether for her character to be one people could really get behind. So many people have emailed me from all over the world saying they are so sick of the writers milking this Ridge-Brooke 'thing'. So let's bring on someone out of the blue...someone hot, successful and romantic. Change is good and right now, it's damn near critical.

I have read that Ridge actually does go through with the wedding to Ashley and trust me when I say, I have all kinds of good luck voodoo working in hopes that it happens. Brad has been known to leak rumors only to have all our collective hopes dashed in favour of some lame twist. The sick thing is, however, that the scrambled egg story may produce a Brooke-Nick kid that may bounce the Blonde Ping Pong Ball back to Nick. Ugh. I loved the two before as a legitimate couple but this will be an ugly mess. She will see an opening to latch herself to Nick through this child and once again stick it to Taylor. Here's my question, though....why are the writers even doing this to begin with? It's cruel to have some custody crisis happen to Taylor when none of this was her fault. She is the victim here and Nick will look like the bad guy to someone no matter what he does. If he stays with Taylor and fights for the baby, Brooke/Nick fans will hate him for not dumping Taylor. If he does dump Taylor, he'll be vilified even more by all the other viewers that hate him for being more of a man than Ridge. He can't win, but then again, he never gets to does he?

I did love one thing he said last week, though....the comment about Brooke running back to Ridge and how it's just a sick 'soap opera'. Ah, truer words were never spoken!

Speaking of my favourite sea-captain-turned-defunct-fashion-mogul...I was glad to see that he got off the Titanic before it sank. He was never cut out for all that and he really only pushed to buy the company to help Brooke. He needs to start some other company...maybe then we will find out who the mysterious Mr. Golden was! Remember him? He should surface now that Nick has sold the company...

Eric certainly has no shame, does he? Donna's privates aren't even cold yet from sleeping with his son and now he can't wait to be the next in line. This story stinks to high heaven!!!! It's truly becoming no different than his obsession with Brooke after she has her turn with Ridge. Why the writers don't have him jump in the sheets with Jackie is beyond me. If they are looking to stoke Stephanie's rage, Jackie could fit that bill easily. And the bath scenes were a hoot! I'm glad to see Jackie, as an older woman, not afraid to show some skin and whip out the claws with Donna. She's a sleaze, plain and simple and it was nice to see Jackie call her on it. Eric is as dumb as all the Forrester males...all brain power and rational thought scoots right out of them the second Logan females enter the room.

As a matter of fact, everyone's responses last week to the question of whether or not there was support for Donna and Eric were a resounding NO! He seems to be universally viewed as a letch. Donna is a slut and well, there you have it. It's not a pretty analysis but then again, neither is this storyline.

Show of hands......who thinks Rick is channelling his mother? I thought so. I couldn't believe how he was running around like a teenager chirping in Ashley's ear all week about how his mother and Ridge were going to get back together. What a jerk! He is manipulating her the way Brooke is working on Ridge and quite frankly, all that man seems to value in a relationship is sex. He has had little self-control since he hooked up with his first older woman Amber and now has the commitment attention span of a flea. Bounce from this one to that one...sound familiar? He's in such a rush to be with a woman that he is making a fool of himself. And always wanting the ones he can't have and shouldn't have. The only thing that is missing now is the ability to cry in every scene! Once he has that down, he'll be Brooke Jr. for sure!

Here's a very pointed question for the week that is a little different than most.....For all those that say I am a 'Brooke-Hater', please tell me why I should like Brooke? What am I not getting about her? How am I wrong? It's your chance to calmly and rationally tell me what you like about her character. No attacking me, my dog, my existence on the planet....just the facts, ma'am. I will post all the responses I get in next week's column.

The Soap Box

Pat writes: 'Ashley...she is not so moral herself. She stole semen and had herself impregnated by the man she always wanted and could not have for god sake!! And she had an abortion, and by the way the father of that baby was the same man she always wanted..Victor!! She had an affair with this man while he was married. She tried to break up their marriage for a long time. I did not like her on Y&R. She was always the first to run if it got tough. The only person she ever talked back to was Jack..she needs to go.' Child's play compared to you-know-who.

Anita says: 'Your countdown with B&B was right on as usual. You are a hoot and pleasure to read every week. I do like the Eric/Donna pairing only because horn-dog Eric finally has a strumpet that he likes so well, and I find it just as funny that Rick his son, is so much like him, just wanting some woman, ANY woman to sleep with. Really big on the ICK factor, the both of them.'

Kathryn writes: 'I tape BandB and have found myself fast forwarding Brookes scenes.. they are too predictable and truly boring... Both men always are patting her... (some would say stroking, but its really patting (like a dog) then she cries and goes into her usual a. Scarlet O'Hara role. b.Mother Teresa role (usually looking at a photo of her children or Ridge or Nick) c. I need a man to love me (pick one any one)...(by the way Have you ever tried to cry with just one eye??? It's hard to do.. ) Anyway, my point is she is not a bad actor but she is just going through the motions.... now if I made as much money as she does and had as easy a job... maybe I would do the same thing... but if I was her I would go directly to the writers and ask for her character to have some more meat to it.. Ashley has a strong character and I think that's great... even Donna comes across as a person I would like to know.. who has some depth... Brooke seems weak, vapid, not too bright, and very limited as an actor..It's a shame really.. I feel sorry for her.. but not in a good way... a waste ... just my comments..'

Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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