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Ridge is so blinded by the colossal ego stroke that is going on that he can't see that he is being duped yet again. Brooke changes her desires for men as often as the sun comes up.

Yep, I know a PIG when I see one and his name is Ridge Forrester. For a full two weeks I have watched scenes and listened to dialogue so infuriating out of him that I actually looked forward to a day or two without being able to watch at all. Before I left for Florida with my family I even debated on whether or not I even wanted to be in the lobby of the hotel around 1:30 pm on the off chance that they had the TV tuned to CBS. But I avoided it only to come back home to the sickening photo shoot at Brooke's Bordello. Oh was a nice break while it lasted. And Ridge? P-I-G.

I spent the majority of the last column singing Ashley's praises as a strong enough female character to give even Brooke Logan a run for her money. I still feel that way but as usual Brad has different ideas. Ashley is off in Paris holding off Rick The Boy Wonder while her fiancée is flirting and kissing all over his ex in LA. He started strong in the beginning of all this but when Brooke turns on the charm (and her libido), she rarely fails. The Dumb One has fallen for every trick in the book AGAIN and the sickest thing of all is that he is being manipulated by her use of their son. I swear I will jump off my roof the next time I have to hear 'We share a son.' NO KIDDING!! You share a child with LOTS of men, honey! It's never mattered before!

Ridge is so blinded by the colossal ego stroke going on that he can't see that he is being duped yet again. Brooke changes her 'desires' for men every time the sun comes up these days. Ridge has a great woman in Ashley (that's not sniffing around any other men) and instead of staying away from Brooke and keeping their relationship professional, he is jumping at every chance to see her when the 'cat's away.' Sick. Any thought that I had that his character may be turning a corner has left my mind as quickly as it came in. He's scum. He's less than scum. Is there less than scum? Wait...I have to think about that. Where is my 9th grade science book when I need it?

'We share a son.' Let's examine this statement, shall we? She shares a son and daughter with Eric and she never tried that hard to get back with him. She shares a daughter with dear departed Deacon and never used that to ensnare him. She kicked him to the curb. Now she has a kid with Ridge and suddenly having Daddy there is important. Hmmm...sounds like the kids are a convenient tool to pull out when all else fails in Brooke's world. Maybe she should focus on being a MOM for a minute or two and not chasing Ridge all over LA? What a novel idea???? Hope and RJ are going to be a therapist's dream come true when they hit their teen years...I hope Brooke has that cash saved somewhere!

I have said this for a thousand years now...if it was meant to be, it WOULD BE!! For 20+ years the Ridge & Brooke Show has put a wet blanket on B&B and I was hoping that Ashley would have finally broken the circle. Why does Brad keep going back to this well? How many people REALLY flood his inbox begging for these two to be reunited for a 348th time? Maybe Brad is the only one left in the TV world that likes these two together? I never have. Not in the 'glory years' as some of my readers have described them and not now.

Well, I for one don't blame Taylor at all for feeling sick at the thought that her baby is half Brooke's! If looks could kill, huh? It's bad enough the writers had Taylor unable to have one last kid of her own but then to have a 'Who's the Mommy' story on top of that? I don't even know where to start. It's just plain ridiculous. Taylor should be worried because with the 'Oh, I could love you again, too' look Brooke was giving Nick this week, anything is possible. And though I like Nick, how inappropriate a statement was it to say 'Thanks for our baby'? WHAT? Hey there Popeye, you need to remember that there would be NO baby without the woman who carried and nurtured it for however many months she was pregnant! Thank her for donating the marrow but that's all she actually DID for you. The rest was just another in a series of hospital/lab related blunders that plagues LA every sweeps season.

I keep reading all kinds of crazy spoilers claiming that Brooke backs off and says she won't vie for claim to the boy and then another one right behind it saying she does. Who knows? I need to stop reading all that nonsense. I should put in some spoilers Brooke being revealed to be Morgan in disguise with a plot to get Ridge back and kill him. I can't help myself every week. I always want to know what's coming around the corner. I think Brad plants those spoilers/rumors in order to throw everyone off and make us all watch even though it could be a big turd of a week to watch. And there have been plenty in the last month.

I love seeing Betty White and Susan Flannery work together! You really would believe they could be mother and daughter in real life. You know, I think it has been a little dull without Queenie around. And I can't wait to see how she pays for her role in Brooke's rape! Everyone will have something to say but her inevitable confrontation with Brooke could be the stuff of Emmy reels! And when she figures out that her husband is mattress dancing with 'ol Boobs & Hair Logan, well let's just say I'll have the popcorn ready for that one!!

Someone in the hair & makeup department is having fun with Eric...what's up with the messed up look? Is he the CEO of a fashion house or a freshman in college? Don't get me wrong...I like it and think that for an older male actor John McCook looks damn good! It's just funny that now that he is with Donna that he's undergoing a little makeover of sorts. I just wish it was due to ANY other female than her. Ugh...she's such a skank. I don't buy the nonsense about how she REALLY loves Eric unlike Thorne. No, she's looking to be a Forrester and if it won't work with the men, she'll go lesbian and come on to Felicia next.

I didn't get much of a response to my question a few weeks ago about why I should like Brooke's character. Maybe no one could think of anything, huh? Well, with her recent behaviour, I can't either. It's just funny that when I say anything negative about her in the least, I am barbequed up one side and down the other. When I say something nice, it's the same. I wonder if there has ever been a more polarizing character in soap history. You either love them or hate in between, ever.

Question: With the persistent rumors about Susan Flannery's contract being up next month and questions about her health, do you think this show can hold its #2 spot in the ratings WITHOUT Stephanie?

Next week will be my annual Halloween column filled with Tricks and Treats in LA. Grab your favourite mask and some candy corn and hold on!! And don't answer the door late that might be Donna looking to marry your husbands!!!

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Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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