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It's great to see Stephen Logan and Eric Forrester being given fully functioning spines to hold them up to the likes of Stephanie.

Has anyone ever noticed that soaps generally don't show much in the way of celebration during the Thanksgiving holiday? I can't remember one on B&B. Maybe because Thanksgiving is such a uniquely American holiday and more centered on football than anything else is why. The short week doesn't help, either...but nonetheless, I have crafted my annual Thanksgiving column with all the things going on now that I am eternally grateful for. Of course, given all the insulin-spiking goo following the Forrester-Logan love-fest, I may need an airplane barf-bag first.

I am thankful for the proud and newly empowered Papa's running around LA defending themselves and their brood. I mean, of course, Stephen Logan and Eric Forrester. It's a great thing to see both of them with fully functioning spines to hold them up to the likes of Stephanie. I loved the scene between the fathers and sons especially...Ridge finally showing a little independent thought and letting Dad make his own decision (even if it's so ridiculous that there are not enough words) and Storm reminding Dad that he isn't needed. That was the best scene as I never remember any interaction between these two even going back to the beginning. Stephen really hit it out of the park, though, when he reminded 'ol Lawyer Boy that while he was busy kissing Nick's cheeks his sisters were falling apart. That back and forth should have been declared a 'tie' in my book.

I am thankful for Nick sticking by Taylor and not sniffing around Brooke even though she is Jack's real mommy. He could easily have been swayed to the Dark Side by all of this but he is doing the right thing and trying to get Taylor to look past the Brooke connection and love that little boy. Will it happen? Well, the writers are not making it easy with scenes like we saw last week but I have hope that Nick's character will be spared any more trips through the mud any time soon. With Hunter Tylo's real life trauma, I am curious though as to how they will explain her inevitable absence. I heard she may 'run off with the baby' but that seems a little crazy for her character.

I am thankful for Stephanie finally getting her due!. How much does that woman have to dot to everyone before she gets what's coming to her? Now, having said all that, do I think she should be barred from the fashion show? No. For better or worse, she helped create that spectacle through her years helping to build the company. Ok, so give her a seat in the back if she wants to subject herself to being there...but we all know there will be some last minute hi-jinks to spoil everything and Stephanie will try her best to steal ALL the thunder. It's will be another in a long list of things that people will hate her for. We know she gets shot and we know who does it...but ultimately, dead or not, Stephanie's day of reckoning was coming and Brad knew it had to happen. We viewers have waited a LONG time for her character to 'get hers' and she will. If she survives and sticks around, that is what will be the most interesting thing to watch....does she bounce back through Eric's concern for her or does she slink off into the background? Maybe She can just focus on running Felicia or Thorne's life instead? Maybe she will skip a generation and start controlling RJ or Alexandria's life next?

I am thankful for DVR. I can fast forward through all of Ridge and Brooke's scenes with no commercial interruption.

I am thankful for the Logan's having a stronger presence on the show. I have been calling for this for years now knowing that if the Logan's came back, the show could easily sustain both families within the story-telling. The Forrester's still have engaging characters and the Logan's are the antithesis of them in every way. Now all this gooey 'Let our two families work together' stuff is not plausible at all yet it was interesting to see nearly everyone in the same room. I personally think the families should be warring because that is what keeps the intrigue and the spice. What fun is it if everyone is getting along all the time and high-fiving at every turn? But I am happy to see the new dynamics play out among old characters. Brad, now I KNOW you must be reading every week!

I am thankful that this last week was not all the 'Brooke & Ridge Show'. Nice to see other folks every now and again.

I am thankful that I don't have to wear the 'show-stopper' that Eric designed for Donna. I saw Christmas trees in the 70's growing up that had fewer gaudy decorations.

I am thankful that fashion shows are coming back to B&B. It's about time! Get too far away from what the show's foundation is and the viewers will go with it. I may make fun of what the fashions look like but the shows themselves always have something crazy going on behind the scenes that make them worth watching. Now show of hands....who is looking forward to 'M's first showing? Jackie wants revenge in the worst way and hopefully will be giving Forrester a run for their money.

I am thankful Ashley won't be sleeping alone too long. With little Ricky not too far behind her at the show, it's clear that she will be mattress dancing with the Boy Wonder any day now. I say "Good for her!" Why should she sit around and pine for Ridge? He's a pig, plain and simple. She can do better and I hope this doesn't make the nasty Revolving Door of Doom open up for another strong character to exit through. Maybe her and Rick could make a scorching couple, who knows? But I love watching her no matter what.

I am thankful that Bridget is not a real doctor and that Storm is not a real lawyer. Yikes....the writers need to give them new career paths and quick!! I'm also thankful I am not a character on this show that could get pregnant...with this show's track record it could be any one of a thousand different fathers at any given time! Geez, just pick a name out of a hat! And now Mom's aren't safe either!

Well, what I am most thankful for is the privilege to write this column each week to entertain a little, enrage a little, and if nothing else, give someone a little chuckle every Monday morning. I wish all of my incredible and loyal readers a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

The Soap Box

Jim says: 'What B&B needs is a thorough housecleaning! The this-close-to-incest storylines are less than appealing. I'd like to see a strong new family on the scene. The show is set in Los Angeles. Diversity in race and sexual orientation would be nice, too. I;d like to see some plots that go beyond middle-aged men and women hopping in and out of bed and behaving like teenagers.'

Lucie writes: 'I don't think it matters whether or not the character is brand new or not, but I definitely agree with you and think it's important to get a few more interests for Bridget, Felicia and Jackie. I'm tired of seeing the same men pass around the same 2-3 women and declare their everlasting love to one another over and over and over. Pair some people up and find our next few power couples.'

Terry says: 'I would love to see Dax Griffin return. I know Shane died, but maybe it could be his twin brother or look-a-like cousin, who comes back to investigate Shanes death. The new character wouldn't be down and out - he'd be really together - like Nick was when he first came around. They could say Shane and him weren't really estranged, that the new character was over in Iraq doing a tour of duty with special ops...Dax Griffin is a great actor - his scenes with Ridge only emphasized Ridge's limited acting range. Oh and Deacon is always welcome!'

Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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