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Katie was acting very weird before the shooting, and she knew where the gun was. She disappeared right around the time that Stephanie was shot, and it's the quiet ones who usually snap!

I guess the old saying is careful what you wish for, you just might get it! I have been hinting around for awhile now that B&B needed 3 main things to bring some life back to this hour...#1-Put the focus back on fashion, #2-enough already of The Brooke & Ridge Show, and #3- A good old fashioned murder mystery. After all, every soap has at least one per year to boost ratings (or boost a character right out of the show!). What I did NOT expect was how funny it would all be to watch on-screen! I'm waiting for Detective Weber to burst into the scene screaming "It was Donna...on the runway...with a candlestick!"

Ok, so we have little more than the shot of the gun itself poking out of the curtain. Stephanie looks in the direction of the gun so likely she knows who did it. Donna finds her in a pool of blood (how convenient) and is the Number 1 suspect. But, like that 'other' famous 'Who Shot...' mystery from primetime, there is a growing list of suspicious characters looking very guilty every time the camera comes in close. Of course the rumour mill has Brooke doing the deed and magically blocking it from her memory but I am thinking it could be an intentional leak to the Boards. Think about it...Katie was acting very weird and KNEW where the gun was last. She disappeared right around the time Stephanie was shot and as is sometimes the case, it's the quiet ones that usually SNAP!! Plus it is easier to have a newer and more disposable cast member be the shooter for obvious reasons.

Suspect #2 could easily be Stephen. He's hardly ever around and his dialogue with Stephanie was pretty evil. HE could be shipped off to the clink and the show would not suffer in the least. But then again...Storm is only part-time too! What about him? Maybe he's setting up Dad! See? The possibilities are endless! Sure Brooke could have done it but the writers can't have her go to jail...the show would fold. Donna? No...she found her and it's too obvious. Let's not forget Jackie acting all crazed before she flew the coup. She never told Clarke what was wrong, what she 'got done' at Forrester and she was anxious to leave before the lock-down...who knows? I personally think she stole some designs and knew she couldn't get caught with them so she bailed as soon as she could. And, my favourite guy on this show probably would have admitted he did it! Nah...strike him off the list right away!

I laughed out loud watching the crime scene being worked over so quickly...if only the cops moved that fast in real life!!! And since when does a detective have his kid working the case with him? Isn't that a conflict of interest? People were stepping all over the floors near the blood, and no one was tested for gun residue (I saw that on CSI!) how will they figure this one out? Oh yeah, that's right...Stephanie will tell everyone who did it. That's reliable! I wasn't surprised that she blurted out Donna's name so makes sense. If we say she did it and everyone knew she had motive then she's out of the picture altogether. Poor dumb Eric will take Stephanie back and the Logan-Forrester feud will continue for another 100 years. It just can't be that simple, though, can it?

I'd love for the shooter to be someone WAY out in left Pam! Or maybe Clarke? He has hated the Forresters forever and he could have had a psychotic break after being thrown out with Jackie! Pam...maybe she could harbour secret hatred for Stephanie and want her gone so she can have Eric! Or...maybe it could be Beth Logan! She flies back from wherever she is and after secretly finding out what Stephanie has been doing to her daughters, snaps and shoots her! Or Jake could be being paid to kill her by some yet-to-be-determined character from the past? Wow....I could go on all night!!

No matter who the shooter is, however, the shooting itself will do little to keep Stephanie from being, well, Stephanie. This is all meant to stoke the feud a little more and cause tension between Ridge and Brooke. Notice that today? Ridge is ready to convict the whole family! I have to say I really like how Brooke blasted him and made him see what a jerk he was being. Between this and Taylor bugging out of town and leaving Jack high and dry (forgive the pun), I see nothing but strife in their future anyway. Maybe Ridge should have hung on to Ashley.

And please tell me who gets to hang out in the operating room with a loved one during surgery? Who runs this hospital anyway? I'm surprised Eric wasn't offered a latte and a leather chair to sit and watch! And there's Bridget floating around playing doctor...I'd rather kill myself than have that woman be a part of my medical emergency! Anyway, the scene with Eric at Stephanie's beside were rather touching. They have been together forever but I still would love to see him with someone else...just not Donna.

Ok, I know...she didn't exactly deserve to be treated like yesterday's rotisserie chicken at the supermarket. Thorne and Felicia just need to grow up a little and realize Dad has to make his own mistakes. It's not like they will ever be hurting for money anyway so all that 'We all need to protect the company' nonsense was a bit insincere. He would have still sold plenty of weird looking but obviously popular dresses with or without Donna hanging on his arm like a tacky 70's Christmas ornament. I say the Forrester kids need to get a life and fast! Don't they have kids to raise or something?

Things I got a chuckle out of... Donna announcing she was hungry and wanting to snack on something during the Logan family confessional...Nick's overall surly attitude with Det. Weber...the rising platform at the end of the runway that kept Eric from escaping from Stephanie's clutches...all the Logans looking at each other as the shooter...Jake running around like he actually has some purpose for being brought back for what we still have no idea except to be the guy who 'saw' or 'heard' things regarding the who-dunnit...sitting on my couch thinking about both Susan Flannery and Patrick Duffy going through this once before on Dallas when JR was shot (thought she was not a suspect...)...wardrobe's choice in making sure Stephanie wore a white pant suit to showcase the bloody aftermath...

I have to say I am a little concerned that B&B may suffer due to the writer's strike. I read they have scripts written through January and that's not too far off. Oh well...Brad-if you need me I can be out there in a few hours from North Carolina! You don't have to pay me too much and we can share the Emmy for Best Writing ( I'm not greedy!). Call me...

Hopefully all of my readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday no matter where you are in the world. I had a full house with plenty of good old fashioned family chaos to keep us busy!

This week's question....Who would you like the shooter to be?

Kristine Cain
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