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Rick has been consistent about his obsession with Ashley, and he seems to really care about her. Hopefully, he'll keep her away from the swirling vortex of insanity that is Ridge Forrester!

Lucky for everyone involved in this Who Shot Stephanie story that Jake McClain was brought back after 15 years to rig up lighting and hammer a few nails for the Forresters. What a stroke of luck to have a video camera there to capture the image of the shooter. But I'm all turned around first when I relayed the video from the show that aired the shooting, it was clearly a female hand that had the gun. Now it looks like a men's hand with a class ring. I still say that we are being thrown a red herring of sorts. There is not even any clear consensus on the message boards either! Is it Stephen? Katie? Pam? Who would have access to the ring while it was being 'cleaned'? I'm betting it was Storm at this point. He obviously harbours A LOT of pent up angry towards Daddy-dearest and maybe he could have had a 'blackout' moment and not remembered doing it. I thought it would be Katie but now Storm looks like the one they could be setting up for this. Or maybe it's Tiny? Maybe she stood up on a chair and put on a little human glove with a ring on it and grew a thumb to hold and fire the gun? See...that is the dark and twisted place my mind goes when I'm perplexed about something. Seriously...I'm at a loss.

Poor Stephen, though, huh? Could his luck get any worse? The gun in his jacket...the ring on the finger of the shooter. I guess I just hope that this whole thing ends up in a way that actually makes sense (I know...a very outlandish concept in the world of soaps). I know Stephen won't be around for the long haul, that much is obvious. But making him the shooter would be a resolution that would fall a little flat for me. I want it to be someone shocking...someone we would never expect to be a closet nut-job.

Ok, enough about guns and fuzzy still it just me or is this relationship between Eric and Donna just getting worse? I seems that Donna actually may care about or even *gasp* him but still....I just can't get behind this one. I have read emails and email saying this pairing is creepy and sick but I think my problem is that I just don't feel anything for it. I felt like Brooke and Nick's relationship (or train-wreck, whichever sounds better) was worth watching and cheering for. I saw chemistry within the story but moreover between the actors. This? No. There is nothing electric about these two and it just reeks of an opportunistic gold-digger looking to cash in and an aging fashion mogul looking to have his ego stroked.

Why so negative, Kristine? Maybe it's because this Logan vs. Forrester feud is getting to be a little boring as of late. It's like the writers put these two together only for that reason, not because it made sense or because it would be the kind of pairing we would all make sure we never missed a minute of. I like Eric a lot, though, don't get me wrong. I just felt that Jackie would have been a better fit for him. Geez...even Ashley would have made more sense! Closer in age and a hell of a lot more class.

Speaking of Ashley...did anyone else feel the heat between her and Rick? By the way, he certainly has cleaned up well, huh? I think he looks a lot better without the long hair and the teenager on his arm! Maybe I was wrong about these two...maybe there is something there. He has been consistent in his obsession with Ashley and seems to really care about her. Now all we have to do is make sure she doesn't get sucked back into the swirling vortex of insanity that is Ridge Forrester!

I do not like what I am seeing with the Wooden One. He clearly cannot have his manhood challenged by Nick's little boy and the state-of-Texas-sized shadow of Brooke's involvement with him. He is looking for support and someone to talk to in Ashley and there couldn't be a bigger mistake she could make. Brooke cannot have any man leave her and be with someone's a law...for real...somewhere. It just can't happen. So given that inevitable truth, Ashley would be forever looking over her shoulder wondering when Brooke will deal the 'destiny card' or the 'rape card' or the 'RJ card'. See? It never ends and I hope that Ashley stays very far away from the Waffle King.

Ok, how hilarious is it that Pam is baking cookies for all of LA? I almost spit up my lunch when she walked into the police station! And how about the banter between her and Stephanie? You'd swear they were really sisters. So I hear that she's a true head-case and that she is currently off her meds. GASP!!! A crazy woman is among us!! Yikes!! This show has been littered with nuts since the beginning...what's the shock in this? Well, apparently this lends more credence to her being a suspect in her sister's shooting. No...I don't see it, either. Too obvious. But I will say that I have enjoyed watching her do her best Psycho June Cleaver!

My suggestions for everyone in LA this week...Felicia needs to pursue a career as a dominatrix as she has been dressing like one for weeks...Thorne needs to get a life and fast before someone pastes a 'Recurring' sign on his dressing room door...Nick needs to grow a set with this baby situation and tell Taylor the truth about Brooke going all loopy over the kid before he is sleeping in his car...and Brooke better watch her lectures on the evils of bottle-feeding a baby (many women do it and this line of dialogue from her character is downright insulting to those women who have done it)...Eric better not eat ANYTHING that Pam bakes if he values his life...Katie better act a little more natural or someone might think she did something illegal-like SHOOT someone!...and last but not least-will someone shut off the water to Jackie's tub shaped lectern? The bubble bath news conferences are just trashy. Get that woman a towel!!

Last week I mentioned that I wanted everyone to write me and let me know what you thought B&B's best and worst of 2007 are. In this upcoming week, tell me what you thought were the worst moments of B&B. I will give mine as well but I think I have, hands down, the best readers on this site and certainly the most entertaining to read week after week. Drop me a line and let me know...

The Soap Box

Tracy thinks: 'I personally think that Stephanie found a way to shoot herself and blame it on the Logan's. I wouldn't put anything past her and in the world of soaps, it's not that big a stretch.'

Carol says: 'The writers' strike being settled or not is not going to affect the declining ratings as the writers put soaps into the decline. Back to work or not, they, with their dumb storylines, put soaps into the decline. I absolutely will not watch any soap & I am one of those old timers who started with the radio soaps. On B&B, this redux of Bridge is stupid. They should have been paired years ago & been a stable couple or not paired; but certainly not Taylor is alive, so good-bye Brooke. IMO, HT & RM are the weaker actors & JW & KKL stronger. Writers make a big mistake when they put a weak actor with a strong actor & think that it makes a level playing field. No, it doesn't, it only drags both down. It's like my abnormal psych. prof. said, "Water seeks its own level." The strong is brought down & the weak looks a little better, but all in all the final result is mediocrity'.

Mollie wonders: 'Has anyone considered Ashley Abbot as the shooter? She was MIA ...supposedly with Rick, but no one has questioned them if they were together ALL the time. Maybe Ashley harbours resentment toward Steph because Steph pushed SO HARD for Ashley to jump on the Ridge Love Train...and poor Ashley got dumped...again! Maybe Ashley blames Steph for convincing her (Ashley) to let her guard down with Ridge. Now, granted, Ashley is "acting normal" etc...but, this is a Soap we're talking about here.'

Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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