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It's funny to watch Stephanie grovel for Eric's attention, but how long can his dalliance with Donna really last?

Now that I have DVR through my cable provider (the single most amazing invention in the universe!), I was able to re-watch the shows from the week as well as the ones I missed. I nearly fell off the couch listening to Brooke plead with Ridge about accepting Baby Jack into their lives and hinting that since it is almost Christmas, he could bring the world together like 'another little baby' did a long time ago. UGH!!!! Who is writing this?????? With this woman's history on this show, how can anyone listen to this with a straight face? Baby Jesus? I don't care what your religious affiliation (or not), that's like Paris Hilton talking with inner city youth about the joys of second hand clothes. She doesn't exactly sound too credible, does she?

Oh, there I go again...Brooke hating. Whatever...I know what I heard and couldn't believe it. Now is the overall 'sentiment' flawed? No, I guess not. In theory it would be nice to have the families getting along, though it makes for crappy soap TV. I'd even like to say that her heart is in the right place but I can't. She is still in love with Nick and not to see that you would have to have your eyes checked. This kid is bringing these two closer everyday...period. That's what all this build-up is all about. Ridge can see it and Taylor is about as paranoid as she can be. This is where we are headed and that's that.

I will put myself on record by saying that even though I miss the Brooke-Nick pairing and thought it was the most romantic coupling in years on this show, I am not happy about HOW this would be revisited. It will be tainted because of what it will do to Taylor and Ridge. All four of these characters are really being written into a corner and no matter what, someone will lose. But this covert stuff behind everybody's back is really bad. Being open about it, no matter what the outcome, garners a lot more respect than clandestine meetings at the Marlin. Hey, how cute was the scene between Nick and Jack? Loved it...

Ashley needs to have her head examined. After Ridge dumped her, how could she even give that slime the time of day much less be his sounding board? I was actually thinking that her and Rick, the Boy Wonder wouldn't be such a bad thing to watch. Now she is playing Secret Squirrel at the docks peeking in boats to catch Brooke and Nick hugging. I hate seeing one of my favourite additions to this show be relegated to this. But then again (this is where my evil twin comes in), I did like the banter between Ridge and Ash this week. She's no shrinking violet, that's for sure. She doesn't take his crap, either. I still say that those actors seem to deliver their lines more naturally than he and Brooke do. If Ridge goes running to her when things blow up with Brooke (and we know it will), I hope they just get together and stay together. Brooke and Nick? Doomed. Someone has been working over their voodoo doll too many times NOT to be cursed. The sad thing is Taylor and what will happen to her.

Think about it...if Nick and Brooke get together, who will the writers have Taylor spend time with? She'll either have the baby and be alone or she will have a psychotic break, give the baby up and leave town. That's about the only two options based on the way this story is going. What worries me is that after the personal tragedy that Hunter Tylo has suffered, she may have a tougher time than anyone thinks. I hope not...I think she is a great character and a fine actress.

So, back to the shooting...now Storm (I'm sorry...Stormie!) is getting the 'crazy eyes' and scaring poor Brooke while explaining this amazing coincidence of both father and son still wearing their high school rings. Are you kidding me? HELLO??? Every week another character has another bat flying out of the closet that makes them a suspect. Loved the handheld camera angles, the scary music, and the fake lightening to set the mood for Storm's scary monologue...but I still am not convinced he did it. I know...seems like a lock but I think Katie is acting awfully weird, too. But based on the spoilers I have read, it's a Logan nonetheless. Either one makes it easy to axe them from the cast and send them to jail. I knew it wouldn't be Brooke...we can't send her away. Besides, if it were here and she went to jail for attempted murder, who would be here to be our moral compass on this show? NOT.

Not much to say about Stephanie and Eric. It's funny to watch Stephanie grovel for his attention, though, but I wonder how long this dalliance between Donna and Eric will last. I still don't see anything romantic in their scenes together. Donna can't get out of the way of her own skankiness. I can't wait to see how the Forresters deal with her at Christmas...a lump of coal in her thong perhaps? A big steaming pile of reindeer poop with her name on it? This show has always had pretty good Christmas shows, though...I'm sure Donna won't be allowed to ruin it.

*****Now, last week there was a snafu of sorts in the column posting so I will open up my Inbox for everyone to email me THIS WEEK telling me you Best and Worst of 2007. I want to post them at the end of the year as the emails I receive from all of you are the most entertaining this time of year.

Next week I will be doing my annual Christmas column that will feature my own special rendition of 'The Christmas Song' as well as the Lump of Coal Awards. It's not as famous or well-known as the Emmys or the Oscars but they are just as important (heehee!!)! Deck those halls and hold on tight everybody!!!

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Have a great week!!!

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