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For the Week of December 24, 2007
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Part one of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Los Angeles. This week, our columnist discusses the worst that The Bold and the Beautiful had to offer in 2007.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,
Eric popping some Viagra,
He hears a shot and his ex-wife's about to go
But he finds it hard to leave his ho.

We know now that Storm is filled with hate,
He shot Stephanie to frame his Daddy,
And every Logan girl is gonna cry
When they see Stormie do his time.

And now that Stephanie is feeling well,
Donna had lots of work to do,
Ridge and the kids don't want her around
Bah humbug to you and stay away from our home!

Ho ho ho!!! I love hacking the Christmas standards! My apologies to Nat King Cole!! Now for my annual 'Lump of Coal' awards:

Bad Son Lump of Coal: Ok, so Storm did it. I have to say I didn't see that coming. I figured that the last Logan in would be the first one to go. Katie was my guess but what is so over the top about this is that all this time Storm has been hanging around, he never said much about Dad and his simmering anger towards him. Maybe a passing mention here and there but nothing that could have made us think he would try to put Dad away for a few years for murder. Yikes...Still, it's not cool to set up your father no matter how much of a schmuck he is.

Boulder of Coal for Brooke: Sorry, but this sudden obsession with being June Cleaver to Baby Jack will cost her the relationship with Ridge. No, I don't like Ridge and Brooke anyway but after everything she did to be with him and allowing Ashley to be collateral damage in the process, she needs to take quick ownership of this piece of coal. I keep hearing her talk about destiny but when she is talking to nick about the baby, she looks like she wants to plant a big wet kiss on him!

Lump of Coal for Number #1 Son: Ridge should be ashamed...his father, though dating an opportunistic skank, has made it clear that he loves Donna and wants his kids to leave them alone. Well, I agree but Ridge and those insipid Forrester kiddies are relentless and won't accept his choice. So what does Ridge do? Makes Eric feel guilty about 'Mother Dearest' cancelling Christmas. Eric gives in and has Donna tell him everything is ok. WHAT? He should tell them if they want to see him, they either come to him and Donna or she should be allowed to come with him. Period. Ridge is even a weenie with his own Dad.

Lump of Coal for Nick: Yes, though I love him dearly, the story has him really making a bad decision by having Brooke see little Jack in secret. I don't like it and I don't understand why the writers keep this sick merry-go-round going with these 4 characters. But it sucks that he is doing this to Taylor.

Lump of Coal for Whomever Is To Blame For the Writer's Strike: I don't think the powers-that-be have any idea what this strike is bound to do beyond just the obvious tragedy that these people have no income at Christmastime. They deserve a fair shake and we viewers deserve to have their talents showcased everyday. I know I am pretty brutal about the writers on this particular show but until someone hires me, I say let's give them what they deserve and get them back to work!

Next week will bring the Best of 2007...feel free to email me with your thoughts for what really worked for you this past year. What made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! And for all of my readers, I want to wish everyone no matter where you are in the world a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

Have a great week!!!

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