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Part two of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Los Angeles. This week, our columnist discusses the best that The Bold and the Beautiful had to offer in 2007.

I know...while it might appear on the surface that there may not have been much on this show in 2007 to label as 'Best', I am still an idealist at heart and feel that there were some stories that really worked. Though I have been labelled by some as too negative (who...me?), I believe that there were the rare occasions this year when I looked forward to certain characters, scenes, or funny stories that kept me from packing it in altogether. I have heard from many of you as well and feel that my list should touch on most of them, so here goes........

10: The return of the Logan Family.
Love it, love it, love it. This needed to happen. Come on people...every popular soap has its family feuds! GL had the Spaulding vs. the Lewis. ATWT has the Hughes vs. the Snyders and Y&R has the Newmans vs. the Abbotts. The Logans were off the canvas for too long and though I never expected we would see so many of them all at once this last month or so, I found it made for much more interesting viewing than the 'gotta take some No-Doze' Forresters who do little more these days than lock me into REM sleep. Brad could change that but for now, the Logans and all their dysfunctional family antics are a breath of fresh air around here.

9: The romance between Nick and Taylor.
Now, would my IDEAL be having him back with Brooke? Yes, for chemistry's sake. However, I liked how Nick and Taylor started out as a very oddball coupling and the Valentine's episode was great. They are not really compatible in my mind but their courtship was nice to watch. Replacing the Marlin was a nice touch, too. I just wish he would be more honest with her about this Brooke and baby Jack thing...that really bugs me.

8: Katie's return.
I mention this separate from the Logan's overall family return because I love the casting choice. I watched Heather Tom on Y&R for years and thought she did a great job with a tough role to play as Victor's daughter. I'd rather have to play the daughter of a cobra than Victor Newman. Her scenes with the other Logan's have been amazing, especially with Patrick Duffy who has nailed Stephen Logan. Rumour has it that someone actually used some brain cells and has her signed for the foreseeable future. Amen.

7: Aunt Looney & Tiny
I just had to list these two as some of crazier scenes I have ever watched on this show. A thong eating Doberman and the crazy sister of Queen Stephanie make for some really great TV. Though Brad has pulled his usual 'disappearing character' routine as she has been gone for the last couple of weeks, the psychotic baking and Tiny chasing Donna out of the mansion was my version of 'Must See TV'! I hope we get to see them once more before they get written out forever. And I still want to know what meds Mother was talking about and what is really going on with Pam.

6: Eric's epiphany regarding Her Highness.
This just HAD to happen. Eric should have been the lost character in the Wizard of Oz...'if I only had a spine....' He was disgusted enough with Stephanie's role in Brooke's rape that he gave her the heave-ho and it couldn't have happened in a better way. Well, not with Donna involved but nothing's perfect, right? I'm glad there was at least a little come-uppance for her as she has gotten away with so much over the years and suffered NO consequence at all.

5: Ashley Abbott coming aboard.
I'm not a huge fan of crossover between shows since most have been done so badly but having Ashley around as a foil for Brooke and her never ending obsession with Ridge has been great to watch. Ashley is smart, hopefully done with her own obsession issues, and can stand toe-to-toe with Brooke on even her worst days. But I'm sure as I type this, her days are being numbered...but let's hope not.

4: Rick coming back.
Let me first say that I'm glad his hair is shorter and he looks more like a fashion executive than a Seattle-grunge reject. He's a great character that Brad never puts enough of a spotlight on. As the youngest of Eric's kids, he could be playing a much bigger role in the company and even competing with Ridge for power. He did before but now he's just chasing Ashley around and becoming scene filler. But he's better portrayed for sure by this actor and I am hoping for him to have a bigger part to play in 2008.

3: Ridge finally seeing what we ALL see.
Yes, he wants to marry Brooke AGAIN but he finally showed some healthy trepidation for once by calling her on her behaviour in Sydney and running back to Nick. The ping-pong ball routine has made him suspicious of her and it's about time. She had to do some pretty hard convincing this time so all I can hope for is that he wakes up and gives her the boot before I'm on Social Security. He was much more appealing with Ashley and though he totally dogged her when he broke off the engagement, she is definitely the woman for him (if Taylor remains unavailable).

2: The scenes between Brooke and Bridget after the rape.
Now I really have a bone to pick with HOW the rape storyline concluded (that's next week, trust me) but I thought the scenes with Bridget helping her mom deal with the physical and emotional issues immediately following the rape were done well. It's not the first time that the daughter had to play the 'mom' role with Brooke but certainly the most poignant and believable...dare I say 'Emmy worthy'? Maybe, maybe not but I liked it. Bridget has been worthless most of the year but it was nice to see her doing something relevant for a change.

1: Ending the year with some intrigue.
I know...Storm being the shooter was kind of a cheap way out but I guess it's the only way to keep the main players around and resolve the father abandonment story with the Logan's once and for all. BUT...I said many times that this show needed some kind of murder storyline to add that 'can't wait to see who it is' element and they did. I have to admit that Brad had me guessing right until the end with the 'Who Shot Stephanie' mystery. Brad, you can send me a 'Thank You' letter anytime you want...just email me and I'll give you my address!

Nest week I will begin my long and arduous foray into the Worst that B&B had to offer in 2007 plus my predictions for 2008. I want to wish everyone in Two Scoops Nation a happy and safe New Year...throw back some bubbly for me!

Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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