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When Rick came to in the hospital and realized that Ridge had again been responsible for screwing up his life, he snapped. The switch has been flipped, and a new Rick is emerging.

What does it take to shake someone out of their shoes and transform their personality? If youíre Rick Forrester, being thrown off a four-story building did the trick. Some of you might think that the light on Rickís fuse was lit before he went over the side of the Forrester building, thanks to a wrestling move by Ridge that flung him over the railing, but not me. I think when Rick came to in the hospital and realized that Ridge had again been responsible for screwing up his life, Rick snapped. The flip has been switched now and a new Rick is emerging.

So, even though heís not paralyzed ≠ lucky for Ridge because how would he ever get over having been guilty of that one ≠ the Rick we knew before is damaged. No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more turning the other cheek. No more doing the right thing and hoping that Karma returned the favor. Think about it. Rick tried to do right by Steffy and Ridge treated him like he was the scrapping from the bottom of his shoe. Seriously, he acted like Rickís love for Steffy was unclean. True, he might have been forgiven for being an over-protective father, but Ridge had known Rick since he was born. And Ridge was in love with Rickís mother, so he knows/knew Rickís character. Still, Ridge was moved to violence to let Rick know that Steffy was off-limits.

Then there was the Ashley situation. Rick blames Ridge for that one, although I think Ashley used Rick. From Rickís point of view, Ashleyís rejection followed by Taylorís was just too much. Rick couldnít lash out at Taylor ≠ and she was really the one who deserved it because her sudden realization that sheís never gotten over Ridge smacks me as the height of selfishness ≠ so he went after Ridge.

Letís talk for a moment about the confrontation on the rooftop. Didnít Ridge learn anything about facing off with another guy he fought with Brookeís rapist up on a roof? Even in an office, Ridge should avoid confrontations. His smack down with Shane nearly landed Ridge in jail for life. Hereís what I propose for future Ridge encounters ≠ try a little diplomacy. If Nick is angry with you, challenge him to a round of golf. If Thorne blames you for something, let him take a free slap across your face. Ridge needs to turn down the testosterone levels before something horrible happens.

This new Rick is only now beginning to get his legs under him. Heís going to be something to behold because according to the scuttlebutt, Brad Bell wants to model him after Y&Rís Jack Abbott. Perhaps that casts Ridge in the Victor Newman role. If so, weíre in for fireworks.

While Ridge and Rick were center stage, the Eric and Donna love story found the happy road again. Iím relieved that common sense finally prevailed, but I donít know if Donna was wise to choose not to press charges against Pam. The old ďdonít blame me; it was a brain ailmentĒ trick was pulled out to explain Pammieís psycho behavior. If I was Donna, I think I would have had made sure the authorities were involved at some point. Iíd want documentation and the assurances that sheís being locked away until psychiatrists are sure sheís 100% better. By the by, it was great to see Betty White pop up again as Pam and Stephanieís mom.

It was also great to see Thomas back this week, although Iím wondering if itís a long-term return or just a hit and run? It would be fun to see him getting involved with Forrester, especially if Rick is going to be turning bad and taking on Ridge (see above). This whole Logan vs. Forrester thing should definitely expand to the next generation.

The back burner has a few stories simmering, like Katie and Nick, Bridget and somebody/anybody, Phoebe and Marcus... I know B&B is just 30-minutes, but they should spend a bit more time on the other characters. Itís like, why did they introduce Beth and her memory loss only to ignore the story entirely. Are the writers having multiple senior moments? Where did I put that character?

Finally, letís talk a bit about Brooke and Taylor, shall we? Itís hard to work up a good ďhateĒ for either character. In fact, maybe itís to the writersí credit that I like both women and can empathize with their stories. The one fly in the ointment for me is a big one ≠ his name is Ridge. Ridge, Ridge, Ridge... Is he really worth all this fuss? He already thinks heís Godís gift to the fashion world (and we have been neglecting the design house, havenít we?), but is it right that Brooke and Taylor are acting like a pair of poodles vying for the same bone? Ladies, youíve both had the pleasure/pain of being with the tall, dark and handsome hunk with the moral compass of a degenerate gambler. He can talk a good game about love and devotion and loyalty, but he has a track record thatís checkered to say the least. The Brooke-Taylor tug of war may seem like an inevitability to some, but I would have had more respect for Taylor had she broken up with Rick and not needed a man to define herself. Grasping for Ridge one more time seems like desperate nostalgia to me, not the love of her life.

You donít agree? Okay, so write me and letís jaw about it. Iíll see you all online. Till next time.

Allison J. Waldman
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