Is Stephanie the new Sally Spectra?
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Wasn't it great to see Stephanie share the postcard from Sally last week? There's something very comforting about the idea that Sally is still out there, vamping around and causing mischief.

Did you hear that Rick and Steffy are registered at Macy's? No, you mean you missed the countless product plugs during the week, followed by commercials for - wait for it - Macy's? Look, I understand that the soaps are in economic flux these days and we have to put up with V-8 promos, Campbell's Soup, Healthy Choice Ragu spaghetti sauce, etc. But it would have been fun if just once in the middle of Steffy gushing about how you can register online and how pretty the china patterns and linens are, Rick would have said, "I've been through this before," although maybe he and Amber never really played the wedding rituals.

If Taylor and Ridge have their way, Steffy will never make it to a wedding rehearsal, let alone the wedding. It's amazing to me how arrogant and irrational Ridge and Taylor have been about Rick. They did back-flips to get Rick not to press charges against Thomas for attempted murder, but now instead of living up to their commitment to not stand in the way of Steffy and Rick, they're plotting against them. How is that honorable behavior? They even twist things around so that Rick is to blame for Thomas's actions. What? How can the victim be responsible for the actions of an arsonist who also planted a bomb in his car? Would Ridge and Taylor think Rick was guilt-free if Thomas had been on the receiving end of that lighter fluid and car bomb? Talk about your double standards.

We're caught in the repeat mode again this week; Ridge and Taylor were setting up a computer to record Rick showing his true colors so that Steffy would dump him. It won't be a fair exchange, though, because Ridge is going to make sure that he baits Rick into blowing his top. This is just like Thorne hiring the Donna and Owen look-alike models to be caught humping a desk at Forrester so that Eric would break up with Donna. Thorne had to stack the deck in his favor, just like Ridge is going to stack the deck to make Rick look like a user and a cad. What is it about the Forresters that they just can't let a situation play out naturally? I mean, if Taylor and Ridge are so certain that Rick is using Steffy and has evil motives, couldn't they trust that Steffy would see that in time? Steffy is not dummy; she has a good head on her shoulders. Her parents should respect her enough to make her own judgment. Also, if they are right about Rick, their backing off would force Rick to either quietly marry Steffy or to break it off and run for the hills.

Fortunately, the Steffy and Rick gooey love story has not been all B&B has been dishing out this week. Wasn't it great to see Stephanie and Bucky (Clarke) share the postcard from Sally Spectra? There's something very comforting about the idea that Sally is still out there, vamping around and causing mischief. The real Sally, Darlene Conley, has been gone a few years and her presence is missed, so a shout-out now and then is sweet. Even better is the idea that Stephanie has agreed to go to work for Jackie M. and will reinvigorate the Spectra spirit, taking on Forrester at every turn. When the fashion show went well and Madame X was revealed, Eric's pride in seeing his daughter's designs be so well received, was tempered by the slap in the face that was Stephanie joining the enemy. Her nod to Honey Bear was perfection. It'll be something to see if Stephanie succeeds in knocking Eric on his drawing board!

Donna will manage to stand by her man, I'm certain, but what about Ridge and Brooke. This was the first time I can recall Ridge turning down a sexual invitation from Brooke. And she was wearing a black negligee, too! Ridge's head is so far up his butt - with Taylor keeping him company - that sex seems to be out of the questions for the cock-sure Ridge. Maybe he needs some Viagra? Watch, that'll be the next big thing. Donna will give Brooke some little blue pills for Ridge, she'll hide them in his crème brulee and the medication won't kick in till he's alone with Taylor! Before you can say Cialis, they'll be in matching tubs watching the sunset and wondering why they ever broke up!

While we're talking sex, could somebody hose down Jackie? When she was on the telephone in a conference call with Nick and Stephanie, you would have thought that Owen was inventing new yoga positions the way she was ohhing-and-ahhing. It was rather distracting, and certainly reason for Owen to be banished to a cold shower. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to see Jackie so joyful, but what about the business? Jackie M, get your head in the game, girlfriend! Stephanie will not tolerate such foolishness; just ask Donna and the Honey Bear!

Finally, I was relieved to see that Pam was out of the clink. Stephanie needs someone to talk to and why shouldn't it be her occasionally demented sister? Considering the motley crew at Jackie M's, Pam would fit right in, but Stephanie has wisely convinced her to continue at Forrester. She can be Stephanie's eyes and ears while she's working across town.

Should be an interesting few weeks to come, especially since Don Diamont will be joining the cast very soon as Bill Spencer. That's right, the Spencer family is coming back to B&B. I can't wait. So, keep reading, email me with your thoughts and check out Soap Central's daily blog by your's truly - Lathered Up. I offer daily musings on everything going on in soaps, including some of the fun happening on B&B, too!

Allison J. Waldman
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