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Can't Nick hear Jackie explaining that she's enjoying her relationship with Owen? As for the age gap, Jackie wisely noted that Nick has twenty years of age on Bridget, so what's the diff?

Thank goodness the Forrester family is in the fashion business. How else could they afford all those wedding dresses? You know that movie 27 Dresses? Bridget must have 27 wedding dresses at her disposal. Of course, for her latest nuptials with Nick (the third, but who's counting?), the former doctor turned designer whipped up the gown all by herself. I bet she could do wonders with curtains a la Scarlett O'Hara, too!

But it was a beautiful wedding. Don't you love it how the characters on The Bold and the Beautiful can roll out an elegant wedding, complete with a chapel, string quartet, formal garb, flowers, champagne and food, in just a week or so? I was at my nephew's wedding last weekend. It took him and his fiancÚ over six months to pull their affair together. Life on a soap is clearly much, much easier.

I couldn't help but notice some of the very strange pairings at the wedding, you know... Rick as Nick's best man? Really! I didn't think they even talked to one another. Doesn't Nick have a male best friend, some guy in his life that would count as a real best man? I don't know, maybe Chuck? Although it's been a while since Nick has been down by the Shady Marlin II. You known, even Ridge would have been a decent best man because he is, technically, Nick's half-brother. True, they dislike each other, but so what. When it comes to weddings, everyone seems to bury the hatchet. You know who would have been a perfect best man for Nick? Jack. He's Nick's favorite guy, but I guess he's not walking yet. Oh well.

It was also strange to see Katie as the first person to go into the bride's room to help her prepare. I mean, come on, Katie? Just a few months back, Bridget was in the same position when Katie was dying - supposedly - and she was assigned to conduct the ceremony. This week's scene felt so reminiscent and after Katie had been shacking up with Nick for months and months, was she really the right person to check in with Bridget before her wedding? Of course, Brooke eventually showed up to do the mother of the bride thing. Again, how familiar. She had another piece of jewelry for Bridget. Last time it was pearls, this time jade. Leave it to Bridget, she's building up quite a collection of fine stones! Thanks, Mom. Note to Brooke: save something for Hope!

Speaking of the kids, where were they? R.J., Hope and Jack were nowhere to be seen and not even mentioned. Odd. It was nice to see the reappearance of Stephen and Beth, and they even reminded the viewers that Beth's memory problems have not gone away. Of course, when and if they follow up with that storyline is questionable at this point. Just like the Bill Spencer sighting at the wedding. What was he doing there anyway? Since his failed attempt to take over Forrester, Junior has been on the back burner. Has he even been introduced to Ridge yet? I don't recall.

The biggest sub-plot at the wedding, though, was Owen vs. Nick. I have to say that I'm really confused about Nick's attitude. If he's worried about Jackie's money being ripped off by Owen, why not just convince Jackie to get a pre-nup. If Owen is sincerely in love with Jackie, he'll sign it. That would sort of end of discussion, right? Instead we have Nick and Jackie going round and round with these arguments about Owen taking advantage of Jackie. Why is Nick so dense? Can't he hear Jackie explaining to him that she's enjoying her relationship with Owen and doesn't want to be alone anymore? Why is that so hard to understand? As for the age gap, Jackie wisely noted that Nick has 20 years of age on Bridget, so what's the diff? I find Nick's penchant for violence against Owen quite offensive. Since when does Nick get his way by pushing guys around? He's threatened to kill Owen, which if you don't mind my saying, is very much over the top behavior. Maybe Owen should get a restraining order against Nick?

The week also included a major, major story development for Brooke and Ridge and Taylor. Dr. Hayes finally got her wish, sex with Ridge. Ridge - or maybe we should call him miracle-stud since he was able to make love while on anti-anxiety medication - was so guilt-ridden about what he did that he nearly told Brooke. What a treat for Brooke, hmm? Just a week separated and Ridge has fallen right into the Stephanie-Taylor trap. By the way, isn't it just tad disgusting that Stephanie is so involved in Ridge's sex life? Did she really have to monitor the entire night at Taylor's with phone calls and encouraging remarks like, "go for it." Yeech! That's your son, Stephanie. Get out of his shorts!

At least Taylor was justifiably embarrassed to learn that Ridge was completely zonked out when they were doing the deed. How funny that she couldn't tell the difference! Maybe Ridge normally lays there like a lox and lets the lady do all the work? Ha-ha, what a sight that would be! It's probably more likely that Taylor's been so horny that any male companionship in the sack would seem exciting. How long has it been since the raven-headed shrink has had a fling? Rick? I think so. Hey, you know, a lady has her needs, so even a doped-up Ridge must have felt okay from where she was laying!

By the way, do you think that Ridge could check in with Forrester Creations once in a while? He's been on this journey of self-pity and self-absorption for weeks now, while Eric's company is going down the drain. The Price Is Right was not the answer, just a distraction. And the crocheted bikini was a joke. Perhaps Pam is not the answer for the problems with the family business, you know what I mean? If Ridge would get his head - and his ass - back to work, perhaps design a few dresses and put his nose to the grindstone (and out of Steffy's life), the business would bounce back. Eric was so depressed about work that he turned away Donna and the honey bear. At last, Eric was thinking with his big head instead of the little one.

It would be nice if Stephanie started to pay more attention all her children, not just Ridge. Poor Thorne and Felicia, they're both miserable. If I were either of them, I'd be bitching like Tommy Smothers -- "Mom always liked you best!" Ridge is clearly Steph's favorite and she doesn't even pretend it's not true. Not good parenting, Steph. Share the wealth and give Felicia and Thorne some tender loving care. They need you a lot more than Ridge these days because Taylor and Brooke will rush in to fill the void when you're not available 24/7.

That covers it for now, but please email me with your thoughts and check out Soap Central every day for news and recaps and all kinds of good soap stuff. Till next time, keep watching B&B so we can share the fun together!

Allison J. Waldman
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