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For the Week of August 17, 2009
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I don't care whose bed Ridge bounces to next. I really don't. I am terribly bored with that overdone love triangle.

But Bill Spencer and Katie Logan sizzle. Now there is a love story I can get excited about.

Being a Y&R fan, people keep asking me, "Don't you still see them as Brad Carlton and Victoria Newman?" And the answer is no, I don't. Don Diamont and Heather Tom are such phenomenal actors that they have immersed themselves in their new characters and taken me along with them.

When Bill first hit town, it appeared he was going to be the foil for the Eric/Donna relationship. Mind you that wouldn't have troubled me, I have never really warmed up to Donna, and I can't even put my finger on why.

But whoever decided Bill was better suited for Katie nailed it. Katie Logan and Bill Spencer have phenomenal chemistry together and watching them interact is highly entertaining.

Bill's evil scheme to bribe the judges was thwarted by his growing feelings for Katy, so it appears that Katie has penetrated Bill's hard candy shell and has found his gooey center. But I doubt that he will turn into a marshmallow. He's a player and a tough businessman, so I predict Katie will have to keep her eye on him at all times to keep him from doing something else underhanded and horrible.

But that's good TV. On the other hand, the tired old triangle between Brooke, Taylor and Ridge makes me drowsy. If you could watch me while I watch B&B, I could be a drinking game. You could do a shot every time I rolled my eyes at the TV when those three twits are one and trust me, you'd be hammered pretty quick.

I am a little disappointed that Whip Jones has taken a shine to Jackie because I was hoping he would help Brooke break out of her Ridge addiction. But the two of them have only had one scene together. Whip is now pursuing Jackie with all he's got. Odd, because the day he came to town we were led to believe Whip had been carrying a torch for Brooke all these years... To quote an old song by Dan Fogelberg, "Changing horses in the middle of the stream, gets you wet and sometimes cold."

Jackie and Owen have only been married for a brief time, and frankly I'm not all that invested in them as a couple. I don't care if Whip breaks them up because they don't mean anything to me. But I would have been really happy to see Whip snag Brooke away from Ridge.

Too bad Ashley Abbott went back to L.A. she was getting on quite nicely with Ridge while she was in L.A. and now that she's moved back to Genoa City she's on the verge of a mental breakdown. She should have stayed put.

Here's a couple in the making I am kind of rooting for, Aunt Pam and Clarke. She is throwing herself at him with all she's got and he's not paying attention. I hope he does eventually, because she's insane and he's funny and a date between the two of them would be hilarious.

In the big fashion challenge between Jackie M's sizzling Indulge line, and Forrester's dazzling Royalty line, the judges actually chose Forrester after Bill called off his fix on the event.

The celebrity judges were a hoot, especially Jim J. Bullock. While Alan Thicke and Melissa Rivers were trying to figure out what Bill was up to, he chimed in with "Well who cares Missy, just try the caviar!" Ha! Funny scenes.

One part of B&B that I always enjoy are the fashion shows. They are always a lot of fun. I have never worn a designer gown in my life, even my wedding gown came from J.C. Penney, so I like living vicariously through the models on the runway and imagining how wonderful it would be to wear such elegant things.

I wonder whose designs those actually are. Maybe if I watched the credits they would tell me, but alas, I am cursed with a short attention span.

When I saw Stephanie's pal Dottie this week played by the lovely Morgan Fairchild, the only thing I could think of was Jon Lovitz. Is anyone else old enough to know what I am talking about?

One of my favorite scenes this week was when Bill arranged an impromptu dinner for Katie in his office. When his assistant walked in and Bill causally dismissed her, Katie schooled him in the idea that perhaps he should be nice to his assistant and interested in her life since she spends eight hours a day making his life work. Man, I wish someone would have that talk with my boss.

I was also happy to see Jarrett grow a pair and out his boss to Katie. Jarrett is the conscience of Spencer publications and when it got right down to the wire, Jarrett did the right thing, even though it could have cost him his job. Although, after his loyalty to Katie and the Forrester family I am certain he wouldn't end up on the unemployment line. But, Bill still in the glow of his soft moment forgave Jarrett and didn't fire him.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Owen dress up like a horse and let Jackie ride him? Will Steffy stop obsessing over her parents and get back on the dating train? Will Ridge's big decision be to get his own place and become celibate? Will we ever se R.J., Hope and Jack again? Will Whip make excuses to visit Jackie's apartment like pretending he's baking cookies and needs to borrow sugar? Will Rick punch Thomas in the hallways of Forrester just because?

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