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How demented are the children of Ridge and Taylor? Thomas tried to blow up Rick's car and burn down his home, and now Steffy is using sex to destroy Katie's marriage to Bill!

Did you feel the wind of change blowing through The Bold and the Beautiful this week? I did, and what a refreshing blast of change! The hint of romance with two characters in desperate need of acting, a good girl getting a remake, and a damaged soul finding a new life... and that doesn't even mention the blatant product plug for Macy's! But at least it was all for a good cause, the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Well, let's start with the romance, shall we? I was wondering how long they were going to ignore the potential of Whip Jones as a romantic lead on this show, weren't you? Why bring an actor as good as Rick Hearst on the show only to have him playing second fiddle to the Owen-Jackie marital mish-mash? So it was adorable this week when the Whipster caught the eye of Taylor and vice-versa. Hooray! Two attractive, interesting characters who are not in love or pining for some other unavailable partner. I loved it when Whip told Taylor that Ridge wasn't good enough for her.

If Taylor can't see the potential of a hot romance with Whip than I have concerns about her sanity. Okay, Carl was a ridiculous notion - and played for laughs - but that's the possibilities out there. Whip is so far above that and Taylor needs to have some real male attention in her life from a guy who can deliver the goods. In other words, he's looking for a relationship and a love story. Taylor would be nuts not to give him a try.

Speaking of Taylor's love life, it was nice to see Rick reappear for a change. I don't know if I buy that he's been doing nothing but working and volunteering and remaking himself. While Steffy's been tooting around acting like a royal princess of PR, he's got his nose to the grindstone and nothing to show for months of celibacy? I'd like to find out that Rick has been keeping a secret or two, like a girl we haven't met yet. Wouldn't it be cool to discover that he's volunteering because there's some gorgeous girl working there? That's our Rick's style.

Steffy, on the other hand, really showed her true colors when Katie called her out, didn't she? I was thrilled when she admitted to Thomas that she wanted to take something away from Katie to get even! What a little spoiled Forrester brat! And, really, how demented are the children of Ridge and Taylor? Thomas tried to blow up Rick's car and burn down his home and now Steffy is using sex to destroy Katie's marriage to Bill! What kind of people think like that and then justify their actions?

I'm waiting for the other shoes to drop in this Steffy-Katie-Bill situation, and there will be a whole shower of shoes! Ridge is going to hear about his lovely little Steffy acting like a cheap slut, throwing herself at Bill. And why was his daughter willing to have sex with a man she supposedly detests? For Forrester! Gosh, what a proud Papa Ridge must be. Doesn't every Dad want a child willing to debase herself for the family dress business? Seriously, is Ridge going to be proud of Steffy's attempt to even the score?

It was great to see Katie dissect the situation so brilliantly, wasn't it? She saw right through Steffy's actions and called it for what it was. Steffy feigned the innocent kid with a crush on her boss, but her actions were as menacing at Thomas planting a bomb in Rick's car. For whatever reason, Steffy thought she was entitled to try to destroy Katie's marriage on the eve of her wedding. That's a cold, cold heart to contemplate that kind of nastiness.

And why did she do it? Because of the Forrester pride and sense of entitlement. That comes right from Ridge, but lately he's not even the worst offender. Eric's actions have been ridiculous. If the man cannot work for Spencer, he should retire. Nobody forced Eric to sign the contracts that saved Forrester from bankruptcy. I really don't have a lot of sympathy for such blessed people. I mean, really, what is Eric doing but acting like a spoiled old man. He won't go to the office. He won't fulfill his contract. He doesn't want Donna to do The Catwalk. Eric is clearly the center of his own universe and he's not thinking of anyone but himself.

Well, at least things are happier across town at Jackie M. Those people actually enjoy their workplace. I suspect they'll have a much happier Christmas party, don't you? They even have a Saint Nick. Yes, yes, I was very impressed with the way Nick handled Agnes/Sandy. He's being a good guy and I appreciate that. Right now, Sandy seems to have a reason for keeping quiet about her history. It doesn't take a genius to realize that she's been damaged. I just hope that Bridget and Nick don't get hurt in the process of helping Sandy.

Here at Soap Central, we're always grateful for your input. Here's one for the past week. Everyone must be busy holiday shopping... we need more letters, so get writing, friend!

• That was the best column you have ever written. I totally agree with you on all accounts. You gave everyone props and I don't remember you ever doing this so thank you even though some of the characters may not have deserved it. I just hope Bradley Bell writes good storylines in the future and doesn't start recycling the same ole same ole again. Congrats to him for finally garnering his first daytime Emmy for best soap. Thank you for a great column and all I can say is I hope you keep them coming. -- Judy P.

Well, thanks again - and happy holidays to everyone! Remember, we're here for you when it comes to the soaps. Come by daily at Soap Central for all the latest soap news and hot topics. Till next time, your friend...

Allison J. Waldman
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