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Kissing Steffy by the pool to get her to cough up the incriminating video of Bridget and Owen may have seemed like a clever ruse, but it's really right out of Archie comics, and Oliver was pure Jughead with his antics.

If you want to be taken seriously as a top-level business shark, you really shouldn't spend the week hanging around in a bikini. Apparently, Steffy Forrester missed that lecture at Harvard Business School because she never attended a class. So, for most of the week, the Logan-ator -- a variation on the Terminator -- was marching around in a bikini attempting to seduce a mop-headed deejay who doesn't know how to keep his cell phone in his pants!

No, I'm not really down on Oliver, although I do think he's far from being the smart guy he thinks he is. Kissing Steffy by the pool to get her to cough up the incriminating video of Bridget and Owen may have seemed a clever ruse, but it's really right out of Archie comics. That would cast Steffy as Veronica and Hope as Betty. Unfortunately, instead of being Archie, Oliver was pure Jughead with his antics.

I have to be honest, this whole explosion of youth and teen angst is a bit much for me. These young-uns are just too dumb. By comparison, Steffy's relationship with Rick was downright mature. Steffy's operating in pure bitch mode now and it's hard to feel anything for her but enmity. She's become a one-trick-pony. Even when Oliver got her to talk about Phoebe and the hurt Steffy's feeling ever since losing her twin, I wasn't moved. Steffy's selfishness trumps all her hurt feelings. I mean, think about it, why is she so intent on hurting Hope? Is she so insecure that she has to swipe Hope's possible boyfriend?

I don't really understand Steffy's thinking. If she had managed to get the video of Bridget and Owen, how was that going to drive Brooke out of Forrester? It would hurt Bridget, possibly destroy her marriage, and Brooke would feel sorry for Bridget. How does that make Brooke so upset that she leaves Forrester? Do you see it?

The young love story of Hope and Oliver will succeed, despite Seffy, but in the meantime, the adults are parked on the sidelines while this nonsense is hogging the screen. All the bod shots of Steffy are distracting, and I keep wondering -- what is going on with the company? Is anybody actually designing dresses and selling them? And the deal to get Bill out of the company was contingent on an awful lot of money changing hands. Has it? Or are we just supposed to forget about all that corporate frippery until Bill and Katie return to the scene?

Nick and Bridget returned to the Jackie M scene this past week. If I'm ever ready to risk my meager bank account in a game of high stakes poker, I want to go up against Bridget and Owen. Neither have a poker face. Have you ever seen such guilty-looking characters? They were barely in the room together for five minutes before the eyes started to roll and they were sweating like the office was situated on the equator!

Bridget must have really loved hearing from Owen that he only made love to her out of sympathy. Ouch! Even if that was supposed to make her feel better, it's a stab in the heart. And could they have chosen a worse place to discuss that they shouldn't be discussing the one-night-of-pity-lovemaking? Seriously, why not just use the old microphone in Sally's office to broadcast it to the entire building?

Nick's no dummy. He knows something is amiss and, considering how self-righteous Bridget has been about her being the good one, when he finds out the truth, I think it might be good for their marriage. Okay, she made a mistake. Nick's made mistakes. Accept and move on. Maybe they should consider therapy, only not with Taylor. Taylor's forgotten that Jack is her son, so she may not be the right person for counseling. Fortunately, Bridget has virtually adopted Jack, which should be enough if what she really wants is to raise a child.

What's the deal with Aggie and Nick and Bridget now that the baby is lost? There should have been some kind of financial settlement for Aggie, right? But when Bridget fired her from Jackie M, she was cold as ice. It was like, "You lost my baby, now get out." Bridget didn't even discuss what she was going to do with Nick. It was really raw. Bridget didn't even offer her a severance package, you know, two weeks salary and six months of health insurance coverage?

But Bridget may pay for being so curt. That damn video that Oliver made could come back to bite Bridget right in the butt. What reason does Aggie have not to show it to Nick?

Finally, Taylor and Whip got going with their romance. It's about time. I'm thrilled to see two adults get together, two people who are good for each other. Of course, they are on opposite sides of the business world now. Will that get in the way?

Back to the kiddies, was it really necessary to have a school dance at Forrester? It was rather bizarre, especially the way they staged it. The lights were bright as can be, the music was on mute, unknown extras were pretending to dance. And Brooke was acting like the world's most annoying parental unit. And where were the other adults? Nobody from Forrester was there, not even Ridge. By the way, has R.J. been sent to military school? Where is Hope's younger brother?

Of course, we really don't want to see R.J. all grown up now, do we? After all, there's no storyline for Rick or Thomas or Marcus or Thorne. All these men and nothing to do, what could R.J. add to the scene? I think it's time for Brad Bell to get some balance to the show.

Okay, that's all for this week. Except we here at Soap Central, have received some wonderful notes from the readers. Take a look:

• Right on the money, Allison. I do take issue with the following, however. "You stated Oh, by the way, did you notice that when the Forresters were celebrating in the office, Stephanie showed not one aftereffect from the stroke. Wouldn't life be great if medical problems like stroke damage just disappeared when the writers decide to forget what they wrote?" For the record, my husband had a stroke at age 57. He was still having the stroke when he got to the ER. They gave him the TPA (clot buster) shot. If you get this shot within 3 hours of a stroke or 6 hours of a heart attack, you will not have after effects. Pure and simple. Medicine has advanced to that stage. Not to say you won't ever have another heart attack, or heart problems. His only after effects were double vision for 6 weeks. He woke up one morning and could see as usual again. That was it. Not trying to fault find you on your medical knowledge, or lack of, regarding strokes, just letting you know what is out there available to stroke victims. My husband is living proof. Another thing that really, really bugs me; who are these Forresters? Stephanie was married to Eric Forrester. I buy that one. Taylor was married to Ridge Marone (alias Forrester) and Nick Marone, makes her a Marone, not a Forrester. Steffy and Thomas therefore are Marones, not biological Forresters. The Forresters are Thorne, KRISTEN (the one no writer wants to admit to), Felicia, Rick, Bridget, and the children of these above named. RJ is a Marone. Hope is a Sharp, alias Logan. I know I am ranting but I get really irked at these writers. Keep up the good work. -- Bev M.

• You know, I don't understand how folk can trash Brooke but not Taylor. Taylor slept with Brooke's father and Brooke's son. She also slept with Ridge and Thorne (after realizing she killed his wife) and Nick. Not to mention she had sex with James while married to Ridge AND married the Prince (while married to Ridge). So how is that okay for her, but not for Brooke? Further, since when are theft, blackmail, extortion and basically prostitution acceptable business practices? Where are all those high-upstanding morals Taylor is always talking about? Did she forget to pass those along to Steffy? BTW, Brooke did not sleep with Nick after he married Bridget. She started up with Deacon after being browbeaten by Stephanie to be willing to "Do ANYTHING to save her daughter Bridget." Was sleeping with Deacon as bad as running him down or beating him up or shooting him like Eric, Ridge and Thorne did? -- MKH

One last word, I would like to share something very serious and personal. I have cancer, and I've been fighting a reoccurrence for over two years now. Unlike a TV character, however, I live in the real world where health coverage is a constant struggle. I have created a cause called the "Nothing's Impossible" project. I would like to ask you now to please click over to and read about it. If you can, I'd appreciate any help you can give me.

Allison J. Waldman
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