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Bridget's infidelity is going to destroy not just her marriage with Nick, but Jackie's with Owen, too. What a disaster! What were they thinking?

You know, when Bridget had her night of indiscretion with Owen -- all that crying and sorrow erupting in passion -- I didn't buy it. The idea that grief results in lust never added up to me, and now the other half of the incredible sexual healing is hitting the fan, so to speak. Bridget's infidelity is going to destroy not just her marriage with Nick, but Jackie's with Owen, too. What a disaster! What were they thinking? And don't tell me that thinking had nothing to do with it because Bridget is a thoughtful, smart character. She knows better. So write this one off to more poor writing. It's just a contrivance.

Which brings us to this week's paternity pas de deux. In what world does The Bold and Beautiful reside? I have yet to be in a hospital or a doctor's office when people just walk in and interrupt what's going on. They should have sold tickets for Bridget's visit to Dr. Caspary, and maybe offered some popcorn and soda, too. It was like a revolving door. First Owen comes strolling in, just the person Bridget wanted to see at that moment, then Jackie flies in to act as a cheering section. Where were her pom-poms and banners? Can you imagine your mother-in-law showing up at your doctor's appointment?

At least Jackie's unannounced visit is going to move the story along. It's no doubt the first of a bunch of dominoes that'll fall. Jackie is not the kind of person who will be able to keep the truth from Nick. She's not. Even to save her marriage, her loyalty to Nick will get to her. She knows that Bridget betrayed Nick and -- no matter why -- Owen betrayed her. Jackie wears her heart on her sleeve and the observant around them, like Aggie, will pick up on the alteration in attitude. Cabana Boy won't be able to hide the reality of a strained marriage either. Whip will see it, too.

The other big problem with this whole story is the reality that Bridget should not be pregnant. She has a serious history with miscarriages and should have never risked getting pregnant again. For a woman like her, a doctor, there's no way she would have been on the pill. She would have had some other birth control method because she wouldn't allow for the chance of another heartbreaking pregnancy. The fact that they wrote it this way just doesn't add up. And Owen's one time only sexual encounter is going to turn out to be the key to her finally becoming a mother? No, I don't believe it. It's the wrong idea to send. Love doesn't make Bridget a mother, but lust does?

The only good to come from this entire episode will be that if Bridget and Nick's marriage does survive, they'll be on equal footing. No more Bridget the superior lauding her morality over Nick. He'll finally be able to look her in the eye and say, "You stumbled, too." I can definitely see Aggie as a third part of the triangle in a Bridget-Nick geometric screw-up, can't you? She's already there and is very much in love with Nick. She also knows that Bridget's not the woman she pretends to be. But would Nick really go for Aggie even if Bridget breaks his heart? That'll be interesting to play out.

While the examination room doors were flying open in one part of town, the feud that never ends was still going on across town. Stephen wants revenge on Eric and Stephanie, and if you didn't know it, you would think that Donna was the only Logan mourning for Beth. All those tears and all that attention from Bill... doesn't Katie deserve his shoulder to cry on as much as Donna. Of course, Bill's just plotting for a way to grab a chunk of Forrester Creations, using Donna to get it. The character is nothing if not transparent. But then isn't Stephanie? She's still scheming to rid themselves of the Logans, which made her condolence call to Donna so comical.

Exactly what did Stephanie bring to the Logans -- although only Donna was there -- in the green casserole? Was it macaroni and cheese? Tuna surprise? Were we supposed to believe she made it with her own hands? Really? She should have brought Pam's lemon bars, although I suspect Pammy would have added some arsenic to them to wipe out the Logans in one sweet treat. Just the idea that Stephanie showed up with a casserole was ludicrous. She's a Beverly Hills doyenne. She doesn't do that kind of wholesome, old-fashioned neighborly stuff. Stephanie throws lace lifelines into the pool and walks away. That's her way of being a caring neighbor.

You'd think by now that Eric would get it, but he doesn't. The man is an idiot. Seriously, he is. There's no way in the world he would want to remarry Stephanie. His trophy wife was making him very happy and he got his company back. He even got Stephanie back as a drinking buddy. For a guy as selfish as he is -- and don't kid yourself, he's a selfish egomaniac! -- he should want the best of both women. That's Stephanie for the martinis and boardroom, Donna for the Jacuzzi and bed. And don't think for a moment that Thorne and Ridge wouldn't want the same thing for dear old Dad. Have you ever seen either of them dating a woman who wasn't model gorgeous? No. So why do they think Eric would want to shack up with Mommy Dearest again?

Not that Donna's such a prize these days. I'm not talking about the weight (which is really just the show hiding her real-life pregnancy). No, it's more that she's suddenly become so inarticulate. She's become a weepy mess who doesn't seem to know how to talk husband anymore. And if she can't speak to Eric, why has Bill become more of a confidante to her than Katie and Brooke? I wouldn't be pouring my heart out to my brothers-in-law over my sisters -- EVER!

But back to Eric for a moment... why is he so dense? It's not like he's new to Stephanie's bullying ways. Whether she was really responsible for Beth's death or not, her attitude before Beth died was horrible. She was cruel to the Logans. Eric cannot accept that because the Logans are part of his family, too. He has to be more diplomatic than he has been. And he has to have more sensitivity for his wife's feelings. If he doesn't wise up and romance Donna back into his life, he's going to lose her.

Of course, the romance on B&B has been a bit much this past week. Oliver and Hope clearly don't know about boundaries. You don't smooch on the job. It doesn't matter how wonderful Oliver's video is; refrain from kissing as you watch the computer screen -- especially with Steffy standing there. While they were wrong to be so overt, what the hell has happened to Steffy? She's such a bitch these days. You would think she hasn't won Forrester back for her family. Instead of being happy, she's a witch. Why so bitter, Stef? Maybe it's time for Mommy to recommend you visit a therapist to analyze your bizarre disposition.

That's assuming that Mommy even notices. See, I'm all for love, but Taylor and Whip in the steam room was too much for me. I had to leave the room. My glasses fogged up. Seriously, did we have to see that? I'm also really upset to see B&B wasting the talents of Rick Hearst. Give this actor something dramatic to do -- PUH-LEEZE! I know he can act Ronn Moss out to the water and that's probably a threat to Ridgey, but come on, he's an Emmy winner. Let Rick Hearst shine -- that's why you got him!

There were some great letters in the e-mailbox this week. You can read them below and feel free to write us with your thoughts at Soap Central...

• I'm appalled by Stephanie's arrogance! Eric is married to Donna whose mother is in the late stages of Alzheimer's and she has the audacity to come in during a very serious and close family moment to tell her ex-husband that his mother-in-law shouldn't live with them! And, of course, there's her spineless son Ridge just standing there! What terrible story writing! Alzheimer's patients need their family around them and the last thing they need is someone as ridiculous Stephanie demanding that her ex-husband not invite them in to his home! LUDICROUS! -- Wanda

• I respectfully disagree with your tirade against Stephanie. Stephanie was a 100 percent correct that Beth need around the clock care. A health care professional would have known not to let her go to the bathroom alone in a mansion that had an estate and MANY open doors. You can hate Stephanie for being mean and losing her temper at every turn, but she didn't let Beth wander off, her loving daughters did. Sure if you have the means to care for a mentally ill person at home, then do so (they certainly had the means) but how many days was Beth at the Forester mansion with out Donna, Brooke or Katie hiring a healthcare professional? Stop blaming Stephanie, she showed great restraint (considering her past) when Beth was blasting her. Just the opinion of a Fan of the show for over 20 years. -- Reggie W.

• I feel they have ruined the character of Stephanie. I believe there is still time to redeem her. I can't believe that is all they could come up with as far as a story line. Stephanie should know what it is like to lose a mother and she should of been there for Donna whether she dislikes her or not. What's the old saying, 'turn the other cheek?' -- Kaye

• Why destroy Nick and Bridget's relationship again so soon? Bridget does not have to follow the same path as her mother in this story. Can't someone in the Logan clan be happy? At least give something promising to that generation of the Logan family. -- Will

Thanks for reading! Till next time, see you on the soaps!

Allison J. Waldman
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