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Nick nixes nuptials; Brooke buckles to blackmail!
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What we're seeing is Steffy becoming the second Stephanie. It doesn't help matters that Taylor and Ridge don't think that Stephanie is ever wrong. They reward her negative behavior by revering her as a matriarch.

I don't know about you, but I've been a stepchild. My mother was married to a man who I wasn't overly fond of. He believed in the motto, "Do as I say, not as I do." But I have to be frank with you. As much as I didn't care for my stepfather, I could never blackmail him! You all have been telling me to be more balanced in my coverage of the Logans and the Forresters, and I'm trying -- but is it normal that Steffy should be so jealous of Brooke's relationship with Ridge that she wouldn't care about destroying her father's happiness by exposing Brooke's mistake? Put yourself in Steffy's shoes: would you have the chutzpah to blackmail Brooke (and Oliver) to get your way?

I couldn't do it. I couldn't sleep at night. Brooke has been like a second mother to Steffy, but this batch of writers has chosen to ignore all that in favor or "Steffy, the wronged child." It doesn't play. Steffy has not suffered in any way, shape, or form, has she? If there was a time when she was truly traumatized, it was during the years when her mother was presumed dead. That wasn't Brooke's fault. Yes, yes, Phoebe's death traumatized both the Logan and Forrester families. But is it right for Steffy to focus blame only on the Logans? Isn't that a cop-out? Shouldn't Mom, the shrink, recognize that Steffy has psychological problems that require therapy?

I'm trying to see it from a Forrester point of view. Truly, I am. But the Forresters have been so privileged and so fortunate, why should I believe that they've been wronged by the Logans? Let's look at the Stephen situation. Did he contrive a plan to have Pam shoot Stephanie? Yes, and he was wrong to do that. However, didn't Stephanie once "arrange" for Brooke to be raped by a stranger she met in a bar? Haven't both families been guilty of hurting each other?

Also, when Brooke knuckled under to Steffy's blackmail demands -- agreeing to leave Forrester Creations forever -- she recalled her time working there and, you have to admit, she's done a lot to make the company successful. I think Eric and Ridge and Thorne appreciate her input, but Stephanie and Steffy just won't give her credit. Stephanie said she did, but she still had her foot on Brooke's butt, pushing her off the property. She and Steffy actually thanked Brooke for leaving, as though it had been a decision Brooke made by choice.

Don't you love how gracious Stephanie and Steffy were in victory! They're never that way when they lose. Of course, what we're seeing is Steffy becoming the second Stephanie. It doesn't help matters that Taylor and Ridge don't think that Stephanie is ever wrong. They reward her negative behavior by revering her as a matriarch. Sorry, but Stephanie's done too many bad things -- like the way she shot Stephen point-blank just a couple of weeks ago. I just can't respect her. She's done too many evil things -- on purpose. Has Brooke done bad things? Yes, but usually not with willful intent.

Ridge and Brooke will survive her not working at FC. It's sad, but not that big a deal. I would love to see Brooke go out on her own and start a business that's all Brooke or all Logan. Maybe Bill should bankroll the Logan Line, with Katie, Donna, and Brooke in charge?

However, across town, what the hell is going to happen at Jackie M? Is Nick going to accept Bridget as the main designer when he just ended their marriage? Let's talk about that for a minute... I understand that Nick is devastated. I understand that he feels cuckolded by Owen. I understand that he feels betrayed by Bridget. But this was his second marriage to Bridget ... is he really going to be able to live without her? Was marriage counseling out of the question?

Nick's also really, really bitter. His lashing out at Jackie about Owen was out of line. He didn't have to hurt his mother by suggesting that Owen would be better off with Bridget now. That was just nasty and not in his character.

Regarding the young lovers, Oliver and Hope, even though Steffy's forcing Oliver to push Hope to take the scholarship in Boston, it's a smart move. Seriously. Hope is 18 years old. She needs time to grow up. College would be good for her, as would getting away from her family and familiar surroundings. Oliver's been out in the world, so he knows the value of spreading your wings and being on your own. If Oliver and Hope are "meant to be," her going away to school shouldn't matter in the long run.

On the other hand, Steffy asking Oliver for a chance with him was just gross. Come on, how desperate is Steffy for a romance with that Jonas-brother wannabe? By the way, can someone comb his hair AWAY from his face! That look is just obnoxious.

Did you also notice this past week was bare-chest time? Ridge was showing off his pecs and Owen ... well, let's just be blunt. Jackie has burned all of Owen's shirts and tees. He's all abs, all the time! It's an enjoyable look. I like a six-pack abdomen as much as the next girl, but maybe, just maybe, they should let him be dressed once in a while.

One last thought. There's been a wee bit too much estrogen on The Bold and Beautiful lately. The ladies are running too much of the action. Ridge and Eric were so intent on getting control of FC and returning the company to greatness, but so far they've done nothing. Steffy has emerged as the company power broker! Wouldn't you love to see Ridge or Eric find their "family jewels" and assert some authority? This is their company, but only Stephanie and Steffy are acting like the men of the family. Come on, guys! Stand up and be counted. Be all you can be and make Forrester a reflection of you, not the women in your lives.

There were some great letters in the e-mailbox this week. You can read them below and feel free to write us with your thoughts at Soap Central...

• I can't believe Steffy is going to get rid of Brooke this easily. At least with Bill Spencer she had to work a little for it. This thing fell right into her lap. -- RM

• Hey Allison, I think your commentary is way too one-sided. While Stephanie's getting away with shooting Stephen is very unrealistic, her shooting Stephen is very understandable. This is not the first, but the second Logan who tried to kill Stephanie, so her lack of patience with, and even violent reaction to, the second attempt on her life by another member of the Logan family is quite understandable. ...Finally, I think Steffy should tell her father about Brooke's indiscretion because as a daughter her loyalty should be with her father, and loyalty means being honest with her father and not allowing anyone to lie and cheat on him behind his back. Whether accidental or not, Ridge deserves to know the truth about what happened and if he chooses to believe that the incident was an accident and stay with Brooke, that's ultimately his choice to make. But no one has the right to conceal the truth from him and make decisions regarding his marriage for him. -- Winnie

• Hello, Allison. I really enjoy your Two Scoops and I hope that my feedback makes it to the final column! Your bias for Brooke Logan is glowing throughout your Two Scoops. While I agree that Oliver should not accuse Brooke of seducing him (because he is a total idiot and Hope really should dump him), please help me understand why Brooke deserves sympathy here? She was supposed to be chaperoning a party, which means making sure that the type of behavior she engaged in wouldn't happen at her daughter's graduation party! I cannot believe she would think her husband would want to make love at his daughter's party, which was held at his parents' house! I am also intrigued by your utter hatred of Steffy. Why do you hate her so? She has become a mini-clone of her grandmother, but the writers are shaping her into a combination of Brooke and Stephanie. It appears to be working, that's for sure! But why do you hate her? She is only being as manipulative as the women who reared her: Brooke, Stephanie and Taylor. -- Li

Answer: Hi Li - Thanks for writing. Why do I hate Steffy? Because she has no conscience! Where's her Jiminy Cricket? She's not satisfied with anything. Hope of the Future was just one part of the company, but Steffy couldn't let Hope have a piece of the action. Brooke is working with Ridge, and Steffy had to have her out. Why not be diplomatic and work together? Can't we all just work together? Steffy has no humility or kindness. She wants to steal Oliver from Hope. She used Marcus to get information about Brooke. By keeping Brooke's secret, she refused to protect her father. Even if you agree with Winnie, the other letter writer, that Steffy owes her loyalty to Ridge, shouldn't she put his feelings above her greed? She could have gone to her father and told him what she learned. Instead, she's blackmailing Oliver and Brooke. That makes her a not very nice young lady. And that's why I don't like her. "Hate" is too harsh a word! -- Allison

Thanks for reading! Till next time, see you on the soaps!

Allison J. Waldman
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