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It seems that Taylor's fears about Thomas and Brooke having an affair aren't based on blind suspicion and mistrust. Hell no, it's all about Sigmund Freud and the Oedipal complex.
So, doctor, it seems that Taylor's fears about Thomas and Brooke having an affair aren't based on blind suspicion and mistrust. Hell no, it's all about Sigmund Freud and the Oedipal complex. You see, Taylor had a heart-to-heart with Whip all about how Thomas is attracted to Brooke because she's a mother figure, because she raised Thomas when Taylor was M.I.A. As Dr. Hayes explained, it's Thomas' desire to replace his father -- Ridge -- and make Brooke his muse.

Wow! What a bunch of storyline nonsense! All of a sudden, Taylor has come up with a rationale to explain why Brooke is a danger to Thomas. How convenient. And as if to convince us more surely, we had to endure Thomas getting overwhelmed by Brooke's sweetness and kindness while on the jet to Paris. You would think with all that sugar being spouted, somebody would develop a case of diabetes.

Taylor really has me confused. On one hand, Brooke is nefarious and Thomas is a victim of his subconscious desires. On the other hand, Taylor listened to Whip confess to his underhanded, deceitful and hurtful photography backstage at the "Taboo" show, and she's completely understanding and forgiving. Really? That's all right. How can she trust Whip in the future when he showed such a lack of judgment? Is it that she just needed to forgive him because she can't stand the idea of being alone?

You know what's really ironic is that if something were to happen with Thomas and Brooke -- and I don't believe for a moment it will -- Taylor will be forced to blame it on Thomas' complex and not Brooke's predatory maneater ways. Taylor has provided a Freudian excuse for Thomas' confused feelings. How convenient!

When it came to family relations last week, I was more intrigued by Nick and Jackie. I liked that Nick still holds a grudge about Jackie's marriage to Owen. In reality, people don't just get over their feelings. But what was also apparent was that Nick truly loves his mother. Showing up in his dress whites to conduct the marriage ceremony was one of the sweetest things I've seen on B&B in a long time.

And what a relief that B&B actually acknowledged that Bridget and Logan were out of town and would not be at the renewal ceremony. If they hadn't mentioned it, I'd have been wondering why they weren't there, since they are part of Owen and Jackie's extended family. In the same way, it was also great to hear that in the Paris PR tour, Steffy will not be around because she's in Milan. Details matter, and Brad Bell paid attention to the details this past week.

Another nice touch of reality was seeing that Dayzee's is not just an instant success. Anthony's no bookkeeper, and the other workers are learning their way. So often on the soaps, new businesses or enterprises just pop up, as if there's no work involved. This is going to take some effort on everyone's part.

Is it all right for me to say that I'm bored with Amber? I really wish she had stayed on Y&R because I can't stand her antics on B&B. There's something so unseemly about the idea of her lying to Liam over and over again, especially since he's such a sap about Hope. What hope does Amber have to pass off the baby as Liam's? Aside from financial gain, there's nothing positive about this storyline. Amber has become a shallow bitch on B&B.

While this past week had some interesting developments, I'm looking forward to the weeks ahead. Something is going on with Nick, and it's going to involve Stephanie. I love those two together. I can see them doing shots at Chuck's, can't you?

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