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Where the hell is Whip? Has he noticed that his wife of less than a year has flown to Paris with her ex-husband, the man whose name she murmured in bed during sex?

Was it really such a shock that Ridge forgave Brooke...again? Oh, yes, I know you Logan-haters were hoping that Brooke's interaction with Thomas would be the straw that broke the camel's back. However, as far as Ridge is concerned, he's destined to be with Brooke, and that outweighs all her missteps, miscalculations, or mistaken boinks at her daughter's graduation party! I think you all know where I stand; I'm a Brooke and Ridge believer, so the reconciliation in Paris was très magnifique! A man just doesn't throw away a marriage to a woman he loves because his mother and ex-wife want him to. Hooray for Ridge, he stood up and asserted his desires.

Meanwhile, boo to Taylor! It was sort of pathetic to see how invested she was in Ridge becoming a single man again. Or was it merely that she despises Brooke so much that she couldn't wait to watch Ridge dump Brooke in the most romantic city in the world? Taylor's been such a "mean girl" about this entire situation. I'm surprised she hasn't shot a YouTube video and posted in online called, "I hate Brooke, and so should you!" She wants us to believe that her feelings are valid, that Brooke is a dangerous viper out to destroy Thomas. But that idea is completely out of whack. Thomas was the aggressor, not Brooke. He kissed her. The operative word is kissed. One kiss and nothing more...how does Taylor blow that up into seduction? And even if it is seduction, Thomas was the seducer!

As a reader pointed out, for all of Brooke's sleeping around with the Forrester men, Taylor's been quite a bed-hopper herself. Brooke had Eric, Ridge, and Thorne, but Taylor has had Ridge, Thorne, and Rick. Does that mean Taylor is a dangerous woman, too? I don't recall Brooke blowing up Rick and Taylor's romance to the level that Taylor's blown up Thomas and Brooke's friendship. Does that make Brooke a better person than Taylor because she let her son live his own life? Maybe instead of an Oedipal complex for Thomas, we should examine the overbearing mother syndrome that Taylor's exhibiting?

What's so funny about Taylor as a mom is that she's completely out to lunch when it comes to Steffy and Jack. She barely recalls that Jack's her child. Have they had a play date lately? Did she check with Nick before flying away to Paris in case anything happened to Jack while she was gone? Wouldn't she want to know about her son? Then there's Steffy; for some reason, Taylor doesn't mind that Steffy wants to throw her body at Bill. That's okay by Taylor, but Thomas giving a kiss to Brooke is scandal city!

By the way, where the hell is Whip? Has he noticed that his wife of less than a year has flown to Paris with her ex-husband, the man whose name she murmured in bed during sex? Since Taylor's a psychiatrist and big on her Sigmund Freud, what would Siggy say about that Freudian slip? ...Look, if they ever get around to giving Rick Hearst something to do, his Whip should be royally bent out of shape. He should want to get back at Ridge, even though it's Taylor who should be blasted. Ridge didn't invite Taylor to Paris, and he expected her to return without ever de-boarding the Forrester jet.

I guess Taylor carries about her passport with her just in case she has to fly to Paris on a moment's notice. But then don't we all do that? That and a suitcase with a change of clothes and clean undies... It would serve Taylor right if Whip walks out on her. Where are her priorities? You can't tell me that Thomas is in imminent danger, because he's not. He's not a cop or a soldier; he's a fashion designer. Even if Taylor was right and Brooke was a predator out to devour Thomas, that still wouldn't warrant him needing his mommy to rescue him. He's a grown man.

Okay maybe Taylor's an emotional basket case and she cannot control her feelings about Brooke. How does that explain the regression by Stephanie? She should know better than to jump on board the Taylor wagon of hysteria. The sure sign of stupidity is to do that same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome. Stephanie is not stupid, so then why is she falling back into the rut of rooting for Ridge to dump Brooke. Maybe if Stephanie went back to Dayzee's and had a heart-to-heart with her young friend, she'd get some perspective, especially since Dayzee and Thomas are tight. That's how I would write it. I'd have Dayzee talk to Stephanie, and Madame Forrester realize that she's got to keep out of Ridge's bedroom once and for all. It's his marriage and his love life. Stephanie can't control his libido or his heart.

If there's a character in this roundelay that I do think is troublesome, it's Thomas. I don't trust him. He talks a good game about his ambition being strictly for Taboo, then he flirts wildly with Brooke on the video call. Brooke's reaction is normal for her, she flirted back, but I don't think she was putting the moves on him. Instead, I think it was vice versa. When Ridge walked in and saw both sides of the conversation, did he see it the way I did...or is his suspicious of Brooke because of the constant pounding from Taylor and Stephanie?

There's another Forrester I have trouble trusting, and that's Steffy. The way she's going after Bill makes my skin crawl. Why is this girl so desperate for a married man? Why is this woman so uninterested in available men that only another woman's man will do? She's young, beautiful, accomplished, and independent -- she doesn't need Bill Spencer! And she should want more for herself that Katie Logan's husband! If the situation was reversed and that was Thomas going after Katie, would Steffy approve? Would Taylor? Hell, no. The only woman who's allowed to be a man-chaser is Steffy, even if it means she's acting like the men-obsessed Logan women.

Speaking of the Logans, I am in complete agreement with Katie. She had every right to walk out on Bill after learning about his murderous inclinations. Can you imagine if that was your husband and you found out he was ready to commit murder? It's all well and good that he's ga-ga for Liam, the son he never knew till ten minutes ago, but can't he prove his love without killing Amber? Okay, he didn't actually kill Amber, but he wanted to. He arranged for her to be on the lookout, and he did nothing to save her. That's not normal thinking. That's the mindset of a psychopath. If Bill could go to that kind of extreme for Liam, what might he do to protect himself? Is there anything he wouldn't do to get his way? Katie has damn good reason to be worried.

I have reached emotional overload with Hope and Liam. I don't care. Sorry, Brad, but these two young people in love are boring. I just can't get excited about Hope being unlucky in love. If she loves Liam so much, forget about Amber and pursue a relationship with Liam. Hope needs to fight for that relationship, unless it's not that important to her. Considering that Hope is still a virgin and has only had two important romances, it would really behoove her to play the field. As my beloved, late mother used to say, "There are plenty of fish in the sea." Hope should keep on fishing until she finds the right man for her, one who is available and anxious to treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

Hope needs to accept the fact that Amber's not going away. Either she learns to live with Amber as part of Liam's life and Hope will deal with it, or she says goodbye to Liam forever. You see, Amber's new plan is to attach herself to Liam like a tattoo, and that's pretty much a permanent relationship. Apparently, it's not enough that she's passing off the fetus as Liam's spawn; now she's luring him into her bed. I know that Liam's young and naïve, but he's got to be smarter than he is. Amber's come-on as an experienced woman sounded like bad hooker dialogue. She was going to satisfy his desires...she was a woman while Hope was just a girl. Is this really the same Amber from The Young and the Restless? I don't recognize her anymore. It's really disconcerting for a viewer who watches both shows.

Back to Ridge for a minute, I did enjoy the way he played the CEO role and restructured the Taboo line. That was well done. Thomas took it like a spoiled prince, but he should have respected where his boss was coming from. Taboo is one of a bunch of Forrester lines. If Ridge wants to make things work and keep Thomas' ego stroked, what he should do is reassign Brooke to another line and challenge his son to do Taboo on his own. Make Thomas believe in himself and not lean so heavily on Brooke. In fact, maybe Ridge would be wise to ask Eric to work on Taboo with Thomas?

Finally, since we're talking Forrester business, wouldn't it have made more sense for Thorne to fly to Paris to solve the International problem? He was once CEO of the company, and he does have 25 years of experience; he could have done it as well as Ridge. Instead, he remains lost on the backburner and Ridge stops designing to deal with a strike in Marseille! Brad Bell, come on -- give all the Forresters something to do.

Well, in the meantime, here are some letters from the readers!

• I wish that they would let Brooke be a strong confident businesswoman. I wish she would stand up to Stephanie and Ridge; either they love her as she is or not at all. I'm sick of seeing her beg the two of them for forgiveness all the time. And why all of sudden do we hate Taylor? She's come undone and needs to get a job or something. Does she know her "baby" is a grown man and responsible for his own actions. Enough of this already - move on! Get a storyline together instead of who loves Brooke Logan! -- Denise P.

• I am sick and tired of seeing the powers that be railroad Brooke's character. They would have us believe that she is a sexual predator when in fact she hasn't crossed the line with Thomas. She is being a very supportive step-mother, granted she should try to refrain from putting herself in these types of situations but that's why she is so loved by the Forrester men, she can see beyond petty stuff for the greater good of Forrester Creations. It's Taylor who crossed it with Rick and then some... And it's astonishing that the POWER THAT BE still haven't had Brooke mention it. They want us to forget about this little bit of history but there's no way that we'll ever forget that. And today Taylor admitted to Ridge that it was Whip who leaked the inappropriate picture and he is calm and collected about it when in the beginning of this whole thing he was up in arms. If it wasn't for Whip, the Taboo line would... not have picked up like it did. And when Taylor went to Ridge to tattle tale on what she had heard she turned it around by saying it was Brooke who had kissed Thomas when it was the other way around. In that instance he blew a gasket and cancelled the most lucrative line in a long time. I agree that Brooke should have defused the situation by telling Ridge about it from the start. As for Stephanie, yes she had finally accepted Brooke, but to me it's like she had accepted her on a trial basis until she "screwed" up again. Wow this woman wants perfection. She never takes any responsibility for her own actions. She had grown so much as a character with her relationship with Brooke that I now feel like she has gone back, so much for a heartwarming storyline. I do have hope that they are going to save this storyline otherwise this is going to become Forrester's vs. Logan's all over again. -- Nancy

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