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Wouldn't it have been more interesting to see Brooke and Thomas spending more time finding food, getting water, and trying to deal with the elements, instead of the story of the magical berries?

For a while there, I was truly afraid that Thomas and Brooke weren't going to survive that plane crash. In reality, they wouldn't, but this is a soap, so you have to assume that Brad Bell was going to let the pilots die and save the Forresters! The first scenes on the island were tremendous. I loved the whole idea of a shipwrecked couple, fighting for survival. It would have been really great if it had played more of the Survivor theme -- without Jeff Probst to invite Thomas and Brooke to tribal counsels -- but that wasn't the direction the show chose to follow. Rather than emulating the struggle of Tom Hanks in Cast Away, Brad Bell served up a variation on ABC's Lost, albeit with just Thomas and Brooke. That, my friends, is when this Gilligan's Island storyline went adrift.

Maybe it's just my personal preference, but wouldn't it have been more interesting to see Brooke and Thomas spending more time finding food, getting water, trying to deal with the elements, than the story of the magical berries? It ticked me off that Brooke was portrayed as such a weakling. Or maybe it was that she was supposed to be Eve in the Garden of Eden and the berries were the apple? I saw all kinds of allusions in the storytelling as the week progressed, and it became less and less like Cast Away and more and more like the goofy ending of Lost. Do you remember that, with the island having magical powers? Well, on B&B, it was the berries that had the magical powers, not the place.

Once Brooke dared to eat the berries, and lured Thomas into eating them, too, all kinds of nuttiness exploded around them. They were dancing on the beach, laughing at the sun, seeing rainbows, and diving into fantasy waterfalls. All that was missing were unicorns and fairies! And a big-budget musical number with words and music by the BeeGees! What was Brad Bell slurping when he came up with this wacky tale?

The next step, naturally, will be Thomas and Brooke succumbing to their urges and having wild, uninhibited sex. They won't be responsible for what they do, but the fallout will be catastrophic. Taylor will demand that Brooke pay for doing the deed with her son; Stephanie will be aghast and blame it all on Brooke growing up in the Valley; and Ridge will be stuck trying to figure out if he could possibly forgive Brooke for her latest faux pas. Can't you just imagine Brad cackling with glee about this predicament for Brooke? And can't you just imagine the letters we're going to get for and against Brooke for doing something this outré, while under the influence of berries? Ridge may not be able to forgive her for this one.

But that's what happens next. For now, all we know for sure is the berries made them hallucinate. Interestingly enough, Brooke and Thomas had the same hallucination. Is that even possible? Would everyone who noshes on the berries see the rainbows and follow it to the waterfall? Unfortunately, I don't know much about acid trips, so if you do, tell me all about it because it came off as bad writing. In fact, if Brooke had seen Ridge's face when she touched Thomas, wouldn't that have been a better tale? And then Thomas could see Dayzee's face when he looked at Brooke? Although I think the idea remains that Thomas has impure thoughts about his stepmother, even if he does also like Dayzee and some of the other girls in the Forrester steno pool.

By the way, has anyone sprayed a little air freshener in the Spencer jet yet? Bill and Steffy have been cooped up there for days with Taylor and Ridge. Did it ever occur to anyone that they might move the search operation to an office in the airport? Being on the jet just feels claustrophobic. And while I think we're supposed to be impressed by Bill's take-charge attitude, it would be more impressive if he used all that money to hire a team of experts to monitor those video images from the satellite feed. Maybe then someone would have seen Brooke and Thomas skipping on the beach. Bill and Steffy missed it because they were too busy admiring each other.

I've had it with Steffy. How can I possible respect this woman when she's blatantly trying to destroy Bill's marriage to Katie? She's forcing herself on this man to the point that she's willing to be his supplicant, as though Billy was some kind of royalty and Steffy a mere commoner. In this day and age, who wants to see a woman that submissive and desperate? But I'm also ticked off with Bill for letting Steffy continually push herself on him. When he sits in his chair and lets her slobber over him, I want to scream, "Back off, bitch, he's taken." Or better still, he should push her aside and tell her to knock it off. Come on, gang, would you want some woman acting like that with your spouse? Katie would be well within her rights to haul off and yank Steffy by the hair and off the dang jet!

And while I know this is a very superficial thing to say, what's going on with Steffy's eyebrows? I really don't like them. On the other hand, Adam Gregory as Thomas is sporting a lovely set of muscles now that we can see him without a suit. That boy's been going to the gym! He could be Brandon Routh's double. Remember Brandon? He played Clark Kent in Superman Returns. Not a great movie, but a very cute Superman (although nobody was as wonderful as Christopher Reeve; I remember him when he started on Love of Life!)

It was quite a shocker to see R.J. this past week. I thought for certain that Ridge Jr. had disappeared into his bedroom, never to be seen until he was 18 years old. Actually, considering the fact that he's supposedly just a couple of years younger than Hope, he should be about 15, right? Instead, we saw a very young boy in the role...about eight or nine. So much for SORAS being an equal opportunity ailment!

It was kind of nice to see Nick getting involved in the search for Brooke and Thomas, especially since it fit with the character's history as a Merchant Marine as well as his heading up Marone Shipping. And they also allowed some Logan family members to express their concern for Brooke, so it wasn't wall-to-wall Forresters. There was a phone call from Rick, but I must have blinked if Bridget was mentioned. Another recently shelved character, Whip, was back on the scene. I know I've said it before, but when they have an actor like Rick Hearst on the show, they have to give him something to do. Please, less Liam and Hope and Oliver and Amber, more Whip and anyone.

Well, in the meantime, here are some letters from the readers!

• I have watched B&B off and on since it started. The show with them in the island is so stupid. All of Brooke's clothes are ripped off except her underwear. Why? The crash would not have done that. Also they were on the beach for only a few hours and they were starving. Give me a break. Brooke is getting too old to play the sex kitten roles. -- Chloe B.

• Thomas an Eagle Scout? That sounds to hard to believe considering his history. -- Ron

• I have a theory on why Taylor is so focused on Ridge ending his marriage to Brooke. I don't think she actually wants to run back to him, I think she wants to be able to turn him down and tell him she is over it when it will really hurt him. I do think she still believes Brooke is bad and should be out of all their lives, dissing Ridge would just be the icing on the cake. -- Erica

Allison's Response: Hmm, I like that, Erica. It would make Taylor a heck of a lot more interesting if she had malevolence in her heart rather than undying love for Ridge. After all, he has hurt her time and again.

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Allison J. Waldman
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