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Not every character will have street smarts of business savvy, but that doesn't mean that every character has to be dumb as a box of rocks. Only time will tell if Beverly find her way to the top -- or gets sent to the hills.
What's the world coming to when a foster kid in Beverly Hills named Beverly can't catch a break? Actually, Beverly did get lucky. She got an internship at Forrester Creations but quickly tried to sabotage herself by doing something foolish. She should have known better than to take pictures. But, you see, that's what's wrong with this story.

Beverly is too much of a victim, and she's only been there about a minute-and-a-half. Granted, she's an adult foster child with limited education, but couldn't Brad Bell have made her street smart -- like Dayzee? Taking pictures of the top-secret designs was ridiculous, especially when she was aware of all the security everywhere. Also, on your first days on a job, you're always minding your manners. You say please and thank you and you don't overstep your boundaries.

Beverly had to know to be careful. Even if her education was old TV shows like Family Ties, The Facts of Life, or Who's the Boss?, she'd know what's right and wrong. All those shows were about doing the right thing. This felt like a contrived storyline by Brad. He's going to spoon-feed us some information about the plight of foster adult children and have the Forresters search for the real spy in their midst, while bending over backwards to apologize to Beverly. And Beverly will be emotionally shattered that she was mistrusted right out of the gate.

Frankly, I'm surprised that nobody pointed a finger at Rick. I would have. He was the culprit the last time Forrester suffered a major security breach, remember? And he was motivated by anger, too. Pam's a very angry character. She has projected all her venom on Stephanie. After all these years, she's finally figured out that she hates her sister. Whether Stephanie deserves Pam's wrath or not, she's getting it.

If Stephanie was half the perceptive woman she thinks she is, why hasn't she asked Taylor to be Pam's therapist? Pam needs a psychiatrist or psychologist attending to her. Pam has had a brain tumor, and considering her history with Mother and Stephanie, not to mention the twisted things she's done to Donna, Pam has been ripe for some intense psychoanalysis for a while. Instead, Stephanie planted her at the Forrester reception desk and allowed her to be eccentric Aunt Pam, the crazy baker with an affinity for lemon bars. Does that make any sense to you?

In a real family, Pam's actions would have signaled someone to get her on medication to control those impulses or into intense therapy to deal with her urges. My goodness, Pam tried to kill Donna at least twice, once with a bear!

Now, of course, Pam will be out to kill her again. Donna has done the unthinkable; she's gotten involved with Nick just when Pam has cast him in her mind as the perfect sailor-man. For Donna, all it took was one ride on the Shady Marlin II and she was in love. Seriously, is she that love-hungry? One cruise around SoCal and she's gaga for Nick. Couldn't Brad have given us a little bit more build-up to a romance than some flirting in the galley?

It's kind of insulting to viewers that Donna's marriage to Justin was brushed aside like nothing -- which it apparently was -- and then Nick just falls for the third Logan sister like it's a common thing. Really, Nick, think about it. Donna's been your sister-in-law! You were married to Brooke and nearly married Katie. Most men do not become the lover of three sisters in less than ten years! In fact, if this were real life, Nick would be on The Jerry Springer Show to explain what's wrong with him! Seriously, date outside of the Logan family, Nick!

And aside from being hung up on all the Logan ladies, Nick's also been far from a Boy Scout when it comes to Pam. He's nice to her, sure, but clearly those occasional kisses are just for show. He doesn't love Pam. He likes her as a friend -- at best. And it's kind of cruel for him and Jackie to imply that there's anything more to it than affection. He's basically leading her on with no intention of ever giving her the romance she wants.

While I'm going after Nick for being less than stellar, I have to say that I'm stunned that he would be on board with this grand theft Forrester operation that Jackie is running. Nick is a man of integrity and scruples. Stealing Eric and Ridge's designs to create knockoffs is not Nick's style. Instead of going along with Jackie, he should be calling it like it is -- intellectual theft. The Marones are stealing designs! It's not right no matter how they try to justify it. You can't put lipstick on a pig and call it beautiful, as the saying goes. It's also never been the way that Jackie M has operated, so it's completely out of character.

Don't tell me that Jackie is channeling Sally Spectra, even though that clearly seems to be what they want us to believe. Is Darlene Conley's estate collecting for all these Sally Spectra film clips and voice-overs? But the whole notion doesn't really add up. Sally was a knockoff queen because she had to be. As Stephanie pointed out, Jackie could have made the deal with Bill Spencer, and her company would have survived. Spectra never really had that option because it was never a legitimate fashion house; it had to resort to chicanery. Jackie M is another kind of business.

Another thing about the knockoff business; it's more than just stealing designs. Jackie M has Eric's designs, but that shouldn't be enough to ruin Forrester's plans. To make Eric's designs the way he envisioned them, Jackie M would need the high-quality fabric and expert craftwork that goes into a couture line. They're vastly different from knockoffs. Jackie can't pay for the same quality and make a buck. That's why this is such a ridiculous tale. It's just silly.

What's not silly are Katie's fears that Bill cannot be trusted with Steffy. She's right to worry about his lingering feelings for his daughter-in-law! The whole thing makes me think of Jimmy Carter "lusting" in his heart for other women. The difference is President Carter never did anything about his urges. Bill just might. And Liam is a gullible fool to believe that his father can be trusted. There's a soul connection between Steffy and Bill, and I think they are both capable of betraying Liam.

In my opinion, Liam remains a blockhead. His heart is yearning for Hope, but he remains married to Steffy like it's some kind of penance. He has to do his time. He made a commitment. Blah-blah-blah... Jeez Louise, man, life is too short for all this simpering around! If he's really Bill Spencer's son, he should be selfish and go after what he really wants, because at this rate, he's going to see Hope engaged to Thomas, and Liam won't be able to do jack about that!

So, was it really necessary for Ridge and Brooke to use the steam room for sex again? Come on, in the middle of fashion week? Was that a reminder that they're the show's hottest couple? Okay; we got the message. However, it looked forced and tired to me, like they had nothing else to write about from the two of them, so they stuck them in the steam room set. Maybe it would have been nice to see them doing something normal, like Christmas shopping through an online catalog for gifts and talking about the holidays? What about planning a family ski trip with R.J. (remember him?), or even trimming the tree with ornaments and tinsel. Did it have to be the hot, steamy sex in public bit again? Brooke and Ridge could have gotten hot and horny while stringing popcorn!

The Eric and Stephanie marital problems are apparently a thing of the past. How convenient that it only lasted two weeks... Are we supposed to believe that Stephanie and Eric are now back to normal in the bedroom? Or has Eric sublimated his sexual urges by designing dresses and patting himself on the back for his great work? He kept going on and on about how great the new line is, but aren't they all? When was the last time a Forrester criticized a Forrester design? And what happened to Rick's desire to be a designer? Paging Amber, your storyline is being dumped!

I know the New Year is still a few weeks ahead, but I sure hope Brad Bell is thinking long and hard about how to come up with some interesting new stories for 2012. I see way too many characters standing around with nothing to do -- that means you, Rick and Amber, Dayzee and Marcus, Thorne and Taylor... Threads are started and then left to whither away. There's got to be more focus and follow-through. I'd love to see more good ideas the Stephanie issue with intimacy, or Katie's unresolved heart problems, and what about Brooke's foundation?

So, that's it for this week. Expect plenty of fireworks this week when Stephanie returns to Forrester and they have to deal with a line that's been confiscated. Maybe they should call Donna Karan or Ralph Lauren and ask them how they deal with competition?

Meanwhile, here's some letters from the readers! Your comments are always welcomed at Soap Central, so stay in touch. And tell me which characters you want to see fixed or changed, or return to the show. To share your thoughts, click the Feedback option at the top of the page, the email me link at the bottom, or click here. And keep on reading Two Scoops every week!

    • Pam is no longer funny and this storyline is dumb. How long is she really going to blame Stephanie for everything gone wrong in her life? And Jackie... she should have taken Bill's offer and teamed up with Bill to bring down the Forresters. And come on, now Donna is after Nick? Awesome, especially after her blink-and-you-missed-it marriage to Justin. Is Nick really going to shtup all three Logan sisters? These storylines are all ridiculous... and I can't believe Brad Bell actually thinks this is good writing! - Ella

    • Thomas is so desperate to get Hope that I am afraid we might see the magic berries make another appearance! -- Kendy

    • All of us have to forget about Bill and Steffy because it was rumored that Ronn Moss didn't like the storyline; we have to pretend like it didn't happen. I have a hard time with it, but that is what the writers gave us. Let's begin from the day that Steffy slipped in the tub. Steffy is in love with Liam. She wanted him. I am not a Ridge fan. Ridge did not know that Steffy was chasing Liam. Taylor thought the relationship was one of friendship. Bill is the one who encouraged her. -- Rene

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