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The residents of Los Angeles are full of promises, promises of things both pleasant and unpleasant. But if you make a promise, shouldn't you be obligated to see it through? That's not necessarily the case, and the subject of debate in this week's Two Scoops column.

It's been a promising start for the new year on The Bold and the Beautiful. Wyatt promised Hope to make her happy. Liam promised Hope that he'd expose Wyatt and Quinn for the fakes they really are. Quinn promised that anyone who messed with her son would have severe consequences. Ridge promised Katie a better and brighter 2014. Brooke and Bill promised each other to make it work with their exes for the sake of their children. Will the old saying hold true? Are these promises meant to be broken? Get your dishes ready; it's time for your weekly serving of Two Scoops.

I guess Liam decided to quit his day job at Spencer Publications and take a stab at being a private investigator. Liam is grasping at straws to get his life with Hope back on track. He is determined to get some kind of dirt on his sketchy half-brother, Wyatt, and Wyatt's fiercely protective mother, Quinn.

This week, Liam had another confrontation with Quinn over her shenanigans that ultimately caused the demise of his relationship with Hope. The Spencer prince did his usual whining and shifting blame on others. He did have valid points on certain things. Yes, he made a video for Steffy, but Quinn broke into his email and sent it to Hope. Yes, Liam and Steffy had a minor moment before his fourth or fifth wedding to Hope, but Quinn orchestrated the whole scene. Tell me, scoopers, do you see a running theme here?

As Liam moaned and groaned about people constantly interfering with his relationship, Quinn whipped out her violin. She wasn't trying to hear any of Liam's mess. Quinn called him out for stringing two women along for years and for being sloppy with it. She once again warned him to stay away from her son, or he'll be sorry. He has no idea the lengths she would go in order to protect her one and only son. If looks could kill, Liam would be a dead man.

So, does anyone else think that Liam and Quinn have amazing chemistry? I think it would be totally hot if Liam and Quinn had a hot and steamy night together.

Liam didn't really seem fazed by Quinn's idle threats. I think she actually added fuel to the fire. He is now more determined than ever to get any dirt he can on the Fuller family. Enter Liam Spencer, private investigator.

While Pam and Charlie were chit-chatting about their plans for their night of role-playing, the light bulb went off in Liam's empty head. He started questioning Charlie about the diamond heist.

This was a pretty good move by the writers. I actually forgot all about the diamond heist. I do think it's time to dig into the past of the Fuller family. I mean, Wyatt seems too good to be true, right?

Okay, back to the heist. Charlie let it slip that the police hadn't taken the security footage. He offered to look it over and give Liam any information about his findings. And what did Charlie find? Wyatt swiping the diamond! But wait, who was practicing her ninja skills and popping up behind curtains and doors? Quinn. She reminded Charlie that he had a great job and a girlfriend that he adored. Then she gave him that "sniches get stitches" look. Poor Liam. Back to the drawing board.

I hope the writers dig into Quinn's past. She's always walking around dishing out threats. I want to see if she would follow through with her evil promises. I would love for her to be crazy, but not Sheila crazy. She already has this no-nonsense type of attitude that I absolutely love. She's not afraid to speak her mind, or to go after who or what she wants. She is also fiercely protective of her son. I think she could be the type to kill someone and feel no remorse. I mean, didn't she use Bill's pendant, scratch him, and then lick his blood? Red flags, anyone?

While Quinn is running around town threatening people, Wyatt is enjoying his new digs at his new beach house (Bill and Katie's old beach house), a gift from daddy dearest. If Liam can have a house in Malibu, I think it's only fair that Wyatt gets a beach house as well. Here's my question: if Bill has all this money to buy beach houses and stuff, why is he still sleeping on Liam's couch?

Anyway, Bill and Wyatt shared a moment. Bill told his eldest that it was time to break away from his mother. Wyatt told Bill how happy he was with Hope and that he didn't want the feeling to end. Surprisingly, Bill didn't stick up for Liam. I think Bill truly wants his son to be happy. The problem is that both sons want the same girl.

Can you believe that Wyatt asked Hope to move in with him? I'm all for them dating, but moving in together is way too soon. I'm happy Hope turned him down. Don't get me wrong; I like the pairing of Hope and Wyatt. I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Wyatt should really come clean with Hope and tell her everything about his past. Come on, Wyatt. What's done in the dark will always come out in the light.

Well, looks like Aly Cat is on the prowl. This week, Aly served as an ear for Liam to vent to. I'm predicting that Aly will put away the frumpy sweaters, slip on a cute outfit from the HFTF line, and go after her man. Watch out, Hope. I guarantee a new quadrilateral will be formed in the next few months. Same script, different cast.

Bill Spencer... I am really at a loss of words for this character. He's an arrogant jerk. He's like a dog with a bone. It's disgusting. This man has not one but two affairs while married to Katie. His latest fling with Brooke seems to be over, thanks to Ridge. Bill walked into his soon-to-be ex-wife's office and demanded that she reconcile with him. Katie had this "I'm sorry, come again?" look on her face.

How convenient. Bill wants Katie back only because Katie's predictions came true. Ridge is back. Brooke realized that she wanted to reconnect with Ridge, and Bill was tossed out like trash.

Katie stood her ground and sent her husband on his merry way. I'm proud her of her. You scoopers know that I'm a big Katie fan. I really think that she had an empowering moment with Bill, Brooke, and Ridge this week. Just watching Katie go through all of her emotions was awesome.

Katie told her sister that she really believed that Brooke was trying to do the right thing by Katie. She just didn't understand why Brooke would want her to be with Bill after the way he treated both of them? Good question, Katie. I'm all about raising a child in a home with two loving parents. I'm not for a child being raised in a home where the mother is miserable and the papa is a rolling stone. That's dysfunctional.

Katie also said that she wouldn't want to be with a man who wanted to be with Brooke. If that's the case, why does it seem like Katie is going to start developing feelings for Ridge?

I mean, really, who could blame her? He's fine. He's got this Batman-like swagger about him. Seriously, who wouldn't fall for Ridge? The question is does Ridge really want to reconnect with Brooke? And vice versa? Is Brooke only pushing for a reunion with Ridge because it's familiar?

I think the whole scene with Katie and Brooke was very well written. I really think Katie truly wants to try to forgive her sister and get back to the way that they were. It is just very difficult for her. When Katie said that she just felt lost, and she wanted to find her way back to her sister, that was really touching. At that moment, Katie wasn't mourning the loss of her marriage; she was mourning the loss of her sister.

Bill and Ridge had a few choice words for each other this week as well. Bill basically told Ridge he should go back to Paris and have a croissant. That line was actually very funny. What was even funnier was when Bill asked Ridge if he had slept with Brooke. He was all "Hey, we're just chatting up, comparing notes like a bunch of guys." Um, really Bill? I don't think that Ridge wants to compare notes on exactly where Brooke's hot spot is.

Ridge basically told Bill to hit the bricks. Ridge reminded Bill of his role in the affair and how there was no excuse for Bill to betray his sick wife with her sister. Ridge also reminded Bill that Katie was pretty much done with him, Brooke was determined to get her marriage with Ridge back on track, and Bill was alone, sleeping on Liam's couch.

Throughout the show, I've heard Ridge refer to Brooke as his wife, and Brooke has referred to Ridge as her husband. If my memory serves me correctly, Ridge and Brooke had a very touching ceremony at Eric and Stephanie's house. I don't remember if it was Brooke or Ridge who said that they would file for a marriage license when they returned from their honeymoon. With that being said, why are they still referring to each other as husband and wife?

I never really understood the purpose of a steam room in a fashion house. I mean, this isn't the type of steam room for garments or anything. Is it me, or does it seem like that the writers are trying to make Rick and Caroline the new Ridge and Brooke? I don't know. That's the vibe I'm getting with the whole steam room and all.

I really like Rick and Caroline as a couple. I like how Caroline stands up for Rick but doesn't really jump into any arguments between Rick and his former stepfather/half-brother, Ridge. It's really nice to see a couple happy for a change, but wouldn't be great if Amber Moore came back? I loved Rick and Amber back in the day.

By the way, where is Amber? Is she in South Africa with her baby daddy Marcus? Where is Dayzee? I would love for Bridget to come back and give her two cents on this whole situation with her mother and aunt Katie.

Are there any characters that you'd like to see make a cameo appearance? How do you feel about some of the current storylines on the show? Share your thoughts below this column in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• Liam is freaking out because two women aren't worshipping the ground he walks on anymore. -- Michaela

• I am a BIG BROOKE FAN but in this situation I think she's Really WRONG!!!! After what Bill did to her and Katie SHE doesn't want him. So WHY she's trying to get Katie to take him back Beats the Heck outta me. Maybe it's because if Ridge wasn't back, she would actually take Bill back herself, even after the life changing moment on the mountain. -- Tracy

• Brooke only wants Ridge because being with him would make Katie happy. Brooke feels guilty for loving Bill but she walked away from Bill long before Ridge showed up. So to me she just wants Katie to heal. Katie has always wanted Bill and the fact she didn't take him back is only because of what he did last time, otherwise she doesn't care if he loves Brooke. He loved Brooke last time she accepted him back. Katie talks in circles. Ridge is so self-righteous it's sickening. -- Zara

• No matter what has happened you don't sleep with your sister's husband. No matter what. That man was married to your sister, sorry that is just wrong. Your sister should come first. -- Jennifer

• Rena Sofer's character, Quinn, is crazy. I can't wait to see if she'll do us all a favor and kill Liam. - Kelly.

I agree, Kelly. I think that Rena Sofer has brought a crazy, yet funny, vibe to B&B. I think every show needs a slightly crazy, psycho-killer type person. Personally, I enjoy her character immensely. She has great one-liners as well.

If you follow my column, you probably know that I think Thorsten Kaye is doing a fantastic job as Ridge. He has chemistry with just about everyone on the show, especially Heather Tom. I really enjoy watching them on-screen together.

I'm still kind of on the fence with the possible pairing of Ridge and Katie. Do I think they have chemistry? Yes! I just feel that if Katie hooks up with Ridge, it would kind of be like the same thing that Brooke did to her. The only difference is that Brooke and Ridge are not married. Katie -- and everyone -- knows that Ridge and Brooke are usually endgame. Maybe, just maybe, Brooke's latest blunder might be too much for Ridge to handle. Maybe he and Katie will form an unbreakable bond. After all, he did make her a New Year's promise.

Mike will be scooping with you for the week of January 27, which happens to be the week of my first wedding anniversary. Until next time, keep calm and stay bold and beautiful.

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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