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It was a very interesting week on The Bold and the Beautiful. No secrets are safe. Liam, Pam, and Charlie exposed Wyatt for his jewelry heist prank. Bill outed Ridge on how he spent his time away in Paris. Get your dishes ready; it's time for your weekly serving of Two Scoops.

It was a very interesting week on The Bold and the Beautiful. No secrets are safe. Liam, Pam, and Charlie exposed Wyatt for his jewelry heist prank. Bill outs Ridge on how he spent his time away in Paris. Get your dishes ready; it's time for your weekly serving of Two Scoops.

Before I get into my biweekly review, I have breaking news! It looks like Taylor will breeze back into town very soon. Hunter Tylo will reprise the role of Taylor Hayes in late February. Rumor has it that during her brief return, Taylor will reconnect with Eric and talk about the night Darla Forrester (Aly's mother) died.

Normally, I wouldn't be all that exited to see Taylor. She's not exactly my favorite character on the show. Since Aly (played by the gorgeous Ashlyn Pearce) came on the scene, I wanted her to have a scene with Taylor. I've always wanted to see how grownup Aly would interact with the woman who mowed her mother down. Yes, I know that Darla fell into the road. Yes, she was wearing all black on a dark, foggy road. Accident or not, Taylor still hit her, and Darla is still dead.

I wish her stint were longer. This storyline has the potential to give B&B the boost that it needs. Aly has been very shy and quiet. I would love to see her rip into Taylor like Steffy ripped into Brooke a few years back. At least Aly has a valid reason to despise the woman. Taylor contributed a great deal in Aly's mother's death. I know that Taylor was behind the wheel to rescue her daughter, Phoebe, who was spooked by a guy while she was waiting for car service to fix her tire.

Some people seem to forget that Taylor had a previous DUI. She was not supposed to be driving at all. With all the money she had, couldn't she have called her driver and had him take her to Phoebe's location? I do understand that when your child is in danger, all logic goes out the window. The fact remains, though, that Taylor should not have been driving.

I cannot wait to see how Taylor reacts when she sees Aly for the first time. Will Aly kick her out of her house? Will she embrace her and tell her how good it is to see her? Will Aly offer Taylor a drink and then say something slick like "Oh yeah, maybe you shouldn't drink and drive, you might kill someone." How will Taylor justify her actions? Will she blame Brooke, like she always does?

With all of this talk about Darla, wouldn't be great if she made a ghostly appearance? Are you nodding your heads in agreement? I thought you would. It just so happens that the beautiful Schae Harrison will reprise the role of Darla Forrester this spring. I think that Schae's return has something to do with her daughter needing her advice in the love department.

It would've been fantastic if Darla's ghostly visit coincided with Taylor's impromptu visit. Can you imagine the drama? Taylor's guilt and memories come flooding back to her as she sees Aly for the first time in years. Who else would she? Ghost Darla, battered and bruised, like the night Taylor hit her with her car. OMG, the drama! Come on, writers, this is good stuff.

I'm actually excited to see Taylor in a storyline that doesn't involve Brooke or Ridge. Let's make this happen! Oh, the possibilities. I swear I need to hop on a plane to Los Angeles, take a trip to CBS Studios, and pitch a few ideas to the executive producer. It would be so cool if I could see my name listed as writer on the ending credits.

Let's get back to the current drama of week. Hope and Wyatt took a road trip that changed their budding romance forever. The new lovebirds decided to take the relationship to the next level in a beautiful, romantic beach setting. I was happy for Hope. Finally, she had a decent sexual experience. She looked calm, relaxed, and absolutely carefree with Wyatt. I haven't seen her pop one antianxiety pill or cry during and after a love-making session like she did with Liam.

Of course, it always seems that the tormented princess will never have the fairytale ending that she's always dreamed of. Thanks to the detective skills of Forrester Creations rent-a-cop Charlie and lemon bar queen Pam, Liam found out about Wyatt's role in the diamond heist, and he's out for blood.

As expected, Hope overreacted to the news of Wyatt's latest shenanigan. Yes, he pulled a prank, but this brought publicity for the line. This situation is nothing compared to all of the crap that Liam has put this girl through. I think Hope needs to sit down and make a list of both Liam and Wyatt's transgressions. Her list would look something like this:

• Had an issue with my decision to wait for marriage, which led to flirtation with Steffy
• Cheated with (while engaged) and married stepsister Steffy (two seconds after broken engagement)
• Tore up annulment papers to dissolve marriage to Steffy
• Made out and prepared to run away with Steffy when first attempt at Italy wedding went awry
• Constantly waffling between two women for years
• Created a "goodbye" video for Steffy, after making a video for me

• Pulled a jewelry heist prank, which turned into great publicity for HFTF
• Only has eyes for me
• Makes me laugh

Really, Hope? You want to get upset with Wyatt? Seriously? What do you think, Scoopers? Is Hope overreacting? I think so.

Watching Liam hunt for Hope reminded me of Aspen and the gondola. Remember how Hope was running around begging Bill to find Liam? Running all over town only to be trapped in a gondola (courtesy of Bill) to watch in horror as her love married her stepsister. This time, Liam got to Emerald Bay to see Hope and Wyatt bask in the afterglow. It doesn't feel too good, does it?

I loved the interaction between Quinn and Pam this week. Quinn shouldn't think that Pam is just a lemon bar-making receptionist. She's just as crazy as Quinn is. Charlie cracked and told Pam all about the fake heist. Pam reassured her new "best friend" that her secret was safe. As Quinn left the office, confident that her secret was safe, Pam told her man that they were going to fill Liam in on his brother's trickery.

I don't understand why Pam, of all people, is getting mad at Wyatt. Has she forgotten all of the pranks she's pulled over the years? Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Let's look at Pam's transgressions and see if they even compare to a jewelry heist. Over the last few years, Pam has:

• Laced Donna's lingerie with itching powder
• Stolen Forrester designs for Jackie M for a possible romance with Nick Marone
• Held her sister, Queen Stephanie Forrester, at gunpoint
• Rigged Hope's fashion show marquee to read "HO" For The Future (which was hilarious)
• Had Donna escorted from Forrester Creations in an exterminator truck
• Dumped a few gallons of honey on her nemesis, Donna, during a fashion show
• Sent a snake to Donna that bit Marcus (Donna's son) instead
• Held Donna at gunpoint and dunked her with honey so she could become bear food
• Poisoned Eric with a tainted lemon bar, which in turn triggered a heart attack that then lead to a coma
• Switched Eric's Viagra with sleeping pills
• Trapped Donna in a tanning bed

Wyatt may pull a prank every now and then, but Pam takes the cake -- or should I say, lemon bar?

I still think that including the character of Quinn was a great move for the show. I just wish that we had more of a backstory on her character. I love how she supports her son, but sometimes she takes it a bit overboard. She goes from 0-180 in nanoseconds. I may be going out on a limb, but I am thinking that Quinn has bipolar disorder. I wonder how Quinn will react when she finds out that Pam double-crossed her.

Okay, Scoopers, I have a question. Does anyone on this show knock before entering a house or office? I mean, really? What in the world was Brooke thinking when she barged into Katie's house, requesting then begging Ridge to marry her? Why would she do that in front of Katie?

Brooke claims to be over Bill, yet she wound up at his son's house to talk about getting back with Katie. Why would Brooke want her sister back with Bill? Does she think that if the stallion gets back with Katie, he'll just forget about her? Does she not know whom she's dealing with? This man has cheated on Katie on more than one occasion. If Brooke were thinking clearly, she would encourage her sister to move on with her life and find a man who is worthy of her. Little does Brooke know, Katie might have found the right man in Ridge.

I can't really blame Katie. Ridge is fine. They've already connected on many levels. I'm on the fence with this pairing. Throughout the show, we hear Katie say that she wants and deserves a man who wants to be with her. Someone who doesn't want Brooke. She's right. So, why is she looking at Ridge with those big baby blue eyes?

If Ridge and Katie hook up, wouldn't Katie be doing the same thing she's been crucifying Brooke for? The only thing difference in this situation is that Brooke and Ridge aren't legally married, and Brooke isn't suffering from postpartum depression.

Anyway, during Brooke's impromptu proposal, Katie was trying to convince Ridge to accept her sister's apology and reunite their broken family. Deep down, Katie knows that Brooke and Ridge break up to make up. That's what they do. But what if, maybe this time, Brooke's actions are too much for Ridge to forgive?

I don't think that Brooke and Ridge are going to work out this time. I think that she's trying too hard to woo him back into her heart. Yes, he loves her. They share a child together. The thing is that Brooke fell hard for Bill. She still has a thing for him. It's written all over her face. Brooke and Bill remind me of Brooke and Nick. Up until now, Nick was the only other man I feel that Brooke truly loved.

Brooke's motto has always been to follow her heart. That was one of the main reasons why she hooked up with Bill. I don't believe that her feelings for Bill have changed that quickly. She has apologized for her actions towards her sister in one breath and told her to get over it in the next. She even accepted an engagement ring from the man. Every time they're alone together, they both salivate.

Why is it any of Bill's business as to who or what Ridge was doing during his time in Paris? Doesn't Justin have anything else to do besides being Bill's lackey? So what if Ridge hooked up with another woman during his stint in Paris? He and Brooke were on a break. It's not like Brooke sat around for a year waiting for Ridge to come back. I mean, come on, within the year of their breakup, Brooke got pregnant!

I digress. So, Bill thinks that the reason why Ridge has been distant with Brooke is because he's gay. He came to this conclusion on the basis of a few photographs of Ridge and another man talking. Ridge looked like he was giving his friend a pat on the back.

I'm sorry, but Bill is an idiot. Did he forget that he has a sister who happens to be a lesbian? I'm sure if they had a better relationship or if he had any friends who happened to be gay, he would support them.

Ridge could've been supporting a friend, coworker, or maybe even Thomas. Thorne hinted a few years back that he thought that his nephew might be gay. Maybe Thomas' time in Paris led to his new choice of lifestyle. But for Bill to even think there is any truth in this picture is ridiculous. I don't think a gay man would be looking at Katie the way Ridge was looking at her while he was having lunch with Brooke.

Brooke is really getting on my nerves with this begging. Ridge said he needs more time to sort out his feelings. Stop asking him to move in. Stop asking him to take trips. Stop asking him to get married. Just stop all the begging; it's not a good trait. *Side note: Did anyone else notice when Brooke got the text from Forrester, she told Ridge it was from her work and she had to go? Don't they work at the same fashion house?*

What was up with the Oliver and Maya thing? Like Mike said in his column last week, that came out of left field. Wasn't Ollie dating that Latin HFTF spokesmodel? Will Maya keep her encounter with Oliver a secret? I'm kind of mad that these characters aren't on the scene or don't have much of a storyline. I loved Karla and Lawrence on Guiding Light. They're great actors. I wish they could get a juicy storyline so they'll be able to really show and remind the world of how good they actually are.

In my last column, I posted an APB on Dayzee. It turns out that Dayzee will be relocating to South Africa to be with her husband, Marcus. Their portrayers, Kristolyn Lloyd ( and Texas Battle are currently working on other projects. Hopefully, they'll be back on B&B soon.

This week, I'm sending out an APB for Bridget Forrester. I would love for Bridget to come back and give her two cents on this whole situation with her mother and aunt. Do you think she would support her mother? Probably not -- this situation is a bit too familiar. Would she school Aunt Katie about karma?

How do you feel about Hunter and Schae's cameo appearances? Do you think Hope and Wyatt will overcome the speed bump in their relationship that happens to look a lot like Liam? Are you team Bridge, Brill, Kridge, or Batie? Share your thoughts below this column in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• I haven't actually felt excited about B&B in a very long time. This is going be freaking EPIC! Even if they mess it up, at least they're finally addressing it! Don't forgive her, Aly- - not until you've unleashed the wrath of hell on her! This is the only story that would be worth bringing Taylor back. Putting her in the middle of Kridge/Brill would have sucked. -- Mike

• Did Taylor even get probation for the hit and run? No matter if Darla fell, Taylor was still driving drunk and ran from the scene. Thorne punked out. Taylor had been using him. She didn't want Thorne the way he wanted her. She was feeling guilty and that's the only reason she was with him. He let his emotions rule his common sense when he stood behind Taylor for killing the mother of his child. Aly should call him out on that now that she is older. I really wanted to see Aly confront Taylor because no matter what, her mom is dead because Taylor drove drunk, hit her mom, and to top it off ran from the scene of the crime. -- Cynthia

• I don't believe Ridge is gay. Bell just wants us to believe that .We did not see Ridge kiss him. He just put his arms around him. Yes, they were holding the flag, he could be Ridge's good friend, or even a cousin. If he were gay, then he would not be looking at Katie the way he does. Just my thought. -- Jan

I can't begin to explain how excited I am that the writers are deciding to address Darla's accident. This storyline will give Ashlyn Pearce a chance to shine. I was hoping that since Ghost Darla will be making an appearance, she might bring her mother-in- law, Queen Stephanie, along for a quick visit. I would love for Queen to come and serve up a few good old-fashioned Queen Stephanie slaps! I think that every character on that show is overdue for a good smack across the face or a whack upside the head.

Mike will be scooping with you for the week of February 10. Until next time Scoopers, keep calm, and stay bold and beautiful.

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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