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Katie wants Ridge. Ridge wants Katie. Brooke wants Ridge (or so she says). Bill wants Brooke. Liam and Wyatt both want Hope. Hope wants Wyatt (until he does something again or Liam starts over with someone else). Aly wants Liam. Carter wants Maya. Oliver wants Maya. Maya doesn't know what she wants. It's an interesting yet heartbreaking Valentine's week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Okay, Scoopers, where do I begin? Maybe I should start with proposal of Ridge and Brooke. I've been watching The Bold and the Beautiful since its debut in 1987. Throughout the years, Ridge and Brooke have been labeled as a supercouple. We have witnessed romantic, over-the-top proposals. This time around, that wasn't the case.

Ridge came back from France, intent on repairing his relationship with Brooke. While I agree with Brooke for moving on with her life, I don't agree with her moving on with Bill. Ridge doesn't agree with that either. Ever since he found out about the Brill affair, Ridge hasn't looked at Brooke the same. He used to look at Brooke the way he looks at Katie.

For the past few weeks, I've noticed the undeniable chemistry between Katie and Ridge. Ridge and Katie just seem happier when they're together. When have we seen Ridge and Brooke take R.J. to the park to play a game of soccer? That's right. We haven't.

Katie recognizes her growing feelings for Ridge. Part of her is telling herself that she's a hypocrite. There's no way she could pursue anything with Ridge, considering his history with Brooke. Yes, Katie, I would agree with you to a point. This situation is slightly different. Yes, Brooke and Ridge have history where they would always end up together. The difference here is that Ridge and Brooke are not married...yet. Ridge has told her several times that he needs time to process his feelings.

It's pretty obvious that Ridge wants to explore his new friendship with his former sister-in-law. When Ridge grabbed Katie's arm and asked her what she wanted, the almost kiss, I could feel the electricity through my television set. I have yet to feel this with Ridge and Brooke. I don't know what it is. I just feel that Thorsten Kaye and Heather Tom have something very special. They seem to click very well.

What's with Katie ripping a page out of Brooke's book? "Marry her, start your life with Brooke!" What is up with these women? She very well knows she wants this man. Does she think it'll get easier if he's with Brooke? Newsflash, Katie darling, your feelings are growing even deeper. Be careful; everyone knows you're the Fred Sanford of the Logan family.

Brooke said something that I really didn't like. Ridge mentioned that R.J. wanted to come home and live in L.A. Instead of saying, "Of course. R.J.'s been gone for over a year, I miss him," she said, "No, not until Ridge agrees to move back home." Yes, Scoopers. She said it. I couldn't believe it. It seems that Brooke is using R.J. as bait or something. Am I accusing her of this? No. How does the saying go? If it walks like a duck...

Scoopers, you know that I am not a big Liam fan. This week, Liam actually made me start to like him. I like the fact that he is supporting his former stepmother. Liam is right. Maybe Ridge sees something in Katie that he never quite had with Brooke. I laughed when Liam commented that Brooke always says she's changing. He's right. Actions speak louder than words.

I want to look at this from Brooke's perspective. Brooke has loved Ridge for most of her adult life. They've had an epic love story for over 20 years. Yes, things happen, and they lose their way. At the end of the day, they usually find their way back to each other.

While having a mother/daughter bonding time with Hope this week, Brooke said that she felt something different with Bill, but Ridge is the man that she was meant to be with. What if this relationship has run its course? I think that Brooke would still be hung up on Bill if Ridge wasn't in the picture. Honestly, I think she is still hung up on him. She's just trying to do right by her family. In her mind, she thinks that she and Ridge need to start the life they've always wanted -- to raise their son under the same roof.

Does she not realize that even if you share a home or bed with someone, you need to be fully committed to each other? I don't think either Brooke or Ridge wants to be together. Don't these people realize that children pick up on everything? If the parents aren't happy, the child won't be happy.

Like I said in my previous column, I don't think that Brooke and Ridge are going to work out this time. I think that she's trying too hard to woo him back into her heart. Yes, he loves her. They share a child together. The thing is that Brooke fell hard for Bill. She still has a thing for him. It's written all over her face. Brooke and Bill remind me of Brooke and Nick. Up until now, Nick was the only other man I feel that Brooke truly loved.

Did anyone else hear Bill's heart break into a billion pieces when Brooke told him she was engaged to Ridge? Surprisingly, I think he put up a good front. We might just see Bill get a little more vicious. He even mentioned the papers that Katie had signed giving him control and shared custody of Will. If Brooke were smart, she would have fed those papers to the shredder or the fireplace. Knowing her, she probably has them in the safe or somewhere accessible where Bill could always swipe them.

I have to reiterate that Rena Sofer (Quinn) is one of the best things to happen to B&B in a long time. She is brilliant. From her comedic timing to her facial expressions to her one-liners, I am officially Team Quinn.

I know that she seems a bit crazy, maybe even a little over-the-top. She has a great mix of Queen Stephanie and Sally Spectra all rolled into one. Quinn is not scared to speak her mind. Quinn had probably one of the best lines in the show's history.

Quinn was having a conversation with her baby daddy, Dollar Bill. She started comparing Brooke, Donna, and Katie. This woman said, "Brooke wasn't the most loyal bitch in the kennel." Scoopers, I laughed so hard that I actually started crying. Then I made the mistake of taking a swig of water only to spit it out because my girl Quinn was on a roll. She called Donna a "slut honey." No one has had these types of lines since the late great Queen Stephanie Forrester.

Quinn is a strong, smart, determined woman who will do anything in her power to protect her son and get what she wants. She's not afraid to step on anyone's toes to do so.

I am hoping that the powers that be explore the possibility of Bill and Quinn. They are both very manipulative, sexy people. I think that they'd keep each other on their toes. I had to laugh out loud when Quinn kissed Bill. He had this "what just happened?" kind of look on his face. Quinn claimed that she kissed him to see if it was like she remembered. Yeah, we all know that Quinn is up to something. Exactly what it is? I don't have a clue.

What if Brooke and Bill got together, and Quinn really had a thing for Bill? Brooke thought that Taylor was a pain in her side; Quinn will be a total nightmare.

Did anyone of you scoopers who are also The Young and the Restless fans have a Brad Carlton 1980s flashback? Don Diamont is looking very fit these days. He was showing a lot of skin, and his rippling six-pack reminds me of his pool boy days on Y&R.

This year's Valentine's Day episode was a little boring and kind of sad. Between, Katie and Ridge thinking about each other, Bill pining for Brooke, Brooke shedding her classic single tear over her love for Bill, Liam daydreaming about Hope, and Hope and Wyatt just lounging around, I was bored. As much as I like the idea of Ridge and Katie, I really don't need to see flashbacks of the park everyday. Where's the action? Where's the drama? Where's the chocolate fountain slap-fest?

Elsewhere, everyone is wondering when Maya and Carter are going to tie the knot. Carter is all for it, but Maya seems to have other things in mind. I just don't understand this girl. Why in the world would she even allow Oliver to kiss her when she's engaged to Carter? Carter is an established, devilishly handsome man who seems to be completely in love her. Why string him along? Did the breakup with Rick and Rick's quickie marriage to Caroline hurt her that much? She better get it together. Carter is way too fine and kind to be treated like some random dude.

Oliver is being pretty bold these days. He very well knows that Maya is engaged, yet he still kissed her. What's up with that? Why can't Oliver hook up with Aly? I think they're better suited for each other rather than Liam and Aly.

Liam has too much history with Hope and Steffy. Both women had to endure living in the shadow of the other. Aly deserves someone who is all about her. Yes, Oliver and Hope were an item. Yes, he even went as far as tattooing Hope's name on his ankle. I don't see Oliver mooning over Hope anymore. This boy is on the prowl. I just wish he'd set his sights on someone else.

What's up with everyone getting married at the Forrester estate? You mean to tell me that all of the hotels and country clubs in Los Angeles are booked? I understand Rick and Caroline doing their spur-of-the-moment wedding there. I get that. What I don't understand is why Ridge and Brooke are having it at the estate again? They had their last wedding there. Donna made a comment about how romantic it would be to get married at the same place they first laid eyes on each other. Didn't they already do that?

What are your thoughts on Ridge asking Rick to be the best man? I have mixed emotions about this. I understand that Ridge wants to show a united family for Brooke's sake, after all, that seems to be the theme of this wedding. What better way to show that than ask your not-so-favorite former stepson/half-brother to be your best man?

With Rick standing up for Ridge, showing a united front, I'm sure that Brooke will ask Katie to be her matron of honor. In Brooke's eyes, this will be the start of their family healing. In Katie's eyes, it will be torture. How will she be able to stand and watch the man she seems to have fallen in love with marry her sister? Will Katie stay quiet? Or will she pull a Fred Sanford and have another episode of the heart? What will Bill do? Will he pull a Nick Marone, stop the wedding, and throw Brooke over his shoulder and whisk her away?

Last column, I sent out an APB for Bridget Forrester. This week, I'm sending out an APB for Ambrosia "Amber" Moore. It seems as if the blonde bombshell vanished into thin air. Not a word has been mentioned about her or her baby girl, Rosie.

I think I'm going to send another APB out for Nick and Jack Marone. Wouldn't it fun if Nick came back with Jack, telling Brooke that Jack needs a mother figure in his life? Who better to be a mother to Jack than his biological mother, Brooke? How do you think Brooke would react to that? After all, she's been all about family lately.

That would be great drama. I can picture it now. Nick sails back into town on the Shady Marlin and reconnects with Brooke. All of the old feelings come flooding back. Brooke breaks up with Ridge because she can't fight her attraction to Nick, Ridge hooks up with Katie because he really wanted to be with her since he can't look at Brooke the same way anymore, and Bill will be free to wreak havoc and have Quinn as his sexy sidekick.

Wait, what if Bridget returns? Logan has an illness. He needs blood from his parents. It turns out that Owen isn't really Logan's father. Nick is. There was another mix-up in the lab. My, oh my, what a mess. Nick and Brooke are happy. Bridget, who also holds a special place in Nick's heart, shows up into town with their son in tow. What happens now? Would Nick leave Brooke and raise Jack with Bridget and Logan, leaving Brooke to pine away for Ridge or Bill? Oh, man, the possibilities.

As many of you know, Hunter Tylo and Adam Gregory are set to return at the end of February. Why do you think this mother/son duo decided to pop into town? Do you think that Ridge and Brooke will really make it this time? Will Katie listen to her former stepson and give in to her feelings? Share your thoughts below this column in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• I actually like Quinn because she is so psychotic it is hilarious. The TK recast was one of the best things to long as he doesn't marry Brooke! -- Jenna

• So, Katie... plays matchmaker yet AGAIN with Brooke's life, and then tries to Indian give AGAIN? Meanwhile, the so-called love of her life Bill will probably be hooking up with his first baby mama, Quinn. Interesting. -- Wendi

• When Brooke told Ridge how much she supposedly loved him, he had this "awe you are so sweet, thanks" look on his face. Just like Hope has every time Wyatt confesses his love to her. Hope has used the 'L' word only once and even then it was half pressured out of her and she did end up saying she loved Liam more. Not once has she actually gone up to Wyatt to tell him she loves him. Not once. Wyatt has no self-pride so he does not care but I would if I were in his position. Just like Brooke should buy a clue that Ridge might not be that into her since nowhere in his proposal did he declare he loved Brooke. -- Curiosity

I really liked the father/son time with Wyatt and Bill. It's very rare that we see them together actually getting along.

Did anyone catch the comment Bill made about how he would be fine if anyone else would hook up with Katie besides Ridge? I wonder how Bill will react when he finds out that Ridge and Katie have feelings for each other. Will he suddenly fall in love with her again?

Whatever happened to Bill's big revelation about Ridge being gay? I know that he presented the idea to Brooke, and she shut it down. I thought he would've confronted Ridge with it at least.

Mike will be back next week, the week of February 24th, and he'll close out February sweeps. Until next time, Scoopers, keep calm, and stay bold and beautiful.

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