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It's been a week of revelations on The Bold and the Beautiful. Katie revealed she faked her latest fainting spell, Ridge admitted his feelings for Katie, Quinn admitted her feelings for Bill, and Aly's dark side is starting to shine through. Get your dishes ready; it's time for a hearty helping of Two Scoops.

Okay, Scoopers, are any of you surprised that the latest Bridge wedding didn't happen? I'm not. What I am surprised at is that Katie actually concocted a diversion and put a screeching halt to the wedding. This was similar to a situation created by Queen Stephanie a few years back. She faked a heart attack after Taylor returned from her second dirt nap. Her dying wish was for Ridge and Taylor to be married and for him to leave Brooke. This time, Katie faked a fainting spell, hoping that Ridge wouldn't marry Brooke. Looks like the fainting and fake heart attacks worked like a charm.

I knew something was going to happen by the way Ridge was looking at Katie as she walked down the aisle and even as he was standing at the altar with Brooke. Ridge made it seem like it was an obligation to marry Brooke. The proposal, the whole wedding day, didn't seem genuine to me. Ever since he found out about the Brill affair, it seems like his desire for Brooke has totally faded away.

I don't understand what's wrong with these people. Why are you going to marry someone when you obviously have feelings for someone else? Enough of the whole "We're doing it for the sake of our child and to reunite our family" excuse. To me, a child should be raised in a home with loving and stable parents. Ridge and Brooke can't provide that type of home life for their son, R.J.

I don't really like the way the writers are developing Katie and Ridge. Don't get me wrong; I love the chemistry between these two. I also love the fact that Katie is acknowledging the fact that she is being a total hypocrite in regards to her growing relationship with Ridge. I just wish Ridge would admit the same thing. They're doing the same thing that Brooke and Bill did. I would've liked to see them develop into something more with Brooke completely out of the picture, romantically.

Scoopers, I'm having a problem understanding something. Why did Hope find it necessary to drive out to Liam's house to tell him about Katie? I understand that she thought he would want to know, considering that they're close and they work together at Spencer Publications. Couldn't she send a text message? Or maybe even an email?

Why did Liam find it necessary to inform Hope about Katie and Ridge's budding relationship and not about Bill and Quinn's play date upstairs? I get that Hope would be naturally concerned for her mother. It isn't fair that anyone would enter into a relationship with someone who has divided feelings for someone else. Both Hope and Brooke know that song very well.

Hope decided to be the voice of reason and told Ridge and Katie that they weren't being fair to her mother or themselves. Hope, being the only sensible person in this situation, decided to take an impromptu trip to Paris to promote the latest HFTF line and begged Brooke to go with her. Brooke, of course, was reluctant. She was supposed to be marrying Ridge, but Hope turned on the charm and won her mother over.

This was a good move by the blonde beauty. What better way for Ridge and Katie to address their feelings than by having a Brooke-free environment? I like the fact that Hope didn't get on her soapbox and preach at anyone. Maybe she's finally growing up.

Why did Wyatt have to stow away on the plane? Hope told the boy that she would be gone for a few days. I get that they're a new couple and they're in love, but hasn't this boy ever heard of the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder"?

Brooke said that Wyatt and Hope reminded her of herself and Ridge. I don't think so. If anything, I would say that Hope and Wyatt are the new Brooke and Nick. Hope and Liam are more like Brooke and Ridge, or I should say, Old Ridge. They have a toxic, magnetic kind of love. Even though they might be with other people, they always seem to find their way back to each other. As for a love affair with New Ridge and Brooke, I'm not sure.

On what should have been Ridge and Brooke's wedding day, Bill drowned his sorrows with a bottle of scotch. My girl Quinn sashayed herself into the Malibu beach house and gave her baby daddy some TLC, S&M style.

I've said this before, and I am going to say it again. The chemistry between Quinn and Bill is off the charts. They tore Liam's guest room up. It's been a while since we've seen a love scene with so much heat. The last love scene that nearly burnt down my living room was back in 2001, when Brooke and Deacon made love in the prop bed in her office.

I've never seen Bill so demanding in the bedroom like that before. Quinn threw it right back at him. She already admitted that she hated him and still felt for him at the same time. When she told Bill that they could be the bizzaro couple for the ages, I nearly died. This woman is fifty shades of crazy, and I love it. How do you go from loathing a man to desiring him at the same time?

It's obvious that Quinn is a go-getter. If she sets her sights on something, she'll get it. Right now, she seems to be infatuated with Bill. Do I think she has genuine feelings for him? I'm not sure. I think that she's woman with needs. Bill is available. He's good-looking. Why not have a little fun? Bill was down for some adult fun while he was intoxicated. Now that he's clean and sober, and Brooke still seems to be determined to make it work with Ridge, will Bill decide to unleash his inner beast with his first baby mama again?

If my predictions are correct, Katie and Ridge will most likely hook up, and Brooke and Ridge's engagement would be terminated. This would free Brooke up to be with Bill. We all know that as much as she tries to deny it, she still wants him. He wants her. It seems like a win/win situation, right? Not exactly. Quinn is starting to become a key player in this mess. She'll make Brooke's life a living hell.

This week, a family secret is starting to emerge. It turns out that Aly Forrester, Thorne's daughter, seems to have some anger management issues. Only the older adult family members know about this. I'm not surprised by this shocking secret. I just didn't think that Aly's anger would be directed toward Wyatt. If she should be mad at someone, it should be Taylor.

Let me give you a little backstory on Aly's rage. When Aly was about four years old, Taylor accidentally struck and killed Aly's mother, Darla, with her car while driving on a foggy road. I know that some of the Taylor fans are going to say that Darla fell into the road. Yes, that's true. But the fact remains that Taylor was driving the car that hit Darla with a suspended license. She was also intoxicated.

Speaking of Taylor, guess who popped in for a quick visit with Eric? That's right, the resident shrink herself. She and Eric embraced. The mood in the room seemed light, not at all awkward. She's happy living in Paris with her children, Thomas and Steffy. The brother/sister duo seems to be doing well over at Forrester International. She even mentioned that she's happy for her ex-rival and ex-husband on reuniting.

Eric confided in Taylor that he was worried about Aly. He even asked Taylor if she had seen her. Eric, why would Taylor even want to be in the same room with Aly, knowing that she's got a few loose screws in her head? Taylor is the reason the girl's mother is gone. I don't think that Taylor and Aly would be out having a latte or sharing a croissant.

Taylor was on point. She claimed that she would like to reach out and help Aly but confessed that she would be the wrong person to do so. I agree, Taylor. The accident was unforgivable from a child's perspective. With all of this great dialogue, the writers decided to cue up the flashbacks of young Aly and her downward spiral after she found out that Taylor was responsible for her mother's death. However, Taylor doesn't believe that the loss of Aly's mother was the root of her problem. Tell me, Doc, what is the problem?

While young Aly and Hope were having a play date, Hope told Aly that she had overheard some of kids talking at school and that Taylor was the person who had hit Darla. Aly was angry at the fact that Thorne would even entertain the idea of marrying the woman who had killed her mother. The tyke quickly went into action.

First, she took a black crayon and colored over Taylor's face in the family photo album. Then she morphed into a mini Edward Scissorhands and cut Taylor's wedding dress to shreds. I guess Thorne saw the signs and decided to break things off with Taylor. We viewers were led to believe that Aly was a happy child growing up. I guess we were wrong.

Back to present times, Aly's hatred for Wyatt stems off her perception of what Hope for the Future used to stand for. She feels that Wyatt has changed Hope into something that she can't recognize. I think Wyatt has made Hope into a tolerable person. She's not as uptight as she used to be with Liam. She is more fun-loving and carefree. The problem is that Aly can't seem to grasp that.

Aly's hatred ran deeper when Wyatt decided to showcase Queen Stephanie's private jewelry collection as a part of the HFTF line. That doesn't make any sense to me. HFTF is supposed to be marketed towards the younger demographic. I don't think that Stephanie's broaches would go well with a HFTF design. If the jewels were to be accessorized with the Forrester couture line, that would be a brilliant move.

Anyway, Wyatt seems to be dumbfounded. He can't seem to pinpoint exactly what he's ever done to Aly to make her loathe him as much as she does. I can understand from a business standpoint as to why she hates him. If the press happened to get wind of the jewel heist, Forrester would be the laughingstock of the fashion industry, and her family company would be out millions of dollars. Hey, I would hate him, too, if he messed with my money and my family legacy.

Aly mentioned that she was bullied in high school. I guess Wyatt reminded her of the popular kids because she was ripping him a new one. The more Wyatt talked, the angrier she got. She got so angry that she channeled her grandmother, Queen Stephanie, and delivered a good old-fashioned backhand slap and attempted to serve him his walking papers.

The whole slap and "you're fired" scene would've worked well, but Aly seemed to forget that she was in no position to hire or fire anyone. Why is that? If Hope can have a fashion line and she's not even a blood Forrester, how is it that Aly, who has Stephanie and Eric's blood pumping through her veins, doesn't have anything? Maybe it's because of her illness. She's probably not ready for such a big responsibility.

I feel kind of bad for Wyatt. Yes, he might be a bit annoying, but he is truly sincere with all his actions and feelings toward Hope and his job. Aly needs to chill out a little and open her eyes. Last time I checked, Aly had a crush on Liam. If that's the case, why is she so upset at the fact that he and Hope didn't get married? Shouldn't she be making her sane self noticeable to Liam instead of showing her crazy side to Wyatt?

Ms. Forrester better watch out. She slapped Quinn Fuller's son. If you mess with Wyatt, you're going to have to deal with Quinn. I don't think Aly would care. From the looks of it, Aly has Quinn beat in the rage department. I don't think Quinn is filled with anger. I think that she's more manipulative than anything else.

I don't understand the point of Taylor's return. Was it a lead-in to Aly's illness? I guess it was to give her fans some kind of information as to what she's been doing the last few months. As far as we knew, Taylor walked out of Eric's bedroom, pulled a Forrest Gump, and started to run.

I think that Thorne made a mistake in not telling the younger adults in the family about Aly's condition. They should know so they would be able to recognize the signs of a breakdown and would be able to help her appropriately if a situation were to arise. Oh well, I guess Aly can compare notes with her Aunt Pam. Maybe this illness is hereditary. It would be great to see Pam in a type of motherly role.

In my last column, I sent out an APB for Nick and Jackie Marone. This week, I'm sending out an APB for Macy Alexander. The last time we saw the dark-haired songstress, a chandelier fell on her head. Her injuries left her in a comatose state. From what I remember, her mother, Sally Spectra decided to pull the plug. Of course, all of this happened off-screen. Wouldn't it be something if Macy pulled a Taylor and decided to wake up from her second dirt nap.

I can picture it now. Thorne is distraught over losing both Darla and Macy. He's having flashbacks of losing Darla. She's in the hospital bed, broken, bloody, and knocking on death's door. Then he flashes to Macy. He remembers watching the car being engulfed in flames at her first death. Then he flashes to the time in Venice when he found her in Italy, alive and well. Only to flash back again to Macy's return concert and the chandelier falling on her.

Only, Macy didn't die. Sally had her moved to a rehab facility in Paris. Macy is enjoying a pastry atThorne's favorite little bakery on the corner. As she's walking out of the bakery, Thorne is walking in. They bump into each other and lock eyes. Of course Thorne is overjoyed, thinking that he's got a third chance at happiness with Macy. Only Macy has no idea who Thorne is. She doesn't even really know who she is. The accident caused brain damage. She's lost the last twenty years of her life.

Thorne is determined to help jog Macy's (who happens to be going by name of Michelle) memory. They return to Los Angeles. They go to Dayzee's, which used to be Macy's restaurant, Insomnia. They go to the Bikini Bar, the place where they had fun hanging out with friends. He takes her to the Forrester estate and shows her old family photos. Memories start to return slowly, overtime.

Michelle, a.k.a. Macy, remembers the love that she and Thorne shared, but she also remembers the heartache. She remembers the infidelity with Brooke. She also remembers him hooking up with Darla, which resulted in the birth of Alexandria. (Whom Thorne and Darla decided to name after Macy's last name)

Aly is skeptical. She's not too keen on her father dating. However, as long as he's not dating Taylor, she seems to be okay. Aly and Macy start to bond. Aly says she feels closer to her mom through Macy. Macy tells Aly that she's not trying to replace Aly's mother at all. She's just trying to fill in the missing pieces of her life, and Thorne happens to be a huge piece.

Good grief, I think I missed my calling. I should be a soap writer. This is good stuff. Mr. Bell, if you are in need of a writer on your team, click on the link below and send me an email or even a tweet.

What do you think of the Forrester family secret? Do you think it should be exposed to the entire family? Will Katie and Ridge give in to their feelings? How will Brooke react when she finds out that she's not the only woman on Ridge's mind? Will Bill and Quinn explore their new relationship? Share your thoughts below this column in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• I have to admit I didn't like Aly at first, but crazy Aly is growing on me! Love the way she read Wyatt the riot act. I think she's right. Wyatt is not good for Hope but unfortunately that is where I think the writers are headed especially since Aly will now be causing problems for the couple. -- Reeves

• Bottom line? Stephanie was all about business and generating revenue for all of the lines at FC. If the collection was handled in a respectful manner and promoted in a classy manner, I don't see where Stephanie would have any objection. The reason it was Wyatt presenting the idea was because it was Wyatt's marketing suggestion. He was just presenting the premise of the idea. It would've been up to Thorne and the rest to actually approve or not. Aly reacted that way because of her sick obsession with Wyatt. Should someone else have come up with the idea and presented it, I doubt she would've opened her mouth. -- Canlady

I'm really excited about the upcoming storylines. I think that the anger issue storyline is giving the very talented Ashlyn Pearce an opportunity to shine bright like the HFTF blue diamond.

The dialogue this week has been great. From Aly telling Wyatt to take his mother back to his slimy home to Quinn labeling Brooke, Donna, and Katie as "prom queen bimbos," I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

I'm dying to see Brooke's reaction when she gets a taste of her own medicine. Will this change her feelings about Ridge? Will she go running back to Bill? Or will she show Katie that Ridge is her destiny.

Mike will be back the week of March 10th to cover the latest happenings with the Forrester, Logan, Spencer, and Fuller families. Until next time, Scoopers, keep calm and stay bold and beautiful.

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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