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Have you ever wanted to tell Bill exactly what you thought about him? Do you feel the need to try to talk Aly into getting some therapy? Why not send them an email telling them exactly what's on your mind? That's what's happening this week in the B&B Two Scoops.

Hello, Scoopers. If you had the opportunity to email members of the Forrester, Fuller, Logan, and Spencer families, what would you say? As I watched this week's episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, I found myself talking to the television as if the characters could actually hear me. (I know I can't be the only one who does this.) My antics got me thinking. What would I do if I actually got a chance to communicate with these people? What better way for me to communicate than to send an email? Get your dishes ready; it's time for this week's Two Scoops.

I would send my first email to Pam. I think Pam has come a long way since her Catwalk days. She seems to be the only one with some sense in the family and the workplace.

    Subject: Keeping people in line


    I am so proud of the way you are coming into your own as the sensible one in the family. It's really nice to see you stick up for your great-niece the way you did. You're right. Aly is a Forrester. She deserves to be treated with some kind of respect.

    Go with your instincts. You know Aly needs help. Tell Thorne about your concerns. Tell him that Aly seems to be exhibiting some psychological symptoms that you are all too familiar with. Keep up the great work. Stephanie would be proud. Say hi to Charlie.


    P.S. I'm still waiting on that lemon bar recipe.

Pam has been a confidante to Aly, which is great. Aly is very fragile at the moment. She's got a lot of anger pent up inside of her, and she needs to let it all out. She doesn't have a problem with letting it out, but she needs to find a better way of channeling her anger, talking to her deceased boggle head mirage of her mother, and dealing with this weird obsession with Hope.

    Subject: Keeping it together


    Congratulations on talking Hope out of going through with the "Hope's Bedroom" line. Although the line would've made money, I think it was a clash of the brand. I mean, seriously, how many bedroom lines does a fashion house need? They already have the Brooke's Bedroom and Steffy's Intimiates lines. I have to tell you, you had some great moments this week.

    One of my favorite lines was when you told Wyatt, "I'm a Forrester. I belong here. I can quit every day if I want to, and still show up for work tomorrow. Same can't be said for you, because you're a Fuller. You're full of something, and it stinks!"

    Girl, you were on fire when you sniffed Quinn and told her she reeked of evil and that she was a witch. I'm surprised you showed restraint when she had the nerve to say that she's glad she didn't get to know Darla. I know that hit a nerve.

    Aly, why do you hate Wyatt so much? He hasn't done anything to physically harm you. Is it because you feel like he's changed Hope? Wyatt didn't change Hope; she grew up. I think you're pouring out all of your hatred for Taylor onto Wyatt and Quinn. That is understandable.

    Taylor accidentally hit and killed your mom. I think you should confront Taylor about how the accident has affected you. Believe it or not, the accident affected her too. Have your dad help you find a therapist that you like. Talk about your feelings. Then, work your way up to a group session, and let Taylor have it. Once you get everything off your chest, you'll feel a lot better.


Where is Thorne? He needs to stop tiptoeing around Aly and get her some help.



    Where are you? I thought Eric told you to get Aly under control? Please find Aly a therapist to deal with her rage before she spirals out of control and hurts someone or herself.


Speaking of Eric, I have a bone to pick with him. I don't really like how Wyatt and Quinn are running around Forrester, acting like they're running stuff. The last time I checked, Eric was the CEO of the company. Maybe my silver fox friend needs a reminder.

    Subject: CEO


    It's great to see you back in your element at Forrester Creations. I know things have been hard for you since Stephanie's death. I'm glad that she left you in charge of the company. Rightfully so. The both of you invested years in building Forrester Creations and making it the success that it is today.

    I have a question for you. Why are you letting Quinn and Wyatt run all over Forrester creations? They were hired to design accessories for the HFTF line, nothing else. I understand that their designs are bringing in money. However, their antics are uncalled for. I speak of things like Quinn holding Aly over the railing and Wyatt telling Aly to get out of a meeting.

    Aly is your granddaughter. Yes, her timing was inappropriate at the meeting, but for Wyatt to speak to her in that tone? Oh, no. I think you should've reminded him that you are CEO. He also need to be reminded that Aly is your granddaughter and needs to be treated with respect. If anyone is going to reprimand her, it should be you. Not him.

    Also, stop letting anyone and everyone use your office. That really annoys me. I see Donna is still hung up on you. You two were happy at one point. Why not give it a second chance?


What do you think, Scoopers? Quinn Artisan Jewelers was hired by Forrester to design accessories for HFTF. I can understand Quinn being at Forrester because she's the hands-on designer. I thought Wyatt was overseeing day-to-day operations at the warehouse. Since when did Wyatt promote himself to Head of Public Relations or Head Designer for HFTF? I understand that money talks and that Quinn Artisan has helped made HFTF a success, but really? A lingerie line?

    Subject: Get a room


    When you first came on the scene, I was excited. I thought that you were going to be the person to put an end to the dysfunctional relationship I call Lope. For now, you did it. It seems like you got it all. A great job, beautiful girlfriend, new father, new beach house, etc. You've also adapted this cocky attitude that I'm not too happy with.

    Who died and made you boss at Forrester Creations? Are you supposed to be running Quinn Artisan Jewelers? Why are you trying to create new lines at Forrester? You are not a designer. Just because you're sleeping with Hope, that doesn't make you a big hot shot executive at the company. Just stick with the jewelry.

    You should also learn a thing or two about respect. I know that Aly is annoying at times. She shouldn't be conducting herself the way she did in a meeting. You need to remember that she is the granddaughter of the man that signs your hefty checks. The way you conducted yourself at that meeting was uncalled for. Let Aly's family reprimand her. Not you.

    Another thing, why are you and Hope using the office at Forrester as a love shack? Don't you have a beach house? Is that a proper way to conduct business? I get it. You're in love. You can't get enough of your girl. Handle your business at home. Don't make me have to speak with you about your behavior again.


I'm not only going off on Wyatt. I have a few words for Hope and Liam, as well.

    Subject: Stop It


    First, I must applaud you for the way you've been handling the Aly situation. You've been very firm, yet kind at the same time. However, that is not the purpose of this email. I'm writing to tell you to cut the crap. Stop letting Liam kiss you when you're supposedly committed to Wyatt. You have been through hell with Liam in regards to the same situation, him kissing Steffy while committed to you.

    Don't tell me "it was innocent" or you "tried to push him away" because you didn't. You loved every minute of it. When you came out of that liplock, you looked like you were in a trance. If you were serious about Wyatt, you should have pushed Liam away and reminded him that you were committed to his brother, and you can't participate in that kind of behavior with him anymore. Oh yeah, Quinn saw you making out with Liam. She was peeping through the door, as usual.

    So, when are you going to tell Brooke and Rick that you helped Katie and Ridge sort out their feelings? How do you think your mother would feel if she knew that you knew about Ridge and Katie beforehand?

    One more thing: cut it out with the kissing and fornicating every five minutes. I'm happy you no longer need to take pills in order for you to have "playtime" with your boyfriend. Seriously, the PDAs are annoying. If you're at work, work. Stop all the playing. You want to try on lingerie and mess around afterward, take the lingerie home and prance around all you want. Good grief. Just stop it.


Oh, I'm not done. Liam Spencer, you're next. I'm going to go easy on you.

    Subject: Lock your doors


    Didn't Katie give you a promotion at Spencer Publications? Why are you never at work? Why does it always seem you're hanging around Forrester Creations, kissing Hope, who happens to be involved with your brother? Aren't you doing the same thing Wyatt did when you were with Hope? Didn't you say that his behavior was rude and disrespectful? If Wyatt's behavior was so horrible, why are you doing the same thing?

    If you and Hope were meant to be together, it will happen. Pathetic is not a good look on you. Until then, date. Have fun. Better yet, go check up on Steffy. You remember her?

    Why don't you lock all of your doors? Do you not own an alarm system? You saw how Quinn let herself in your house like she owned the place (that was funny). Why didn't you hang around and wait to see if she really left? Come on, man, get it together.


From her showdowns with Aly, to her wild, kinky escapades with her baby daddy, Bill, Quinn Fuller is a force to be reckoned with. Maybe I should go ahead and shoot out a quick message to her.

    Subject: Get out of the closet


    Girl, you have me laughing happy tears. You're hilarious. Who do you think you are, rolling up into someone's house like you own it? What if Liam actually locked his doors? What would you have done, broken a window? (The lame Liam comment, priceless.)

    You already know that Bill is totally in love with Brooke, for now. I mean, you never know with him. First he loves his wife, Katie, then his brief love affair with Steffy Forrester, now Brooke Logan. Be careful. Don't get your heart broken. I know that you're using your seductive ways to get Bill and cover up your feelings. He is a man. He does have desires, and you want to be there for him.

    Come on, Quinn, don't be a booty call. You're better than that. I mean, look at how he treated you when Brooke popped over unannounced? You were getting it on, and he threw you in the closet like a sack of dirty clothes. Don't get mad; get even. You should sashay out of that closet with your whip in hand and ask Brooke if she'd like to watch and get some pointers.

    Get your game face on, girl.

Seriously Bill? Throwing Quinn in the closet? If he loves Brooke so much, why does he feel the need to "play" with Quinn. He's a man, and he has needs? Most men hit up a strip club, rent a video, and call it a day. When did Bill morph into such a jerk? Let me ask him.

    Subject: What happened to you?


    Who are you? What happened to you? The person that you've become is nauseating. I think you started to be a complete jerk when you decided to have an affair with Steffy. You treated the woman that you claimed to love, the woman who made you a better man (Katie) like gum on the bottom of your shoe. Why? Because she wasn't there for you?

    Newsflash it's call postpartum depression. Instead of standing by your wife through her troubles, you hooked up with her sister and then had the nerve to blame your wife for it. How do you look yourself in the mirror every day?

    You have the nerve to talk trash about Ridge, saying what kind of man cheats on his fiancée with her sister? I'm sorry, what? Did you, of all people, say that? You did the same thing! Why is Ridge such a jerk when you did the same damn thing? Your hypocrisy is very amusing.

    You claim to love Brooke. Sure you love her -- today. There will be a time when she does something that you don't like. Then you'll fall out of love with her and toss her aside like the rest of the women you so-called loved.

    It seems to me you have mommy issues. Maybe you should try to reconnect with your mother and work on that. Maybe she can school you on how you're supposed to love and treat a woman.

    Stop whining about not being in charge of your company. You still own 49 percent of it. Why don't you do something constructive? I don't know, like spend time with your infant son. Get to know your eldest son, and move out of your middle son's house. Are you a millionaire? You mean to tell me you don't have any funds readily available to buy a new lush condo fully equipped with a Christian Grey-type playroom?

    UGH. Stop messing with Quinn. She's all talk. You know that she has feelings for you. As much as she throws herself at you, deny her. Personally, I think that you and Quinn are way more compatible than you and Brooke, but hey, what do I know?


Let me try to see if I can talk some sense into Brooke. It's a long shot, but I'll give it a go.

    Subject: Independence Day

    Brooke, Brooke, Brooke. You are very disillusioned right now. Ridge, the man that you loved your entire adult life, has told you that his life is with your sister. I know that you're probably shocked. You never thought that Ridge would even consider a life with Katie over you, right? How does it feel to walk in Katie's shoes? Not too good, huh?

    A word of advice. Spend some time reflecting on this whole mess of a situation that you're in. Don't try to get involved with anyone right now. Before you go running back to Bill, ask yourself: do I really love him? Is this what I want? Can I really spend the rest of my life loving Bill, and only Bill? Remember you tried that with Eric, Thorne, Deacon, and Nick. I actually thought you had a chance with Nick, but we all know what happened there.

    I digress. Don't listen to Rick. You don't need a man to be happy. Don't get with Bill because it's like a knee-jerk reaction. Take time and really analyze what you're doing. Instead of stressing over a man, why not get back to work? It's been years since you worked in the lab. Go create a new formula or something.

    Lay off the alcohol. Drunk Brooke is funny, but it's not a good look.


    P.S. Ask yourself why Bill took so long to answer the door of his bedroom. Why was it such a mess? Use your Spidey "Brooke" senses. You, of all people, should recognize the scent of a hot and heavy makeout session. Who would Bill be making out with, you ask? I'll give you a hint. She's Bill's baby mama.

Has anyone heard from Ridge or Katie?

    Subject: Just checking in

    Hey Lovebirds,

    Just wanted to make sure you have some food, water, and other necessities. I haven't heard from you all in about a week.


    I hope you realize what you're getting yourself into. You know the history between Ridge and Brooke. You know that they have a connection. However, you also know that since Ridge came back from Paris, he's changed. Here is the billion-dollar question: Is Ridge really over Brooke?

    Are you willing to live your life, always looking over your shoulder? Waiting for the day Ridge will decide he wants to be with Brooke again? Come on, girl, you've seen the pattern. I'm not saying that this is going to happen. I could be completely wrong. People grow apart. Maybe that's what happened to Ridge and Brooke, and your sister has yet to accept it.

    Enjoy every moment you have with your new man. You deserve some happiness. Just remember to keep your guard up. Don't let your insecurities rule your relationship.


    Please keep it real with Katie. If you know you still have a thing for Brooke, tell her. Go work it out with Brooke. Please don't pull a Ridge/Brooke/Taylor card again. I can't take it. You already know that Katie has a bad heart.

    Good luck to you both.

The last person that I want to send a quick message to is Donna. I know it's got to be hard being caught in the middle of your sisters.

    Subject: Stuck in the middle


    I know it's got to be annoying being the middle sister. You're the one always stuck in the middle. Just try to remember not to take any sides (even though it seems that you've already decided to be #TeamBrooke). Be objective and supportive to both of your sisters.

    I have a question. Exactly, why are you still working at Forrester as a receptionist? Didn't you get a nice settlement from your divorce from Eric? Isn't it weird working with and seeing Eric every day? Doesn't it suck that he's not really feeling you in a romantic way anymore?

    Girl, you are a hot woman. Why not go find yourself a single man? Pick up a hobby. If you need a job, why not become an interior decorator or a fashion consultant? Anything but sharing a desk with Pam at Forrester. Come on, Donna, you can do better.

    Talk to you soon,

I have a few choice words for Maya, but I'm going to wait on that. I heard a few rumors that she might be jealous of a possible pairing of Aly and Oliver. If that's true, I'm going to go in hard on her. How in the world can she be engaged to Carter and lusting after another man? Really? Not only is Carter hot, he is totally devoted to her. I will never understand that girl.

Ashlyn Pearce is on fire. This girl had another great week. Her portrayal of Aly is phenomenal. This girl is going places, fast.

Rena Sofer continues to amaze me. Her comedic timing is on target. Even her facial expressions are spot-on. Mr. Bell did a great thing, bringing this phenomenal actress on the show.

Speaking of phenomenal actresses, this past week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Heather(Katie, B&B) and Nicholle Tom (Maggie Sheffield on The Nanny) and Sonia Satra (ex- Lucy Cooper Spaulding, Guiding Light). These beautiful ladies were in my hometown of Fort Lauderdale, FL, in a stage production of Vanities, by Jack Heifner, directed by John J. Castonia.

Their performance demonstrated why these talented women have had such remarkable careers in a variety of media. This production is a must-see. It's a perfect way to spend a night out with the girls. I went with my mom. It was a fun time. Heather, Nicholle, and Sonia are genuinely kind and down-to-earth.

Do you have something you want to say to a member of one the elite families on The Bold and the Beautiful? Give these people a piece of your mind. Express your thoughts on the Soap Central message boards, Facebook page, or in the comments section below.

Mike will be back the week of April 7 to cover the latest happenings with the Forrester, Logan, Spencer, and Fuller families. Until next time, Scoopers, keep calm, and stay bold and beautiful.

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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