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It was a very interesting week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Katie, Brooke, Ridge, and Bill played a game of Spouse Swap. Hope can't seem to stay away from her ex, and Aly got a kiss from her prince charming. Get your dishes ready; it's time for this week's hearty helping of Two Scoops.

It was a very interesting week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Katie, Brooke, Ridge, and Bill played a game of Spouse Swap. Hope can't seem to stay away from her ex, and Aly got a kiss from her prince charming. Get your dishes ready; it's time for this week's hearty helping of Two Scoops.

I have a question for all of my wonderful Scoopers. What exactly is wrong with Eric? How in the world is a relationship between Katie and Ridge scandalous when a relationship between Brooke and Bill isn't? Weren't Bill and Katie married? Didn't Brooke sleep with and get pregnant by her sister's husband? Didn't Brooke ask Eric to play baby daddy? That's not scandalous?

I know a lot of Brooke fans are standing by the fact that Katie "pushed" Brooke and Bill together. Some viewers seem to forget that the woman was suffering from postpartum depression. I have three sisters. I have a wonderful relationship will all of them. If I were suffering from an illness, I would want my sister to look out for my family, not sleep with my husband. But, what's done is done.

I think Eric is adopting his late wife's meddling ways. Why in the world would he dangle the CEO position in Ridge's face? What if Ridge had accepted the position? Wouldn't that be a slap in Rick's face? Doesn't the president have to answer to the CEO? If I were Ridge, I would've had Eric resign, file paperwork making him CEO, and then clean house. It would serve him right.

It was nice to see Brooke stand up for the kids and stand up to Ridge. Ridge came off as a bit of a donkey in the impromptu meeting. Brooke actually made some valid points. I don't think it was fair that Ridge wanted to terminate the younger crew when they were the ones who picked up the slack while he was licking his wounds in Paris over a text message.

Yes, to all of my new Scoopers out there: Ridge and Brooke remarried. Deacon, Hope's father, Brooke's ex-lover and son-in-law, started texting Brooke on her honeymoon. When confronted about the communication with Deacon, Brooke lied, knowing it would upset her beloved. Ridge broke up with her over a text message. Brooke accidentally slept with her daughter's boyfriend, and Ridge forgave her for that, but for a text message, he dumps her. I digress.

Anyway, back to the present times. Brooke said everything that I've wanted her to say for the past year. She told Eric that she didn't need a man. She wanted to be independent and focused on her kids. I actually gave Brooke props. Then I had to take it back. Hours later, Ms. Logan was rolling around in her bed with her stallion. Jeez, Brooke, you couldn't wait at least a week or two?

Why would Brooke call Katie in the middle of night to let her know that she and Bill have reunited? I know why. She wanted to play on Katie's insecurities and plant a seed in Ridge's head. She knows that he can't stand a bone in Bill's body. The thought of Bill being under the same roof as R.J. (Brooke and Ridge's son) would send Ridge into a panic. She knows that Katie will always have a spot in her -- or I should say Storm's -- heart for Bill. After all, he's the father of her child.

If I were Katie on the end of the phone, I would've said something like, "Isn't that what you wanted? Why are you calling me?" Actually, that's not what I would've done. I wouldn't have answered the phone. If I'm in bed with my man, my baby is sound asleep down the hall, whoever it is can leave a message.

Nevertheless, the soon-to-be-ex-Mrs. William Spencer, Jr., wound up at the soon-to-be-Mrs. William Spencer, Jr.'s house. Of course, Katie could see what most of us knew already. Brooke is not really in love with Bill. She's using him to get under Ridge's skin. She knows that Ridge can't stand to see her with anyone else, let alone Bill Spencer.

Anyhow, Katie was still salty at the fact that Brooke helped herself to Katie's husband. She continued to rehash the past, and her big sister told her to pump her brakes. Brooke clearly pointed out that Katie served up a nice helping of karma and pretty much told her to get off of her high horse. I'm kind of with Brooke on this one. Yes, Katie, your husband cheated with your sister. Technically, you started a romance with your sister's fiancÚ and faked a heart attack at her wedding. What's that saying about glass houses?

Oh, Katie said something that I really didn't care for. She suggested that R.J. should move in with her, Ridge, and Will. I think she needs to press pause for a moment. Katie flipped out at the thought of baby Will living part-time or even spending the night at Aunt Brooke's. Why should it be okay for R.J. to leave his mother and go live with her? Katie girl, I love you, but you were dead wrong on this. Did Katie forget that Brooke has the documents that Katie signed giving Bill his job back at Spencer? Tred lightly, Katie. Your sister already took your husband, why not your job?

Bill and Ridge had an exchange of words that I thought was kind of amusing yet unnecessary. Bill is such a moron. I don't get him. Why is he even talking to Ridge? All of a sudden, Katie, the mother of his youngest child, the woman who knew him better than anyone else, the woman who made him into a better man, is an awful person. Yet Brooke, the woman he not too long ago called the biggest slut of Los Angeles, is the best thing since sliced bread. I guess Brooke's milkshake really brings all the boys to the yard.

"You snub your nose at the prize, and instead you go for the some assembly-required model," Bill snorted at Ridge. Yet in the very next sentence, he claimed that Katie would always be "my Katie." What? Is Bill trying to stake claim on someone that he doesn't want, but he wants to remind Ridge that he had it first? That's exactly what it seems like to me. Ridge informed Bill that he was just a bed warmer. If he called Brooke and told her he was coming home, Bill's little sword necklace would still be spinning.

Normally, I would agree with Ridge on this. However, he really ticked Brooke off with that attempted takeover coup. Is it wrong for a woman to tell her husband to stop drinking, especially when it seems to be developing into a habit? Bill's drinking led to driving under the influence, where he ran Brooke off the road and nearly killed her and himself. So Katie telling him to knock the drinking off is a bad thing?

What's wrong with a woman suggesting her husband come up with another hobby rather than free climbing? Free climbing is dangerous. Especially, when you're an inexperienced person. Didn't Bill almost fall to his death?

Bill needs a woman who challenges him, not a woman who always says yes or a woman who lets him do what he wants, whenever he wants it. Bill needs a woman that can challenge him. Katie used to be that woman, in the very beginning of their relationship. That's why he fell in love with her. Then, Steffy stepped in and challenged him. He was so hung up on her that he was willing to leave his wife. The point I'm trying to make is that I don't see Brooke as an equal partner. Bill needs someone who is just as diabolical as he is. Bill needs Quinn.

I kind of felt bad for my girl, Quinn. She really liked having playtime with her baby daddy. I thought that blue-eyed vixen was going to pull the blackmail card to keep her silence, but she didn't. She claims that she'll keep quiet about their fling if Bill gives Wyatt the "Spencer" name. I was honestly surprised. I love her devotion to her son. She could've asked for anything. That says a lot about her loyalty. I thought that Quinn was going to turn Bill into her little sex servant. She'll get bored eventually.

Can you imagine Brooke's reaction if she found out about Bill and Quinn's secret rendezvous? Technically, she'll really have no business being upset. She should know the current love of her life. He's a very needy man. While she was holding out, Quinn was willing to pick up the slack.

Let's move on to the younger generation. Hope is getting on my last nerve with all of these unnecessary trips to Malibu. She used to tear into Liam about his constant communication with Steffy during their relationship, yet she's doing the same thing to Wyatt. I think it's disrespectful.

The young Logan claims that she wanted to know if Bill had spent the night at the house with Liam. Couldn't she have called? She said that she had heard sounds coming out of her mother's room and thought that it might have been him. Why didn't she just knock on the door? Hope seems to be using every excuse possible to see Liam. She needs to just admit to herself that she is and will always be in love with Liam. She needs to stop stringing Wyatt along.

This girl was just using Bill as a cover. It turns out that Hope's monthly visit from her dear Aunt Flo is late. Which means that she and Wyatt could be parents. If Hope really cared about Wyatt, she would not have even gone out to Malibu. She would've gone straight to him first. After all, he is her boyfriend. They are in a committed relationship, or at least I thought.

According to Hope, she and Wyatt aren't really committed. Yes, Scoopers. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor after those words came out of her mouth. Wyatt looked a little sad when she said that too. He's completely head over heels for her. There is no other woman to make her feel insecure. He brings out sexiness in Hope that wasn't really there before.

Basically, Hope told Wyatt that they could be pregnant. Naturally, Wyatt was shocked, but calm. He actually seemed happy. Hope, on the other hand, was worried about her line. How would an unplanned pregnancy look to her fans and distributors? Gee, Hope, you weren't really thinking about all of that when you and Wyatt were getting it on. This is what Aly was talking about.

The girl genuinely feels scared, as she should. She's a young woman, finally coming into her own. A pregnancy would rain on her parade. I think that everything would be okay if Hope would be honest with Wyatt and herself. She likes him. She has fun with him, but she's not in love with him. The girl loves Liam. It's obvious. Why didn't she tell him to leave when he interrupted a very important and private conversation?

I think, in the back of her mind, Hope was wishing that if she were pregnant, the baby would be Liam's. Did anyone else notice when Wyatt was trying to reassure her and giving all of his love and support, she just smiled? What? The man said he loved her, and she smiled? Wyatt may be annoying, but he definitely is loyal. This girl needs to keep it real with him. He doesn't deserve to get hurt.

Hope doesn't need to worry about Aly flipping out over her possible pregnancy. She's very preoccupied with her new crush, Oliver. I think Ally and Ollie have potential. I just hope that Oliver isn't using Aly to gain job security at Forrester, since he's on Ridge's radar.

The two new friends shared an awkward yet very cute moment this week. Aly and Oliver decided to celebrate his firing and rehiring with lunch at Bikini. Aly ordered a hot green tea, and Oliver accidentally spilled some on her hand. Naturally, Ollie cooled Aly's hand with a cube of ice. He gently blew a cool breeze onto the very minor burn and then kissed her boo-boo. Aly looked like she was about to die, and she wasn't the only one.

Across the way, Maya and Carter were having lunch. Maya couldn't help but spy on the new budding romance of Aly and Oliver. Maya claims that she wants to protect Aly. Aly's very young and impressionable, Maya says. I think that she's just trying to secure her job at Forrester as HFTF model and Oliver's crush. Maya needs to focus on her fine fiancÚ, set a wedding date, and keep her nose out of other people's personal lives. I don't think she would want to get on Aly's bad side. Maybe Maya should ask Wyatt and Quinn about that.

Ms. Forrester was so flustered that she ended her lunch date and went home. She couldn't wait to tell her mom all about her new friend. Yes, Scoopers. Aly's mom. Oh you thought she was dead? Yes, unfortunately, Darla Forrester is deceased. However, Aly has nice comforting chats with her mom. Darla says that he seems like a nice guy and Aly should relax, give him a chance, and have fun. I wish Darla would tell her to get rid of all of the HFTF memorabilia in her room. I swear it looks like the bedroom of a 12-year-old.

Oliver showed up at the Forrester estate to return Aly's sunglasses. Aly did her best to stay calm and invited Ollie into her room. Ollie thought it was cute that she admired Hope and her message so much. Really, Ollie? Most people would've run away. I think it's sweet that he's actually giving her a chance.

I think that Aly reminds Oliver of Hope. The young, sweet, impressionable Hope that he fell in love with. I hope that's why he kissed her. That first kiss was such a sweet moment for Aly. For once, I think she felt pretty. She didn't feel like Oliver was tiptoeing around her. Maybe she felt that way because Ollie hasn't crossed her yet. She seemed to be okay with the "Hope" tattoo on his ankle. I wonder how she'll react when she finds out that Ollie and Brooke knew each other in a raunchy way? Ha!

I had to laugh when Pam came and messed up Aly and Ollie's groove with her medieval costume. Aly was so cute to hide her new "friend" in the closet. I'm really surprised at the fact that Ollie didn't flip out a little. I mean, come on. He's a grown man, what is he doing hiding in a closet? Again, this makes me a little suspicious of his intentions. I really hope Maya wasn't right.

Well, Ollie and everyone in Los Angeles better prepare themselves for the most anticipated confrontation of the year. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) is scheduled to make several appearances for May Sweeps. For the new viewers, Taylor struck and killed Aly's mother, Darla, with her car. I think it's safe to say that Aly isn't too fond of her. I'm sure Ashlyn and Hunter will rock these scenes. I'm hoping that Winsor Harmon (Thorne) will make an appearance. Oh, the possibilities!

You know what irritates me? The Darla bobblehead ghost. I get that Darla is supposed to be a figment of Aly's imagination. I remember when Taylor "died" the second time and appeared to Brooke in a dream. At least we got to see her whole body.

Remember a few weeks back when Brooke was drowning her sorrows in vodka, and she was talking to Queen Stephanie's portrait? Wouldn't it have been cool if the portrait had spoke back? With all of the technology that's available, I think it would work. Just picture it. Brooke is crying and whining that she let Stephanie down. She's sorry that she couldn't be the matriarch of the family like Stephanie wanted her to be.

Wouldn't be great if we got to hear the Queen's voice again? I can just hear it now. "What in the hell were you thinking? Sleeping with your sister's husband? Getting pregnant? I guess you really are just a slut from the valley!" Or maybe Queen would've taken a more understanding approach. "It's okay, baby girl. I know you didn't mean to get involved with Bill. He was just filler for Ridge. It's okay. I still love you, and so does Ridge"

What do you think of all of the hypocrisy? Is Oliver using Aly to keep his job? Is Brooke really in love with Bill, or is she using him to get under Ridge's skin? Is Brooke really out of Ridge's system? Will Hope give birth to another Spencer? Share your thoughts below this column in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• Hope should have shut Liam down a long, long time ago. While I do not feel bad for Wyatt, I do think this diminishes Hope in many ways. Heck, Wyatt to my knowledge does not know about Liam kissing Hope repeatedly. If she isn't going to flip out over that and fess up to Wyatt, then I think it's almost understandable from Liam's position that he can and should be there because in many ways he is in a relationship with Hope. It is not the relationship he wants but it is a relationship beyond the normal bounds of friends or exes. -- ConnorFan

• Wyatt has always pushed Hope into doing things that she would tell him she wasn't comfortable with. He would never let up and she'd give in. Today she tried to tell that dummy that she does not want to have a baby right now, that she doesn't even want a serious commitment with him yet and she even mentioned that she had just gotten out of a relationship with Liam. Yet, Wyatt went on and on about how they could handle being parents blah, blah, blah As if Hope's feelings and concerns did not matter. Liam, on the other hand, KNEW that Hope was not ready to be a mother, but he didn't come there to push or pull her in any direction, he came there for support. Hope asked him to stay because she wanted his support, plain and simple, because Wyatt was pushing his own agenda...again.

• I am going to start this off by saying I am a HUGE Kridge fan. Katie will be her own worst enemy if she doesn't stop worrying. Luckily Ridge does know this and hopefully will be patient with her. I really love this couple and would love to see them stay together for a while and yes get married. As for Bill and CEO, I don't know about that but I am a newer fan, think Katie has worked really hard and deserves some happiness and ultimately that is what I like to see. -- Sara

• So I guess Katie is the new Taylor. The only difference is the Bill factor. Brooke does something Ridge can't forgive (for now) so he declares his love and commitment to Taylor (Katie). Taylor (Katie) is always on edge and feeling insecure about Brooke's intentions and manipulations. Taylor (Katie) is angry at the thought of BRIDGE spending time at work together. Ridge tells Taylor (Katie) she has nothing to worry about when it comes to Brooke and him. and on and on its goes...She will probably die in his arms of a heart attack eventually, just hope they don't dig her up too -- Suzana

I'm a Katie fan, not too much of a Taylor fan. As much as I hate to admit it, I think some of these comments are right on. Katie's insecurities are going to get the best of her. She should stay confident and calm. But can you blame her? She's seen Ridge and Brooke play this cat and mouse game her entire life. Are Ridge and Brooke really over?

I really don't like the fact that Hope is still communicating with Liam on any level. If she's supposed to be in a relationship with Wyatt, she shouldn't be meeting up with Liam. I don't understand this girl. She complains about Liam and his disrespect and lack of regard for her feelings, yet she does the same thing to Wyatt? Pot, meet kettle.

I think that Quinn will be a thorn in Bill's side. Her acceptance of Brooke and Bill's relationship is just a roadblock for her. Quinn is a go-getter. When she has her sights set on someone or something, she usually gets what she wants. Watch your back, Brooke.

Pam and Quinn had some of the best lines this week -- from Quinn calling Bill a disgusting little boy to Pam's feelings getting hurt when Liam mistook her for Donna on phone. Rena Sofer and Alley Mills's comedic timing is spot-on!

Mike will be back the week of April 21st to cover the latest happenings with the Forrester, Logan, Spencer, and Fuller families. Until next time, Scoopers, keep calm, and stay bold and beautiful.

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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